Jelly and Snowflake - Part 13 - The Poopie Baby - By Hornlarry (Booru ID 38833)

Jelly eventually apologised to Snowflake, and went back to hugging and feeding her foals. Once the two red foals had had their fill of milk, Jelly allowed the yellow and blue foals to start nursing. Snowflake crawled off to her nest, and laid down to sleep, crying for her dead babies.

“Jewwy need extwa nummies now, to make miwkies for babbehs. Jewwy can hav tweaty?”

Claire looked at the greedy red fluffy, happy and demanding with her four babies, then over to her sister, a one eyed Unicorn that was crying itself to sleep.

“I’ll get you some nummies, but you have to be nice to Snowflake.”

“Otay, otay, jus get nummies.” the brat replied.

Claire went to the kitchen, got a banana and peeled and chopped it into chunks. She put half the chunks in a bowl and mashed them, to make it easier for Snowflake to eat with her broken teeth. The other chunks she put in a different bowl for Jelly.

Returning to her room, Claire saw that there was quite a bit of blood and poop on the floor. Her mom had cleaned up most of it, but the carpet was really stained and would need to be cleaned. The plan had been to use towels, which they had, but with all the panic during the births, Claire, Alice and Claire’s mom had accidentally walked dirty footprints around the room.

“Huuuu hhuuuuuh huuuuuuuu…” Snowflake cried.

Claire gave the nana chunks to Jelly, who started greedily devouring them, then she took the bowl of mashed banana over to Snowflake. She remembered how Jelly had complained the first time their food was different, saying she needed “mashed nana” too, but Claire insisted that only Snowflake needed her food mashed, due to her broken teeth. Snowflake looked up at Claire from her single tear-streaked eye. She had been crying so hard that snot was dribbling from her snout - the poor fluffy looked utterly miserable.

“Nu wan food mummah… wan babbehs… huu huu huu…”

“I’m so sorry they died Snowflake, it wasn’t your fault. You can have more babies.”

“Nu wan mowe babies… Nu wan speciaw huggies… Snowfwake wemembew now… Wed Bawon am fighting fwuffy fwom fwuffy stowe. Wed Bawon huwt Snowfwake wiv speciaw huggies… hu hu… Snowfwake nu wan mowe huggies… Snowfwake wan die…”

“Snowflake!” Claire exclaimed, devastated that her fluffy was feeling such despair.

“Claire!” called Claire’s mom, look over here, I’ve found another baby fluffy. Its very small, but its chirping."

“What?” said Claire, looking over to her mom, who had made a nice clean nest for Jelly and her fluffies, and was cleaning up the filthy birthing nest towels. Even Snowflake looked up, temporarily distracted from her misery.

“Its a little brown one, with wings. Look Jelly, you’ve got another baby!” Claire’s mom announced.

Jelly looked up from the last piece of nana, and spoke with her mouth half full.

“Nu, dat nu Jewwy-babbeh, dat brown poopie-babbeh, it nu smeww gud.”

“But its yours Jelly,” Claire started.

“It must be yours because I found it in your nest” Claire’s mum added.

“Nu. Not Jewwy’s. Jewwy-babbehs am aww pretty cowours. Poopie babbeh must hav sneaked in nest.”

“It IS yours!” argued Claire, getting really upset that Jelly would reject one of her own babies.

“Nu.” replied Jelly, continuing to eat her last bit of banana.

Claire looked at her mom, who knelt down by Jelly and spoke to her sternly.

“Jelly, this tiny little baby is one of yours. I found it in your nest. We must have missed it when we were trying to save Snowflake’s babies. Its very small, and its shivering from the cold. You have to lick it clean, and give it some milk, or it will die.”

Jelly looked up at it for a moment, then spoke

“Nu wan wick cwean. Nu smeww gud. Is poopie-babbeh.”

“Stop calling it that!” Claire cried, starting to weep again. How could the little brat so reject her baby like that? She wasn’t even angry, she was just calmly refusing it was hers as if there were nothing wrong with that at all.

“Claire, I’ve read on the fluffy forum that sometimes fluffy mothers reject their babies if they smell bad. It has got some poop on its fur, so lets try cleaning it and see if she’ll accept it then.”

Claire and her mum very gently washed the tiny baby with some warm water, getting the blood, poop and fluid off of its fur. It was a pegasus, tiny and chirping, and really beautiful.

“Is babbeh otay?” asked Snowflake from the other room. “Is bweaving?”

“Yes, its okay, its breathing,” Claire told her.

“We should rub one of the other babies against it, to get some “gud smeww” on it. That might persuade Jelly that it is one of her babies after all. Go and get one of her good babies and bring it in here, but be gentle,” Claire’s mum whispered.

Claire went to get the baby and found Snowflake dragging her back leg and hind quarters along the carpet to the bathroom.

