Introducing the Bicorn Fluffy (By: Bluemoon)

For all the tales of Fluffy variations, there are a few that haven’t gotten much attention from the public due to their scarcity. Let me introduce you to one of them. What if I told you that there’s something rarer than an alicorn? Something that comes up once in every thousand births, it’s something that can’t really be bred for either. A fluffy that is not only much smarter than an alicorn, but is known for their undying love and companionship. A fluffy that loves so strongly that they will die for their owner. Also, a breed known for having a very short lifespan compared to others.

The Bicorn Fluffy. Bicorns are said to be the variant of Unicorns, they are a genetic mutation of them, and tend to look like a normal Unicorn at first glance. The only way to know that you’ve got a Bicorn is when they reach their first year, their horn will start to branch off into two separate horns. Horn deformity is universal for Bicorns. Due to this deformity, they tend to be killed off by other Fluffies. Horn mutations tend to go hand in hand with the intellectual quality of a Fluffy. Bicorns have an extremely advanced intelligence compared to Unicorns and Alicorns. The genetic mutation that causes their horn to start to branch apart from itself greatly enhances their mental capacity. It is common for a Bicorn Fluffy to actually begin to speak like a human after their first year.

These qualities ostracize them easily from other Fluffies. The strong aroma of a defective or malformed Fluffy and the fact they don’t even talk like a normal Fluffy. It is hard for them to befriend Fluffies due to the complexity of their intellect, they tend to quickly find themselves bored of the same things other Fluffies enjoy. Bicorn Fluffies are able to learn how to read, they can learn and grow mentally in a level of a ten year old child. There is one universal thing about Bicorns.


Bicorns love without question, selfless and loyal to a fault. They imprint upon their owners, and they will do anything to please their owner. Most Fluffies have limits, they will even grow to understand their daddy or mommy is a monster and stop loving them. Bicorns will never do that. You can do anything to them, and they will still love you. The worst thing to do to a Bicorn is to leave them. Bicorns will die of a broken heart. They can’t be rehomed, once they’ve imprinted upon their owner, they will never accept another and much rather die instead.

Rejection is the worst thing you can do to them. Every Bicorn is different, but they tend to develop amazingly fast. They are also prone to mental and emotional disorders. A result of their intelligence, they can be inclined to develop anxiety disorders, depression, OCD, eating disorders, self-harming, and the like. Suicide is an extremely common thing for them due to the moment they start asking “Why?”. It happens for each Bicorn, but they begin to ask the “Whys” of the world. “Why was Fluffy born?” “Why do Fluffies suffer like this?” “Why are things like this?” This is the moment they begin to understand their place in human society, and the moment that some of them grow depressed over just how replaceable they are. Bicorns are amazingly perceptive of their surroundings. They’re also painfully aware that they’re a novelty, and sometimes it causes them to fall into a severe depression that can be nearly impossible to recover from. If well loved, there is a chance they can be pulled out of this.

They live for about ten years, sometimes they can live much longer, but the weight of their intelligence and their mental disorders tend to shorten it. Even if things go perfectly, there is one thing that Bicorns cannot avoid. Brain and Neurological degradation. The strength of their intelligence, and the complexity of their brain is a double-edged sword when it comes to their Fluffy genetics. They can’t keep up and so naturally they begin to break down rapidly as they get older. It tends to vary, but around five years of age, they begin to show the characteristic signs of their mental capacity, intelligence, and even their nervous system starts to break down from the strain. They fall apart. And the most tragic part is just how self-aware they are throughout the whole part. They know they’re dying. The worst part is they will feel compelled to comfort their favorite owner even during the worst parts. Even as they start to forget, start to lose bowel control, and they start to fall apart. They will try their best to comfort their owner. And apologize profusely.

For those who’ve raised a Bicorn, this is the most heartbreaking part. And often times the reason why many never want another one again. One owner said that their pet stopped being a pet at some point, and they felt a strong friendship with them. Something that they grew to hate due to just how fast they fall apart. The love is so strong that they will give everything and do anything in their power to help their owner.

As far as Hasbio is concerned, they don’t exist because they shouldn’t exist. They’re not meant to exist, at least. Bicorns are a mutation of the genes responsible for Fluffy intelligence, a malformation that for all intents and purposes is a defect rather than a feature. They are the antithesis of what Hasbio wants, something that isn’t marketable, something far too intelligent for their own good, and something that is full of defective aspects that shorten their capacity to be sold. Another issue is that they cannot be bred. Bicorns are universally born sterile. So they cannot be reliably produced. Another interesting thing they have is that Bicorns hate spaghetti. For some reason, the genetic mutations that make them tend to adversely affect their predisposition for spaghetti.

They do love sweets; fruits and candies are a particular favorite of theirs. Due to their hatred of spaghetti, they can’t tolerate Fluffy foods designed to taste of spaghetti. They can tolerate kibble with Italian seasoning, but due to their intelligence they prefer a varied diet. It is easy for them to get bored of eating the same thing day after day. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and certain kinds of dairy are acceptable.

Bicorns can fetch a lot of money for collectors, but due to the difficulty in making one, and how fast they imprint to anything, they are extremely hard to sell. Not to mention, they have the emotional intelligence of a child so they are prone to asking, “Why is daddy selling Fluffy? Does daddy hate Fluffy?”

Anyways, I hope this lesson on the Bicorn was informative and gives you something to look forward to. I do intend to make a story of one, but if anyone else wants to write their own, please don’t hesitate to expand and develop it further.


Somehow, this is giving me feels just by existing. I’m really sad now.
Damn you and whatever onion cutting ninjas you hired. Well done.

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I know, I wanted to give a “Flowers for Algernon” feel. :slight_smile:

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Amazing idea, I would love to make this the character of my first story, let’s hope I can do this idea justice!

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