Ive been playing some AI Dungeon and this is happening (By GetChazzed) Ill update it the more i play

Ive been playing some AI Dungeon, and i was sorta inspired by FluffyStalker to do some fluffy work inside of AI Dungeon. This is about a humanoid Jellenheimer that wants to do some random shit, like breeding alicorns, because why not?

You are an unnamed Jellenheimer wandering in the streets and you spot a herd of fluffies. They see you and say “nyu fwiend?” you walk towards them…
“What do you want?” You ask.
“We need to trade.” The Fluffie Leader says.
“Oh? What kind of goods would we be trading for?” You reply.

You say “If you dont have something i want ill do something bad, “Smartie”.”
The Fluffie Leader looks at you and smiles.
“I know what you mean smartie, we need something to make us happy.” She replies.
“Well then give me your best offer.” You reply.

You say "I have many things, but if you dont have anything good ill do something bad…
“Well then, how about we give you one of our finest milk-babies to chew on?” The Fluffie Leader asks.
“That’s it? That’s your best offer?” You reply.

You say "give me the biggest fluffy in your herd for me to eat and ill give you something that all Fluffies desire… Spaghetti. "
The Fluffie leader pauses and thinks for a second.
“Done.” She says.

You say “So what is your name Smartie”
The leader rolls her eyes as she calls the Fluffies to follow her.
“My name is Cuddles.” She replies.

You say “i dont have a name, could you help me find a human to give me a name?”
“Nope.” Cuddles replies.
“Well then, goodbye Cuddles.”
You turn to leave but you bump into a tall figure walking towards you.
“Hey, where are you going?”

You say “Im going to find a name for myself by finding a human, now leave me on my journey”
“Sorry but you look a bit lost, in fact how would you like to be my new best friend?” The boy asks.
“If you want to be my best friend then you will have to let me go.”

You say “Wait. Are you a human? ive never seen one before”
“Yes I am, are you a fluffy?” The boy asks.
"I am.

You say “Could you name me? I’d also like it if you could bring me all the fluffies in Cuddles’ herd over there.”
“Sure, besides though it’s not my call anyway.” The boy replies quickly.
“Alright then follow me.”

You say “I am a Jellenheimer by the way, i eat fluffies”
“Wait what? I thought you were a human.” The boy asks.
“I am, now follow me!” You reply
You start walking and the Boy follows You.
You’ve deceived the idiotic boy in to thinking you are a human somehow, but in reality you are a Jellen, and you need to eat some fluffies. You were a little surprised you were able to do it, but then again you have been lying for so long, maybe its no surprise that you can now tell who will be susceptible to lying and who will believe it.

You go to cuddles and say “give me your herd”
You arrive at Cuddles’ Camp and see her and her herd, which consists of about ten of them. You know its going to be a lot of work, but you also know that you have the time.

You say “Give me your herd”
“No.” Cuddles says
"What? But I arrived first, you should give me your herd because I am a Jellenheimer and can give them better care than you can.

You think to yourself “i dont need to help them if i EAT THEM HAHAHAHA!”
“Well?” You ask aggressively.
“Well what?” Cuddles replies.
“Will you give me your herd?”
"No, ill take care of these myself.

You say “Give. me. your. herd. im getting angry and you dont want me to be angry Cuddles.”
“Give me my herd!” You say raising your voice.
“You do not get my herd.” Cuddles says.

You shift your face into a much scarier grimace that all fluffies ive encountered have feared. All you have shown this face to have gone insane and were driven to suicide.
“Give. me. your. herd. or ill tear you limb from limb!” You say unleashing the face.
“Go ahead I welcome it.” Cuddles calmly replies.

You amputate all of Cuddles limbs with your Unholy tongue and teeth.
Cuddles now has no choice but o give you her herd.
After you have taken her herd you head back to camp with it.

You say under your breath “ohohoho im gonna eat you and its gonna taste good” you also look around to see if any of the ten Fluffies are alicorns, you like to collect alicorn pelts in your spare time.
“So did you get Cuddles’ herd?” Tych remarks.
“Of course, I did what any self respecting JEllen would do.” You reply.

You say “I absolutely fucked over their leader so i can eat her herd”
“Yeah, I know you would JEllen” Tych chuckles.
Once back at camp you begin the process of taking care of the Herd.

You say “So Tych, will you please give me a name”
“A name?”
“Yeah, every living thing needs a name. If you want me to take care of your alicorns you need a name.”
“Hmmm, How About Tych.”

You say " my name will not be Tych, because that is YOUR name"
“Alright then, how about Fluff?”
“Eh, I like Cuddles better.”
“We can’t have names then.”
"How about T-Bone?

You say “T-Bone sounds okay, just call me Bones for short”
“Alright then, and I’ll call you Long Fang.”
“Now that Names are settled, we need to work on a nickname.”
"What would you like to call me?

You say “you can call me Bones”
“Bones it is then, but I need you to do me a favor.”

You say “What is the favor”
“You have to help me tame these alicorns, I want them to join.”
“That’s a lot of work for me. Don’t you have an army of orcs to do that with?”
“(Sigh) Yeah I suppose I could get them to help, although I doubt if most of them will want to be tamed.”
“Not most, all of them.”
"I’ll get the help, but you have to agree to be tamed as well. You may be stronger than any of them, but I outnumber you and if we get started on how I began to be with you, it’s going to only be a matter of time before they finish the job.

