Inferno: Part I By Kaiser Wilhelm II

By: Kaiser Wilhelm II



“… and in other news, local firefighters have put out another mysterious case of arson on Leonard Way. This is the 4th attack in the past 3 months, and local police chief Harvey Wright has assured the town tha-”


I prefer quiet to radio.

I don’t care to introduce myself. I don’t care to introduce you to anything happening. You aren’t supposed to know. You aren’t meant to know. You wouldn’t wish to know. You just don’t know it yet.

I burn buildings. I burn people. I burn animals. I burn fluffies. I burn.

It’s all I know.


“Morgan? Morgan! Morgan, you’re going to be late for your interview.”

A shapeless blob buried within blanket after blanket takes shape at last, basking in the afternoon light.

Morgan Williams, aged 25, male, and hopelessly lost in the world.

Or as he preferred to describe himself, “browsing possible employment oppurtunities.”

Morgan is a very bad liar.

Grabbing a suitable flannel shirt and jeans and promptly tossing them upon his toilet, Morgan stepped into his freezing shower and began his daily routine.

Clean. Brush. Dress. Eat. Leave.

How very boring, he thought to himself.

A breakfast of burnt toast and scalding hot coffee greeted him. Morgan couldn’t be bothered to even sigh over it. Food’s food.

He sat across from his roommate. Jenny something-or-other. It wasn’t important enough for him to remember. He’d feel guilty considering how nice she was. Then again, Morgan had a hard time feeling at all.

The woman smiled at him. “So, are you ready to knock the interview out of the park?”

Swinging an imaginary bat would’ve been a lot less charming, admittedly, if she hadn’t knocked her water bottle off the table and onto the floor.

“Oh, fuck! Hang on, I’ll get some towels.”

Pretending to care was very taxing for poor Morgan. Yes, poor Morgan, who had a roof over his head, food to eat, decent clothes, and a roommate who gave a shit about his well being. How poor indeed, he chided to himself.

Returning with towels and drying the mess on the kitchen floor, Morgan took a swig of his coffee and began to put on his shoes.

“So, uh, after your interview, you wanna… um… maybe, like, watch a movie or something? I got Jaws 3D on Blu-Ray!”

Morgan spared at glance at the poor pining girl. He had to wonder what exactly she saw in him that made her so interested in him. She was nice enough, chubby but cute, but he had zero interest in women. He wondered if that made him an asshole or her weird.

He decided it was both.


Her face did not falter.


“Well, Mister Williams, we thank you for your time today. We will have made our decision in roughly a week’s time and we’ll be sure to let you know of our decision.”

“Thanks. Goodbye, Miss Anderson.”

Well that was awkward as hell.

“What do you bring to the company in terms of experience?” College degree, experience in similar fields, yadda yadda.

“Why should we choose you over other candidates?” I have no interest in doing anything besides what I’m told. I’m a lap dog, in layman’s terms.

“What are your weaknesses?” I work best alone, which is good since teamwork isn’t a focus here.

“Tell us about yourself.”



Morgan wasn’t quite sure how he got home. It was the strangest thing.

No, he remembered, surely… surely.

Yes, he had taken his car home.

Then why did he park it the wrong way?

“Are you ready for pure cheese?”

Morgan spun around, bewildered.

There she stood, in what could only be described as see through silk curtains lazily draped over her body.

Yeah, Jenny was definitely trying too hard.

“Uh… I need to lie down.”

Morgan, for the first time in his life, ran to his room and locked the door.

This is too weird, he thought. I’ve never had a lapse in memory that bad. What the fuck happened to me?

Knock, knock, knock upon his chamber door gave way to Jenny’s voice, somewhat concerned.

“Uh, Morgan? Are you okay? You’ve been weird ever since you got home… do you want me to call a doctor?”

Why did he feel like that was a really bad idea?

“No, I just… feel kinda sick… I’m going to bed.”

No response, only padded footsteps away from his door.

To be fair to himself, he did just that, slipping out of his clothes and into his bed. A good night’s rest would help. It’s saved him from panicking before.

Surely it’ll help him now.



No. No, it did not.

Nightmares aplenty danced within Morgan’s mind. Visions of worlds gone mad, ablaze in a Hell best left unspoken of, corpses emaciated and dried, leaving nothing but tightly bound skinsuits to decrepit bone, all of it caked in soot and ashes as brimstone melted the flesh to the Earth.

In lieu of rest, Morgan found himself sweating profusely and thrashing wildly all night long, trapped in his own mind with no apparent entrance nor exit. Locked in his own mind, like he had always been, now unable to escape it in his own most dire hour.

Morning came, the sun rose, and with it Morgan rose, violently, throwing himself out of his bed and immediately slamming his head into the corner of his nightstand.


Oh yeah, I totally just cracked my skull open, he thought.

Blood dripped from his forehead, and upon entering his bathroom, he was indeed greeted by a large gash where his hair and forehead met, nearly squirting deep crimson blood and coating his face in blood.

He was oddly not squeamish over it.

Quickly putting on a pair of pants and holding his head, Morgan trudged out of his room and into the kitchen, to be greeted by a horrible scream as Jenny fell out of her chair in horror.

“Oh my fucking God! Morgan, what happened to you! Holyshitholyshitholyshit get in my car I’m taking you to the E.R. NOW!

Without so much as a glance at the toaster to cure his hunger that he was strangely more concerned over, Morgan found himself in Jenny’s car and on the way to the hospital.

A good way to start his day, if there ever was one.

Arriving in the E.R., Morgan found himself practically accosted as he was attended to by various people. Jenny, of course, followed him practically everywhere, and eventually the doctors began doing their tests and procedures on him to ensure his good health. In time, the doctors and nurses assured him that it was merely a flesh wound, and that all he would need were stitches.

As if that was supposed to make him feel better.

Much sewing later and Morgan sat in Jenny’s car once more, bandages applied to the top of his head, and more annoyingly Jenny glancing at him every other second as though he was made of glass.

Needless to say, he spent the rest of his day in his room.

Darkness descended upon the world again, and with it came a pit in Morgan’s stomach. Not from hunger this time, but from fear. Rest had not come at all last night, and a cracked head was probably not going to assist in bringing it back.

Staying awake all night was a plan that only lasted 3 hours before Morgan’s eyes closed and he found himself unable to stop drifting away.

Peace came first.

Then came the smell of sulfur.


Here’s that big project, months late as per usual. Scheduling blows, I’ll just write whenever I feel like it. Enjoy this, it’s not amazing on its own but things will get better as more parts are added. Next up is PART II: CLONE. Have a pleasant day.