Idea Dump

I’ve been writing down my ideas for a while, I thought I would dump them here to inspire and give ideas to whoever. If something seems too vague. I will expand on it if asked.

  1. A fluffy on a ranch develop’s smarty syndrome and tries to fight the fluffy herding dog.
  2. Breaking free from the story
  3. Reverse Designer Fluffies
  4. A fluffy slowly getting dragged into rule34’s website.
  5. The fluffy is made of cake? (Meme/Weirdbox)
  6. Fluffy Slasher
  7. A fluffy that suffers from psychomotor seizures.
  8. Bowsette Fluffy (Yes, I’m Serious)
  9. Mimic Fluffies
  10. Your owner calls for you from the other room. (Horrorbox)
  11. Designer babbeh abuse
  12. Fluffies vs Roombas
  13. The litter-pal that did not submit
  14. Pillow-Fluff becomes a punching bag.
  15. Devil’s Train by The Lab Rats (Music Parody)
  16. Seriously? Right in front of my Sketties?
  17. Why can’t you be like the dog?! (Weirdbox)

Horror Movie Parodies:

  1. Fluffy from the Poopie Lagoon
  2. The Last Fluffy on the Left
  3. I Give Bad Poopies on Your Grave
  4. Foals of the Sketties
  5. The Fluffies Have Eyes
  6. Teeth (Couldn’t think of a funny name)
  7. 3-Headed Fluffy Attack

I think I’ve seen 14 and 16 somewhere.


Number 12 makes me wish I could do art, fuck I may try any way.

I Make Bad Poopies On Your Grave
I snarffed monster reading this you twisted bastard. :rofl:


I think 5 was done by the artist kalooboo…I could be wrong though.

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These are all rad ideas
Thanks for sharing them


“ugg”. :roll_eyes: :unamused:

gets out human size sorry box.

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