You say “I will not be tamed by a human, i am Bones the greatest Jellenheimer of ALL TIME!”
"Don’t give me that?! That’s the same thing that Cuddles tried to do to me!

You say “You met cuddles before we met?”
“Yes, he was the one who approached me and explained the whole process. He said that it would be a good idea to bring you in as well, but I figured with your strength I wouldn’t need assistance and I was right.”

You say “I amputated cuddles. WaS tHaT pArT oF hEr PlAn???”
“I’m not arguing this again…Fine!” Tych says in a huff.
You and Tych argue for a while longer until you both agree to go see the alicorns.
However, you decide to go with a couple close friends in the mean time.
“So, you’re really going to do this?”

You say “Yeah, im brining some of the Jellies ive met along my journey to help us. i cant wait to start breeding some alicorns.”
“Really? Why?”
“So i can eat them of course!” You chuckle.
“Ha ha, very funny.”
"I meant what I said, ive never gotten the chance to eat some al-.

You say "What was that "
Tych punches you in the face, knocking you on the ground.
“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe I need to adjust to a different comedian. But I’m not joking about the alicorns. I’ve had my eye on some nice fat ones that I know would go down smoothly.”
“Eat them?!?”

You say " Yeah, ive said this a dozen times now. i EAT fluffies"
“Well I don’t want you eating mine. I want you to be on the safe side and eat yours as well.”
“Mmmm, sounds like a plan, but what am I going to do with two more fluffies in the caravan?”

You say “You know what, ill just eat em’ we can just breed alicorns and i can eat about 10% of the alicorns”
“That’s a great idea, but don’t over do it on the eating. I want you to be in the best physical condition possible.”
“I will, thanks for worrying about me”

You and Tych hunt down some alicorns and trap the four that you captured in a breeding pen.
You and Tych pull up to the fencing of a forest.
“This should do. There’s a small river nearby with several large trees surrounding it.”
You both get out of the carriage, and begin to check traps. It takes about an hour before you catch something.

You say “Oh wow! The alicorns we caught were 2 mares, and 2 stallions! Big score for Tych and Bones!”
“How could you tell?”
“They had long flowing white manes and tail, they were standing proud and tall, and most importantly they were talking about ‘aving fun’”.
“Duly noted.”
You and Tych head back to the carriage, which is about a half mile away when you hear a cry of despair.

You say “Hey Tych”
“Do you think they heard the cry?”
“The innocents, of course.”
Tych stops walking and turns to stare at you.
“Now’s not the time for some pointless moral dilemma. It’s either yell for help like the alicorns or we save 'em and bash their bloody heads in.”

You say "Lets stay with the alicorns. you’re gonna stay but you can do whatever outside of camp, you just need to have these alicorns breed so you can eat and sell em’
Tych nods in agreement and the pair of you head to the site of the latest disturbance.
You find a little girl no older than ten with long pink hair bloodied and tangled, her eyes wide with tears.

You say “What’s wrong with you child”
The little girl looks up and sniffs, turning her gaze away momentarily before speaking.
“They…they took my brother.”
“Who did? Where is he?”
“The men in the black cloaks…they came and took him.”
“Who came? Give me a name or-”
“Alright, alright, I’ll find him.”
You turn to leave, already searching for the guards, but Tych gets in your way.

You say “Im going to check on the alicorns Tych, dont get in my way”
“I’m not trying to. I just want you to be careful.”
You sigh in annoyance and turn to face Tych, the little alicorns’ rambling still floating through your head.

You go to the alicorns to see if any of the 2 mares were pregnant.
You walk up to the alicorns, admiring their swaying white manes and tails.
“Now listen up, we need to find out if any of you are pregnant. It’s important that we find out the moment you realize you’re with foal.”
The mares all look at you nervously, but your reassuring smile causes them to relax a bit.

You say “So, have any of you had “enfies” and when i say enfies i mean have you reproduced yet”
One of the mares, a dark pink unicorn with large teeth and a large tongue that hangs out of her mouth to the side slowly nuzzles up against your legs.

You say “What are you doing… wait a minute. we only caught alicorns. one of you had a litter of foals!”
The mares body begins twitch and convulse, and sure enough…
“IT’S A GAS! RUN AWAY!” you yell.
The unicorn neighs loudly as it lets out a burst of flames that would be enough to melt steel it’s that hot. You leap back, but the rest of the mares have already scattered.

Tych runs over to the unicorn as you search for cover behind a carriage.
“I need water! Or anything cold! Quick!”

You give tych some cold water from the nearby stream.
Tych drinks some of the water and then passes it on to the unicorn who drinks. The fire subsides and the unicorn nuzzles up against tych as if thanking him.

You say “That thing just exploded. Do you think it has higher potent magig than a normal unicorn?”
“I don’t know, but they’re all pregnant with aces and they’re all wild. This is good news for the Empire though!”

You say “We are not an empire Tych”
Tych laughs.
“Yes we are. Look at us, we’re a uniformed force of citizens that have banded together to support each other. We even have our own troop types and organizations. The only thing we’re missing is an official name.”
“And you think you can just call yourself ‘Empire’?”
"Well, it sounds good doesn’t it?

You say “An empire has conquered land, and conquered people Tych”
Tych thinks for a moment.
“True. But not this one. We aren’t even a united front. I mean we have rebels and independents.”
"Independents can be assimilated.

You say “If you want an empire we need to conquer some Fluffies, and take land from them!”
“Well we does do.”
“Then let’s go!”
You and Tych leave the scene of the crime and set out to find some Fluff.