Jelly and Snowflake - Part 09 - Give Special Huggies

Snowflake was scared. She had given Jelly lots of “ideas” most of which made Snowflake look good (the bestest babbeh) and Jelly look bad “the dummeh-stooped-poopie-babbeh”. But now she had gone too far.

She had told Jelly that the “doggy daww” led to the “gawden”, a place with lots of sketties, and Jelly had ran right through it. Snowflake was scared that Jelly would tell mummah-Cwaire, and that Snowflake would get in trouble, or even get the sorry stick. Snowflake had to do something.

Tentatively, she crept out of her bed, and through the slightly open daww to the “Utiwity Woom” and into the “Kit-Chen woom”. The doggy daww was right in front of her, with a set of slightly poopie hoove prints leading right up to it, the way Jelly had gone. Snowflake wandered up to the doggy daww and poked her head through the flap. The air outside was cold.

“Jewwy? Sistah?” she called out, but there was no answer.

Outside was strange. The ceiling was up so high that Snowflake couldn’t see it. It was painted bright blue. The carpet was even stranger, it was green and spiky, but it looked quite soft. Snowflake could see where Jelly had run by the trail she had left on the outside-carpet. Snowflake knew she had to find her, so she crawled through the doggy-daww and ran after her.

“Dis am Smarteh gawden, fwuffy no in Smarteh hewd, fluffy go way.”

Jelly was looking at the biggest, meanest looking fluffy she had ever seen. He had dark red fluff, with a dark blue mane, and a horn, like Snowflake’s, only bigger, and covered in dried boo-boo juice. He had marks from owwies all over him, but he didn’t seem to care. He looked like he could num Jelly in one bite.

“Fluffy hav name. Fluffy am Jewwy. Wan be nyu fwiend wiv Jewwy?”

“Nu need stoopid howse fwuffy. Am mean stweet fwuffy. Wed have been in gang, Wed have been in fighting pits, Wed am a winnew and Wed nu need stoopid fwuffy fwiend.”

“Wed?” asked Jelly, “Is Wed fluffy’s name?”

“Yes,” the red stallion replied, “Fwuffy’s name am WED BAWON.”

“Wed Bawon? Dat am gud name. Jewwy has wun way fwom meanie mummah, come to gawden to find sketties.”

“Sketties?” asked Wed.

“Yes, Jewwy hav sissie who say gawden fuww of sketties.”

“Jewwy show Wed wewe Sketties awe, ow get wowstest owwies!” Wed threatened.

“Jewwy nu find sketties yet, but wiw shawe wiv Wed if wed be fwiendy?”

Wed thought about this for a bit. “Otay, Wed bwing Jewwy to meet west of gang, den Jewwy hewp gang find sketties.”

Snowflake was getting really frightened. She had followed Jelly’s tracks and found some fluffy poop, but it was from a different fluffy! A very big fluffy from what she could tell. Snowflake had a bad feeling. She followed more fluffy tracks across the green carpet and into a green leafy plant thing, and there, in the shadows, she saw Jelly, talking to a massive red stallion, and a massive green stallion, as well as three younger stallions. The younger stallions were blue, brown and cream coloured, and were still quite a bit bigger than Jelly and Snowflake.

“Oh, hai Snowfwake,” said Jelly when she saw her sister, “dis am Wed Bawon and Cwonik Shizzew, dey are wild stweet gang fwuffies dat do pit fighting. Dey are nyu fwiends of jewwy. And dese am Webew, Jowge and Fweddy.”

The other fluffies looked at Snowflake in a way that made her feel not good. She didn’t know why though.

“Dis am Snowfwake,” Jelly continued, “Snowfwake am sistah of Jewwy. Jewwy am bestest sistah, Snowfwake am danceh-sistah.”

“Oh yeah?” said Wed Bawon, “You give bestest dancies now, or get wowstest owwies.”

“Yeah! Giv dancies!” the others all roared.

Snowflake knew that something bad was going to happen, but realised that she had better do the dancies, or she would get stomped by the stallions hooves. She started to dance as best she could, but she had never been a danceh-babbeh, and wasn’t very good at it.

“Dat am poopie dancies!” yelled Wed

“Yeah, it cwap!” added Cwonic.

