Just Some Pondering On This Community, And Abuse

I don’t really have it in me to openly produce brutal abuse myself, but I’ve found that I do consume a lot of abuse content.
Not that I’d claim that hugboxers vs. abusers are any sure particular way in real life though. I’d say it’s like slasher-type genres, people are naturally curious about exploring all sorts of concepts and that includes violent ones. Fluffies are kinda an interesting method of having a safe way to throw pretty much anything at a wall (er… metaphor not intended xD), because violence when it comes to fictional animals or children, I usually don’t like, but fluffies are kinda their own weird thing, and since they’re not too much like people or animals that actually exist. There’s a lot that can be done with 'em, without me feeling completely sick. Sure, I started looking into fluffy stuff because of curiosity, and I guess I’m also just desensitized, but whether I end up fitting in with the community or not I’ve found fluffies to be a decent subject for my brain to mull over and consider ideas and questions and concepts of my own.

As far as my concern when it comes to hugboxers and abusers go, I guess I have to have the same outlook as I have had with violence in video games, or the existence of series like Friday The 13th. As a kiddo, I really didn’t like gore or violence, but then at some point in my life, I expanded and explored boundries via what I considered appropriate and enjoyable to myself. As a teen, I started off with horror video games, I enjoyed learning about them. Then, a few years ago I’d say I expanded that to being more chill with violent movies, via watching a bunch of the Dead Meat channel on YouTube. Learning bits of trivia about actors and details that went into making a lot of movies I (reasonably) didn’t bother with as a child helped me gain more of an appreciation and understanding.

Folks who consume entertainment media that includes a lot of violence are not violent people. People who are actually a threat to people or animals are that way for a variety of factors. They are likely attracted to media that contains images of violence, but those aren’t the things that caused the person to be awful. I suppose some people would find it easy to argue that platforms that allow exploration of violent topics are giving bad people a means to spread “influence” or whatever, but… like… it’s also a really good way for shitty people to accidentally expose themselves too. If someone’s a shitty person, it’ll become apparent one way or another.

Whether or not violence is “okay” or not in regards to appearing in fictional media, to me, is heavily reliant on context. The setting, the audience, it’s all in the specifics. Unfortunately, the issue with that is the problem of trying to balance and argue over grey areas, since it’s always a lot more messy than simply being able to make a call of where to mark the line between black and white.

Anyway, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get the motivation to make some kinda content of my own soon, though there’s no telling if I’d be even able to keep it up, or whether I’d only be able to get out a few concepts and then go completely friggin’ silent. I don’t know. But whatever I do, I’d like to put in effort. That’s really what matters more to me than anything, is I want to put effort in what I do, so that at least even if the overall product isn’t ideal, there is at least something that can be taken away from it.