Just have some questions.

Rather than be a pest by making new posts every time I have a question, I figured I should just consolidate it all in one post and update it when needed.

So, for tagging issues, how much damage does a fluffy need to take for the story to require an abuse tag? For example, if a person tosses feral fluffies over the fence of their back yard and the fluffies break their legs and the babbehs go splat when they land, is that abuse? If a person field goal kicks a smarty off their fluffy, is that abuse? I’d want to be sure I put the right tags on my stories.

Tagging question was answered. I made a mistake and posted my next question in the comment section. Updating the actual post instead.

Okay, I have a few more questions, if that is not a problem. In my stories, the various fluffy artists are in-universe Hasbio employees and their fluffies are variants of the regular Hasbio line. So, I was looking for a specific type of fluffy for some story ideas I want to write. Is there a fluffy artist that has drawn fluffies that meet the following.

  1. The mare gives birth naturally, as in a foal every X amount of time, rather than all at once or one every few seconds. 2. The chirpy babies are fluffless for a good while. 3. Foalhood lasts awhile, not chirpy baby for a week, then and adult two weeks later or something. 4. The fluffy has a long lifespan. 5 is optional for a hugbox path in a story I was going to write, and that was that the fluffies are as dumb as a box of rocks and are easy to trick.

Now, I could just skip the description of the fluffy and just write a fluffy that works for the story, but I like the variety of different types of fluffies in the same story.


As long as a fluffy goes scree and is in pain because of someone, it’s abuse or accidental abuse


Ok, thanks. Was not sure tossing it away counted.


You can say that general mistreatment is counted as abuse


Good point.


If you ever need to ask yourself if it counts as abuse frame it like this, if I owned a dog and I threw it over a fence and broke it’s legs. Would that count as abuse?


If a person inflicts pain upon a fluffy, it’s abuse.
If a person accidentally causes pain to a fluffy, it’s accidental abuse.
If a person runs over a fluffy because they would die if they swerved away, it would possibly be Neutralbox.


Context also matters. What if he threw the dog over the fence to save it from a fire? Its better the dog have a broken leg then third degree burns.

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i don’t know. you can alwayse make your own model of fluffy
or some kind of unofficial mod

If a fluffy is harmed in general (Such as torture, death, abortion, etc.) then it’s considered abuse as far as I know. Sometimes even a stressful vet visit can be considered abuse.