“Snowfwake am pwetty mawe…” said Fweddy, starting to drool on the floor.

Snowflake kept dancing, not liking the way the other fluffies were looking at her. Jelly thought it was hilarious, and laughed at her sister not being the bestest for once. The other fluffies got closer and closer to her, and started smelling her no-no place.

“MMMMM!! Snowfwake am Mawe! Wan make speciaw huggies!” said Fweddy.

“Wed Bawon am da Smarteh, Wed make speciaw huggies fiwst. Den Cwonic, den ova toughies.”

“Nu! Snowfwake nu wan speciaw huggies! Snowfwake am onwy babbeh! Am too wittew!” Snowflake started crying, but the other fluffies just came closer. Snowflake could see that Fweddy and Webew’s no-no sticks were growing, and she turned to run away.

“Gwab her!” said Wed, “an howd her down”

“Nuuu! Wet Snowfwake go!” Snowfwake begged, but it was no use. There were too many of them, and they were all bigger and stronger than her.

Jelly watched and laughed as Wed’s toughies held her sister down. This would get her back for all the “good ideas” she had told Jelly to do. It was all her fault that Claire didn’t love Jelly anymore, and now she was getting her punishment. The toughies spread snowflake’s back legs open so wide that Jelly thought they might break off. Wed and the others could see her no-no place, then Wed started to approach her from behind.

“Nuuu! Wet Snowfwake go!” her sister cried, but Wed and the others just laughed. Jelly laughed too, but then she saw Wed’s no-no stick. It was scary-big, and Snowflake was gonna get speciaw huggies from it. Jelly had seen speciaw huggies before, in the fluffy store, which seemed a lifetime ago now. She knew it was not nice.

“Nuu! Pwease no huwt Snowfwake! Snowfwake do anyfing! Nu! NUUUUUUUU!”

Snowflake started to scream as Wed Bawon pushed his massive no-no stick inside her. She kept on screaming as he pumped it in and out.

“ENF ENF ENF! Gud Feews!” Wed cried.

“AIIIEIEE! NUUUUU! NUUUUUU!” Screamed Snowflake.

Wed continued Enfing Snowflake while Rewew and Fweddy held her down. Jelly laughed hysterically when Jowge started to ENF Snowflake from the other end, forcing his no-no stick into her bestest babbeh moufie. That would shut her up Jelly thought. She continued laughing like a demon as Jowge’s hooves raked the side of Snowflake’s face, gouging her eye and making boo-boo juice go everywhere. She even kept on laughing when Fweddy pulled her leg so hard that the bone snapped and bent to an un-natural angle.

“ENF ENF ENF! GUD FEEWS!” Cried Jowge, spurting no-no juice into Snowflake’s throat.

“Ughgh… fff… spt… cuhu… HEWP!” Snowflake begged, spluttering and gasping for air, “HEWP! JEWWY HEWP SISSIE!”

Jelly kept laughing like it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. Wed seemed to notice this, and even though he wasn’t finished, he pulled his no-no stick out of Snowflake’s speciaw huggie place and waved it at Jelly, dripping with blood.

“Wed not know wat Jewwy waffing about. It Jewwy’s tuwn for enf enf ENF!”

“Waaa?” Jelly began, seeing the herd’s attention turn on her, “Nu! Jewwy am fwiend! Nu huwties!”

“Jewwy am SPECIAW FWIEND!” Laughed Red, as Jowge hoofed her in the face and held her head down in the mud.

“Nuuuuuuu!” screamed Jelly, “Nuuuuuuuuu!” but it was too late.

Jelly felt her speciaw huggy place being ripped open by Red’s No-no stick. Just inches away, Cwonic Shizzle had taken over enfing Snowflake’s special place, with a no-no stick that was even larger than Red’s, while Rebew and Fweddy fought over who got to enf her mouth, eventually trying to both enf her at the same time.

“HUUUU HUUU HUUUUUU!” Jelly cried, her satisfaction at seeing Snowflake suffer turning into terror and pain.