“Is babbeh otay?” She asked, looking really concerned.

“Yes, my mummah is just washing it.”

Claire carried on to Jelly and her litter, and quickly scooped up the red earthy foal before Jelly could stop her.

“Nu! Munstah! Nu steaw babbeh! Babbeh am fow wuv an huggies! Nu nummies for hoomin munstah! Hewp! Hewp!”

“I’ll bring it back, we just have to check its okay first.”

Claire snuck back into the bathroom and closed the door, ignoring Snowflake who was still slowly dragging herself towards the bathroom.

“Here’s the baby mom.”

Very gently, Claire’s mom rubbed the babies together, trying to get some of the good smell onto the brown pegasus foal. Then, she slowly carried them back to Jelly and the other babies. This time, Claire stopped to pick up Snowflake, who was still trying to see the new baby.

“Jelly, here are your babies,” Claire’s mom said, returning both babies to Jelly together.

Jelly leaned over to see the babies, jabbering about wanting bestest babbeh back.

“Jewwy wike da wed babbehs, dey am bestest babbehs. Da ova babbehs am otay, dey can hav miwkies if dey do gud dancies. Dat brown babbeh…” she paused to smell it, “It smeww… it smeww otay now… But, nu, it am poopie babbeh. Jewwy nu wan.”

Claire almost started crying again.

“Jelly, if you don’t feed this baby, it will die!”

“Nu cawe. It poopie-babbeh.”

Claire did start to cry now. After seeing Snowflake’s babies die, she couldn’t bare to see another one die so needlessly. Claire’s mom was getting angry though, more angry than Claire had ever seen her. She grabbed Jelly and put the brown babie on her teat, which it started suckling on hungrily.


Claire’s mom let go of the struggling Jelly, who immediately swiped a hoof at the little brown pegasus, knocking it from her teat and out of the nest. Claire and her mother were speechless with shock.

“Nuuu!” Snowflake suddenly cried, “Nu huwt babbeh Jewwy! Is onwy witteh babeh, babbeh need hugs an wuv and miwkies!” Snowflake wriggled in Claire’s hands. “Snowfwake wiw wook aftew witteh bwown wingie babbeh, Snowfwake can giv babbeh hugs and wuv and miwkies! Can Snowfwake hav babbeh?”

“Nu cawe. Hav poopie-babbeh if wan…” Jelly replied

“Yes, you can look after it,” Claire’s mum said, “Thats very nice of you Snowflake.”

Claire sat down by Jelly and her brood, and carefully picked up the crying brown foal. Very gently, she placed it on Snowflake’s belly, who was laying on her back on Claire’s lap.

“Dewe dewe wittew babbeh,” Snowflake cooed at the tiny brown pegasus, “Snowfwake wiw giv babbeh wuv an hugs an miwkies.” Very tenderly, she lifted the baby to her teats, that were swollen full of milk for her own dead brood. The baby latched on and started suckling, and Snowflake let out a tiny squeak of joy that made Claire’s heart leap inside her chest.

“Snowfwake can wook after dis babbeh den, weawy?” She asked.

“Yes,” Claire replied, blinking back her tears, “Yes you can.”

For the first few days, the foals barely moved and their eyes remained tightly shut. Too young to speak, they made chirping noises like little birds if they needed milk or were scared. They pooped right were they were, and Jelly and Snowflake instinctively cleaned this up with their tongues, to stop the nests from becoming dirty. It was a little gross, but Claire’s mom said it was one of their few instincts. Once the babies could walk, their mothers could start training them to use a litterbox. Claire bought a foal sized litterbox from a fluffy store so that they could easily use it when the time came. In the meantime, Snowflake cleaned her single baby without complaining, but Jelly cleaned her babies complaining about their pooping and how it did not taste good.

Claire and her mother carefully checked the sex of the foals. Jelly’s foals were a red earthy female, a red male Unicorn, a yellow female earthy and a blue male earthy. Snowflakes brown wingie baby was female. Jelly insisted that the “poopie-babbeh” was not hers, even as Snowflake thanked her for letting her have the baby to care for. The blue and brown foals were much smaller than the others, but Claire’s mom said that as long as they got enough milk, they should be fine.

Snowflake would sing to her baby, and cooed and cuddled and fed it whenever it chirped. She would take it to the litterbox after it had fed, and wait until it pooped, and talked to it all the time, telling it it was a good baby and that she loved it very much.

In contrast, Jelly complained to her babies that they always wanted too much milk, that her “miwkie-pwaces” were hurting, that they were bad babies for pooping on her fluff, and would keep demanding treaties.

“Jewwy hav FOUW babbehs. Dat mean Jewwy need FOUW tweaties evvy tiem Snowfwake get ONE. Snowfwake onwy have poopie-babbeh anyway, nu need tweaties, can num poopies.”

