Jelly and Snowflake - Part 02 - A New Home - By Hornlarry

Claire took Jelly and Snowflake home from the fluffy store in a cardboard box with holes in the lid. All the way back the fluffies chirped about their “nyu mummah”, “nyu home” and “scawy box”. Claire didn’t know what to say to them, and still couldn’t believe that these little creatures could talk.

Arriving home, her parents still weren’t back from work. Slowly, Claire opened the box the store had given her, and carefully lifted the tiny beasts in her hands.

“Mummah! Is nyu home?” Said Jelly, the red baby fluffy.

“Snowfwake wike nyu home!” chirped her sister, the white Unicorn with the blue mane.

“Hee Hee HEE!!!” Jelly squeeled with excitement, so much so that she pooped all over Claire’s hand.

“Ewwwww… that is gross!” Claire gasped in shock. How could such a cute little thing be so disgusting?

“Am sowwee mummah, fwuffy no mean it… no mean do bad poopies… Jewwy am gud fwuffy, pwease no sowwee stick!” Jelly was looking at Claire with fear in her eyes, trying to hide and wincing in anticipation, as if Claire was going to hit her.

“Sorry stick? What’s a sorry stick?” Claire asked, holding the the baby fluffy over the box from the pet shop whilst poop dripped onto her bed.

“Sowwee stick am for bad fwuffies dat make bad poopsies, but jewwy no mean it! Pwease no beat jewwy!”

Claire was lost for words again “They… they used to beat you with a stick if you pooped somewhere wrong?”

“Yes! But fwuffy now mean to, fwuffy need wittabox for make gud poopsies” explained Jelly.

“Mummah nu haff sowwee stick?” Asked Snowflake

“No… no I dont have a sorry stick, but I’ll have to get you a litterbox.”


“We’ll have to get you cleaned up though,” said Claire, taking both Fluffies through to the bathroom.

“Ooooooh, wat white woom?” Asked Jelly.

“This is the bathroom, its for getting clean.”

“Fwuffy wike be cwean, fwuffy… jewwy wan be cwean and smeww gud.”

Claire set the fluffies down in the bathtub, and turned on the hot tap, releasing a fountain of water into the tub. Even though the fluffies were sat almost three feet away from the water, they immediately started to freak out, running as far away as they could. They were pissing and pooping themselves with fear and squeeling loudly for such little things.

“NUUUUUUU! Scawy wawa! Nu wike!”

“Hewp mummah! Save Snowfwake from wawa musta!”

Claire burst out laughing, “You silly fluffies, this isn’t a monster, its just the bathtub, for getting clean.”

For the next twenty minutes, Claire cleaned the fluffies. Firstly, she washed their poop and pee away with some warm water. Then she put the plug in the bathtub, and filled it up just the tiniest bit, just up to the legs of the shivering fluffies. All the way through they cried and complained, about “scawy wawa!” and how it was “bad for fwuffies!”. They begged Claire to stop, asking her why she was being so mean, if they had been bad fluffies, and promising never to make bad poopies ever again. Shampoo terrified them at first, but then they realised in smelled nice, and that they would smell nice, and that the water was warm, rather than scary. Wrapped up in a towel and cuddling with their new mummah, the fluffies calmed down and started telling Claire how much they loved her. Claire felt happy for the first time in many months.

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Its even shorter than I remembered. Jelly and Snowflake was my first ever story. I’ll upload part 3 now and then that’ll be it for today.


Scared of baths like all fluffies. They do take to it quickly however. :grinning:

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Ahh, back to the classic 'verse.

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