For the next few minutes, all that Jelly and Snowflake knew was suffering and pain. The Stallions took it in turns to enf the fluffy sisters in every hole, including their poopie places. Cwonic and Red finished inside the fluffy’s special huggy places, telling them they would “hav tummeh babbehs now” and sat down to rest for a while. The younger stallions took it in turns to enf them some more, and by the time they were done, Red and Chronic were hard again.

“Nuuu! Pwease stop! Jewwy am sowwee!” Jelly begged

“Snowfwake am sowwee too! Nu mowe enffing, Snowfwake speciaw pwace hav wowstest owwies!”

“Nuuu! Not in poopie-pwace! Dat huwt sooo baaad!”

And so it continued, for about another ten minutes, until the stallions were finally done. To the fillies, it seemed like hours. It might have lasted even longer, but just then, Jelly and Snowflake heard a familiar voice, it was Daddeh! The Daddeh of CWAIRE!


The Daddeh would sometimes come home at “wunch time” and would check in on Jelly and Snowflake, and sometimes give them nummies. Luckily for the young fillies, today was one of those days.

“GET AWAY FROM MY FLUFFIES YOU DIRTY BASTARDS!” He screamed at them, kicking Jowge so hard that the stallions back legs snapped clean in half and he flew into the fence, cracking his skull against the wood.

“WUN! MUNSTAH!” yelled the other stallions, scattering in all directions. Red quickly dived through a hole in the hedge, and Chronic ran deeper into the bushes. Freddy made a dash for it over the green carpet, and Rebew darted between the Daddeh munstah’s weggies.

“Wun its a munsta-GUK!” Rebew cried, before being cut off mid sentence, as the Daddeh-munsta’s shoe smashed clean through his spine. “Can… nu… feew… weggies…” he gasped, choking on his own blood as it poured out of his mouth.

“Come back here you BASTARDS” the Daddeh-munstah roared, trying to kick Chronic out of the bushes that went along the side of the fence. Eventually Chronic managed to find a hole in the fence, and tried to scrabble through, but he was too fat, and got stuck.

“Now I’ve got you, you little shit rat!” Daddeh-mustah cried in triumph. Lining himself up, he pulled back his leg and kicked Chronic in the ass as hard as he possibly could. If he had been against a wall, the kick probably would have been fatal, but luckily for Chronic, the kick was hard enough to propel him through the wall, and the fat of his ass protected him from breaking any limbs. Still, his left nut was caught by the tip of daddeh’s shoe, and blood started pouring out of his poopie-place. Chronic retreated, leaking blood from his ass-hole, into the neighbours yard. Daddeh would have pursued him if there had not been several yards of fence to run around, and another fluffy wasn’t still running away over his lawn.

“Nuuu! Nu catch fwuffy! Nu huwt fwuffy!” cried Fweddy, crapping himself with fear so hard that he temporarily forgot his own name.

The Daddeh munstah picked up the meanest looking sorry stick that Jelly and Snowflake had ever seen. It was a stick for digging “Howes” in the gawden, and Daddeh swung it with all his might, severing Fweddies back legs instantly.

“AAAAAAIEEIEIEEI!” shrieked Fweddy, as he continued to try and run, dragging the rest of his body further forwards. Jowge seemed to have gone fowevew sweepies, as his “bwains” were leaking out of a hole in his head from where it hit the fence. Rebew had gone fowevew sleepies too, dwowning in his own boo-boo juice.

Jelly and Snowflake were in bad shape too.

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Only another 6 parts to go…


I just remembered that Great White Nope did a picture of this chapter, seeing as it features his character, Red Baron. I can’t find it anywhere though - do we have an archive of his work?


Both fluffies have suffered the consequences of their own actions. It may be too hopeful of me, but I hope they both admit their faults after such an experience. The fact that there are 6 more parts scares me though.

Wait, but what if they continue acting as they have been? Then Jelly will be considered the one at fault, and Snowflake will be seen as the victim. I can see the owners giving up on Jelly and just getting rid of her. Well shit.


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Well, there’s got to be fall-out then follow-up. Doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

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Still not sure what to think of Jelly and Snowflake, but this is a hell of a step towards sympathy



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Not really they just suffered both the consequences for there own shit


It’d be freaking awesome if we had an artist depict Claire’s dad rampage.

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