In loving memory of Spoosh (InfraredTurbine)

Well, I guess it’s not a secret to anyone here, that Spoosh artstyle is what really made me start drawing for this community xD
I loved it so much since the first time I saw it, that I started to read/find everything I could related to this artist’s name, and I got reeeeeeally inspired to do the same: start drawing fluffies.
If I am drawing fluffies today, it’s for sure Spoosh’s fault :V
Thank you friend!


For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me at any time!

Theme week 05: In memory of


Spoosh was great! I’m sure your art will inspire others too

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Spoosh was the master of sadbox. Those stories were heartwrenching, especially since the suffering wasn’t usually the result of deliberate abuse but just the unfortunate results of circumstances beyond anyone’s control. (The legendary Ginger_fig, though often considered an abuse artist, was actually the forerunner of Spoosh in this regard. GFs fluffies weren’t generally abused deliberately, instead the suffering was incidental to whatever else was going on.)

You, sir, have excellent taste.


Aw yeah Spoosh was one of the best.
One of their most brilliant fluffy comics was the one with the deaf foal, where the realization drops at the end and everything suddenly makes sense.

Brilliant comic in a streak of many.

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Oh God
It was a very GREAT one, a truly and skilled master in the SadBox art
Although it may not seem like it, it is my biggest inspiration
Thanks to Spoosh, the SadBox is my favorite genre and it’s what I like to do the most, even though it’s hard for me, I always try to do things as good as Spoosh did.

I love it
Thank you
And thanks to spoosh wherever it is

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Spoosh was great, you are amazing and I love, love, love when people give credit where credit is due.

You’re a class act, Turbine. You gotta lotta moxy.

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He’s fluffies look they have no bones

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Oh geez I forgot the theme week and thought they died.

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The deaf foal sucking its foot is iconic.

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