Snowflake didn’t say anything, but Claire thought she must feel really hurt by Jelly’s bullying. Ordinarily, Claire would have taken the sorry stick to Jelly for acting this way, but she didn’t want to scare or hurt the babies by accident. Instead, she made sure to never reward Jelly after she had been bad, and tried what her mom called “negative punishment” which meant “No treaties if you are bad”. Jelly seemed to get this, but was still mean at times.

After a couple more days, the babies opened their eyes and started to crawl and stumble around. The blue and brown foals took a little longer than the others, but soon they were up and running too. The red unicorn would butt the other babies with his little horn, although they weren’t hurt. He would clearly grow up to be a big toughie, Claire thought. The red earthy foal clinged to Jelly’s fur, and Jelly decided that she was the “bestest babbeh” always fed her first, and carried her around on her back when she wasn’t in the nest. Jelly decided that the yellow and blue foals were “dancie babbehs” and actually made them dance before she would give them any milk!

Snowflake was the first to name a baby. She called the brown pegasus “Nutewwa” after one of her favorite treats, Nutella. Amazingly, the foal spoke back to her, saying “Mah mah” and “Nutwa” It was the first of the foals to speak.

A few more days passed and by this point the foals were running around, exploring and speaking and learning new words. All could say “mumma”, “miwkies” and “hewp!” and Nutella could say “wuv mumma”, “huggies”, “poopies” and “Nutewwa guud”.

Now that the babies personalities were starting to become apparent, and they were talking quite a bit, Claire suggested that Jelly should name her babies too. Jelly looked very thoughtful.

“Da wed babbehs am da bestest… da giwl foaw wook wike Jewwy, but she onwy wittew. She wook wike Stwawbewwy. Dey am nummy. Dat foaw cawwed Stwawbewwy.”

“Ok,” laughed Claire, wondering why Jelly chose a name she found it so hard to pronounce. “Strawberry is a good name.”

“Hey babbeh, nu not yu, da ova babbeh, yu got name, yu am Stwawbewwy.”

“Stwaw-b-bewwy? Babbeh am Stwaw-bubbewwy?”

“STWAW-BEWWY,” Jelly said to her, “Even bestest babbeh am a bit dummeh,” she whispered to Claire.

“An dis one,” Jelly said, looking at her other red baby, “Wooks wike mummah too, sept dis babbeh hav a hown. Wat is shape of hown mummah-Cwaire? dey say on Fwuff Teebee.”

“The shape of his horn?” asked Claire, its a cone I think."

“Den his name is Wed Cown.”

“Wed Cownan? Fwuffy am Wed Cownan?” The baby asked, clearly pleased at his name.

“Es, dat am name of babbeh”

“WED COWNAN” the little Unicorn foal cried out, before rushing off to butt heads with his brother and sisters.

“WED COWN!” Yelled his mother, but from that day forth, the baby always called itself Red Conan.

Jelly decided that the yellow baby looked like a Banana, so she called it Nana. The blue earthy looked like a Blueberry, so she called it Bwuebewwy. Claire thought it was funny that she named them all after treats, except for Red “Cone”.

Mummah-Cwaire had gone to the Scoowew-pwace, leaving Jelly, Snowflake and the babies on their own. Despite Jelly telling her that they needed extra nummies and tweaties, Cwaire had only left them with two small bowls of “kibbew” and two mashed nanas. Cwaire had said that the kibbew would be enough for the adults, and that the babbies could try eating a little bit of mashed nana if they wanted too, although they were so young that they needed miwkies all the time.

Why did dumma-mumma Cwaire not understand that Jelly needed extra nummies? Jelly got bad bewwy-wumbews, her belly would really growl when she was hungy. With four babies to feed, she needed extra numies to make miwkies, so why did Snowflake get the same amount of food as her? It was not fair.

Now that Claire was back at the Scoowew pwace, Jelly decided to show her babies that she was the bestest mummah. Walking over to Snowflake’s kibbew, she started hungrily devouring it.

“Hey! Jewwy, dat am Snowfwake kibbew!” Snowflake protested.

“Nu…” Jelly said as she muched a mouthful of kibble, “Dis kibbew am fow Smarteh mare onwy… nom nom nom… Snowfwake am dummeh-poopie-mummah, wiv dummeh-poopie-babbeh… nom nom nom… nu need kibbew…”

“Dat nu twue! Snowfwake need kibbew fow make miwkies, fow feed nutewwa. Nutewwa nu am poopie, Nutewwa am pwetty wingie babbeh an…” Snowflake began, but was interrupted by Jelly.


Jelly looked at her babies, to see their reaction. It was pawtant that they knew she was the smarteh mare, and in charge of the herd. Strawberry was sat on her back, but looked scawed as though she might cry. Stoopid babbeh, if she wasn’t bestest babbeh, Jelly would give her sorry poopies too. Blueberry and Nana weren’t sure either, but Red Conan made it clear he agreed with her by running at Nutella and butting her in the head.

