John and Bella part 8.4 (SubSmoke606)

John and Bella 8.4

“Heehee… Bewwa neba been su happies befow special fwend” said Bella.

“Meeeee eeder!” Said Blueberry with a shy grin.

Maybe it’s too soon to tell, but you knew you had tummy babies. You could feel it in your heart. You didn’t know where to go from here, or what to do, but you knew everything would be okay. It HAS to be. You’re a soon momma!

You and your new special friend blueberry we’re going to have so many pretty babies together! It made your heart so happy to think about them, and how happy daddy was going to be when he finds out blueberry and ALL your babies will get to live in your house with you! Now you’d never be alone when silly daddy has to go to stupid work. You could spend all day with your new family! And when daddy comes back, he can give you all skettis so you can make the best milk for your babies! Milk and sketties FOREVER!

You couldn’t think of why you used to be so sad. It’s almost like you’re a different fluffy now! The only thing that mattered now where your babies. You may have had the worst mom ever, but she didn’t matter anymore. What matters now is having good babies, and being the best mom ever. After all, you were definitely gonna have a lot more babies after this.

You and blueberry stayed up all night, just giggling and nuzzling each other. It was great until you saw the big bright ball in the sky, and you realized daddy’s friend would be back, and so were the other fluffies. It’s not that you didn’t like them, they were your friends in fact. You just wished you could spend more time alone with your special friend. You had never felt this way about a fluffy before, it felt amazing and you never wanted it to slip away.

You guys ate your breakfast and giggled at the good bright time cartoons on FluffTV. You think this is called a “fwufshed?” Anyway, daddy needed to get one for you and your new family. You’d let him know that soon once you went home with blueberry later today.

You were thinking about it earlier, but it’s really starting to sink how much you’ve changed since last night.

You loved your daddy, more than you could ever love anything else (besides your babies) in your whole life. Everything that made you happy now was because of him.

But, as nice as daddy’s love is, your whole life you felt like you’ve been missing something. It hurts you have no leggies, it’s sad your fluff isn’t as “pretty” as the others, it wasn’t fair how your mother treated you for being a runt and for being different, what your monster dad did to you was cruel, but… all of that is melting away because you have family.


Other fluffies. Your own mini herd. You have tummy babies, a special friend and two nice fluffy friends. You had a nestie, a daddy… you had everything a fluffy could want. Those things other fluffies hate you for don’t seem to matter as much right now.

Your family is what mattered now, not heart hurties. You and your special friend blueberry where gonna go home to daddy, and wait for your babies to get here.

Things were looking up, and nothing could go wrong. It felt so nice.

Babies really do make everything better, huh?

Kori was making rounds around his house checking on his copious amount of fluffies. Checked food and water, made sure there was no shit or piss anywhere (or blood for that matter), and made sure no fluffy was going to die within 5 minutes.

His two pet fluffies, peanut and cookie, were following him in a neat single file line, just waddling away, babbling about how they’re excited to see “nu bwudda bwuebewwy an nyu fwend Bewwa.”

After Kori concluded everything was normal (or as normal as things could get in Kori’s house) he motioned for his two fluffies to come outside to the shed with him, met with excited giggles.

He opened the door to the shed and what he saw seemed sort of… alarming, to say the least.

Kori saw Bella and Blueberry cuddles up next to each other, nuzzling and cooing in each other’s presence.

Don’t get him wrong, he wanted Bella to make friends with his fluffies, he had seen what a good “herd like” environment can do for even then most dire cases. While fluffies needed fluffy interaction almost as bad as human interaction, Bella and blueberry seemed… maybe a bit more than that.

And that’s a big problem.

“Uh… hey guys, how’d everything go last night?”

“Oh, hehe… hai dere daddeh. Bwuebewwy am su happies. Wub nyu fwend Bewwa su muchies. Hab bestest dawk time eba!” Said blueberry, with lots of sleep in his voice.