“Poo-tewwa am a poopie babbeh!” he said, and Nutella started to cry. To reinforce their place in the pecking order, Jelly ran over and released a torrent of poop, all over the little brown foal, burying it completely.

“Nuuu!” cried Snowflake, and hobbled over as fast as she could, to save Nutella from the steaming pile of poopie before she drowned in it. “Mummah save babbeh!” she shouted, digging through the poop with her nose, desperate to find her baby. While she was distracted, Jelly pooped some more on Snowflake’s single rear leg, and all over Snowflake’s rear end. Snowflake managed to dig Nutella out of the poop, and quickly licked her face clean.

“Why? Why am Jewwy a big meanie? Why poop on Nutewwa an Snowfwake?” Snowflake said, nearly crying and with poop all over her face and hooves.

“Cos Poo-Tewwa and Poo-Fwake am DUMMEH-STOOPID-POOPIE-FWUFFIES an cos dey twy to STEAW NUMMIES fwum SMARTEH JEWWY.”

“Mummah-Cwaire wiww be angwy, an Jewwy wiw get in twubbew. Jewwy make bad-poopies an wiw get sowwee stick…”

“NUUU!” Interrupted Jelly. “Poo-fwake am gone bad poopies. Wook at Snowfwakes weggy. Aww poopy. Evwyfwuffy know dat twee wegged fwuffy can’t get to witterbox in time. Had haxidunt, aww over own weggy. Den had to wick qwean. Wight?” Jelly said, looking at her babies. “WIGHT?”

“Dat wight mummah, Wed Cownan hav seed it wif see-pwaces.” agreed Red Conan.

“Yes, dat wight,” the other foals quickly agreed, looking quite afraid.

“GUD. Now wick up da west of dis poopies, unwess Snowfwake wan get in twubbew wiv mummah-Cwaire.”

Snowflake was shaking, totally afraid of her. That showed her who was best! reluctantly, Snowflake started to lick up the massive pile of poop. Jelly started to laugh demonically. To make sure that Snowflake understood the new pecking order, she walked over to Snowflakes half-eaten bowl of kibble and made pee-pee in it. That way, if she wanted any kibble, Snowflake would have to eat her pee-pee. It was hilarious!

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Two parts of the story tonight, as both parts are about the new babies, it made sense to post them both. I’ll update the links now to make it easier to navigate. It was at this point in the story back on the Booru when people REALLY started to hate Jelly.


You don’t say? I’m seething. If I had a bit of compassion for Jelly before, then I have completely lost it now.


Same x_x what a cunt!


Yeah, nope, I despise Jelly. Snowflake fucked up, but she more than paid for it. Jelly’s just rotten.


am I the only one who likes jelly? I’d love to see Jelly break Snowflake and then someone break Jelly


I’m genuinely curious, what do you like?


in the chapter or ch before stallions raped them, jelly had inside monologue how snowflake “helped her” that crying gets her nummies, when pooping just say it was accident and such.
So to see Snowflake in such psychological pain tickles my love for half-justified abuse. That doesn’t mean I like what Jelly does - I’d love to see some punishment, but I also don’t want a happy end for Snowflake. The only good fluffy so far is Nutella as she’s still innocent
Then again, I love seeing all fluffies get hurt so I might be very biased


Ah, okay, that’s fair. Yeah finding out that Snowflake set Jelly up was a shock, for sure. She’s no innocent. But my soft heart thinks she’s suffered enough, and she mended her ways. Jelly’s only gotten worse.


oh, definitely. Every time jelly hits rock bottom of her lovability, she demands a shovel


Well, that’s a very human thing to do: get crapped on, then crap back. The cycle of karma keeps spinning, making sure everyone is poo’d on. I mean, you COULD stop and break the cycle, but… why would you? :stuck_out_tongue:


With everything that Clarie and her parents know WHY ISN’T THERE A CAMERA IN THE ROOM?

I care decide if I’d rather punish Jelly or just snap her neck…probably just snap her neck honestly.


Listen, on which part do they make Jelly a Litter Pal?


Kind of like “my child never would”. Some willful ignorance. We’ll see after these chapters!


I really like or in some points try to like the story but at this point I just can’t understand why they don’t snap Jellys neck and give the baabeehs to her Sister.

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And jet again Claire and her parents are really shitty fluffy owners because they don’t enforce equal feeding and don’t punish her. They could just take her out of the room for the beating

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It’s because they’re hugboxers and don’t realise how bad fluffies can become yet. They learn, and Jelly gets what is coming to her. RQ was overjoyed with the final chapter of Jelly’s Sorrow


Puh thanks im just sorry for all of her baby’s even Red Conan because I think they could have been safet and better raised.

Be nice to your bully

Oml clair you are a shitty owner