“Yus, Bewwa fink su too daddeh fwend! Bestest dawk time eba! Nao, daddeh fwend take bwuebewwy an Bewwa back tu daddeh’s pweese!” Said Bella, very cheerfully.

“Oh! How neat! Okay, blueberry? Time to go play with your sisters in the backyard. It’s time for Bella’s doctor time!” Said Kori, childlike but with a bit of panic. His fears were becoming more and more realistic.

“B-b-buh dadde-“

“OUT. SIDE. BLUEBERRY.” Kori said, looking blueberry in the eye.

“YUS DADDEH BWUEBEWWY GU OUSIDE!” Blueberry said, sprinting away from his special friend.

He still loved her, but he had seen what his daddy does to fluffies who don’t listen to what daddy says. He couldn’t be a daddy to his new babies if he didn’t listen!

Kori watched blueberry waddle over to peanut and cookie, and listened to their nonsense babble for just a second before shutting the door and shaking his head.

Kori walked over to Bella, sat down and began scratching the back of her ears, much to her pleasure.

“Ooo, dat feew su gud daddeh fwend!” Said Bella, moving her head back.

“Hey sweetheart, just call me Dr. Kori!” Said Kori. He changes his demeanor to be much more childlike while doing sessions. While fluffies enjoy any positive human interaction, they thrive the most under child like interaction. This makes it easier for Kori to manipulate their bioprogramming.

“Hehe, otay doctow kowi! Bewwa wub scwatchies an wappie time!” Said Bella, enjoying all the attention.

Kori carefully lifted her up, and cradled her like a baby in his arms and began rubbing her belly.

“Say, Bella… Do you ever get sad? Just big, mean heart hurties that just won’t go away?”

“Weww, Bewwa use tu. But Bewwa am su happies nao! Bewwa nu wike da meanie heawt huwties…” said Bella, trailing off a bit towards the end.

“Well, that makes Doctor so happy that you’re not saddies anymore! But Bella, what’re some things that give you the BIGGEST happies you can think of?” Asked Kori, continuing to stroke Bella’s belly.

“Bewwa am happy abowt su many fings! Bewwa wub daddeh! Bewwa wub kibbwe! An Bewwa wub fwuff teebee! An Bewwa wub Babbehs! An special fwend!”

“Oh good answers Bella! I LOVE all those things too! They give me the biggest happies ever! But say, Bella! I know you have a daddy, and kibble, and FluffTV, but I don’t see any babies anywhere! Are you being so silly and hiding those babies from me? Or are you just happy about babies?” Asked Kori, trying to keep up his cheerful tone of voice.

“Siwy doctow! Bewwa hab babbehs in Bewwa tummeh! Bewwa am soon mummah! Bwuebewwy an Bewwa gu tu daddeh’s and hab our famiwy dere!” Said bella, with excitement beaming in her eyes, wiggling her body in excitement.

“Oh well that’s great! Okay, so how about you lay here, watch some FluffTV, and I’ll go talk to daddy!”

“Yay! Dank yu doctow!” Squealed Bella.

Kori turned on the FluffTV. Oh, perfect. The “Babies!” Hour. How fitting.

Kori walked out fast as fuck when he heard bella sing in no key what so ever

“Babbehs wub mummah
Mummah wub babbehs
Babbehs dwink milkies
Gwow up big an stwong!”

Yeah, fuck that shit.

He stood in his yard, pissed. He was looking for an upside, but of course there wasn’t any. He may even have to kill blueberry. He loved him, but he knew john wasn’t gonna let her have those foals, and Kori didn’t wanna deal with a depressed blueberry talking about missing his babies or special friend.

Oh well. He had better call John.

He rang him up, and probably due to anxiety, he answered fast.


“Hey! John! Yo! It’s Kori!” Kori said, acting like he hadn’t called in forever.

“Yeah, I-I know… I can see-“

“Yeah, great! Hey your fluffy is pregnant!”

“You… she…” John hung up.

“Hahahaha” Kori said.

“I’m in danger.


And this is the chapter that broke my mind.