Hunting Wabbits Ch. 2 [By BFM101]

Author’s Note – None of the Fluffies in this story have names, so they will all still be referring to themselves as ‘Fluffy’, however for the sake of convenience, both the human characters and the narrative will name the Fluffies separately so as to distinguish between them all.

If anyone has any issues with this method, let me know and I’ll try to fix it for the next chapter.

Josef pulled up alongside the farmhouse a little after dinner. It had taken him two days to drive down to his uncle’s farm but he knew the destination was worth the journey, it had been too long since he made the journey down to see the farm and being here brought back a lot of memories.

Herman Mongola was Fitzgerald’s older brother, and much like Josef and Jonathan he hated his brother for what he’d become. Where Fitzgerald was sent to a private school filled with like-minded White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, Herman had tested the waters at a public school and came back rejecting the supremacist ideas of his father Dietrich.

Naturally Dietrich blamed the ‘fucking liberal cocksuckers’ for brainwashing his first-born son rather than his outdated and bullshit idealogy, so he put all of his focus on Fitzgerald while Herman was left to fend for himself. Which suited him just fine, he was able to have his own friends, his own job, his own love-life, eventually discovering a love for the country and the satisfaction of hard labour, and so on the eve of his 21st birthday, Herman approached his father with an offer, to gift him a one-time payment of 5 Million so he could start his own farm, and Herman would be gone by the end of the month, to never see or speak to his father again.

Dietrich gave him 10 Million and told him to be gone by the end of the week.

True to his word, Herman left and never saw his father again, never even went to his funeral. Instead he lived a simple, hard-working, happy life, he married his high-school sweetheart Pamela, had two children with her, a son called Rupert and a daughter called Tara, stayed with Pamela through her fight with breast cancer, and buried her after 38 years of marriage.

His own children were now grown up, being a few years older than Josef and Jonathan, and Rupert had just had his first son just over a year ago, but through their childhood he’d tried to remain courteous with his brother, even offering to look after Josef and Jonathan a couple times. While the brothers loved the farm and their aunt and uncle, Fitzgerald remained a racist, misogynistic jerk and after one too many obscene remarks to Pamela, Herman cut his brother out his life as well, thankfully at the stage where Josef and Jonathan were old enough to visit on their own.

More Jonathan than Josef since he needed a place to lay low while on the run, but both tried to stay in touch as best they could. Though the one thing that hadn’t changed was how they interacted with him, Herman’s full name was Herman Arminius Mongola, but to his nephews he was simply…

“Uncle HAM.”

Josef called out as his uncle stepped out the farmhouse to greet him, Jonathan stood in the doorframe with a beer like the fucking rockstar he pretended he was. Herman chuckled at the sight of his youngest nephew.

“It’s been too long kiddo, you avoiding ya old uncle?”

“Nah, just the manual labour.”

“Well we got plenty of that coming, I take it you saw the fields coming in?”

Josef nodded, remembering seeing the usually tall and rolling fields of wheat and barley reduced to patchy, chewed-up messes with nothing but liquid Fluffy shit to replace it.

“It looked pretty bad, how long have they been an issue?”

“Come inside, I’ll tell you everything.”

Herman led Josef inside, only stopping to let Josef gave Jonathan a quick hug before taking him through to the living room. Josef was surprised by the amount of high-tech equipment set up in the rural farmhouse, everything from high-powered explosives to computer operated drones were in place.

“Damn Johnny, you wanna get Silicon Valley on the phone next or what?”

“Fuck you Joey, you know I’ve been spying on the family for years. How the fuck do you think I did that?”

“I assumed cloned sim-cards, but this isn’t spying on the family text messages, this is military grade shit. How in the hell did you swing this?”

“I got two words for ya Joey; black market and black mail. You find enough dirt on the right people and they’ll give you anything to keep your mouth shut. I’ve stockpiled most of this shit for years, never really needed much of it, just liked the idea of some pencil-pushing asshole shitting himself whenever he hears about an unauthorised drone-strike.”

“You got missiles on that thing?”

“Nah, it’s a fancy flying camera, but I told the guy I’d modify it, just never told him how. Been teaching Uncle HAM how to use it, he’s getting pretty good.”

“I used to fly a crop-duster sonny, I can handle your fancy gizmos. Now if the two of you have stopped jerking around, can we get back to the matter at hand.”

Josef chuckled. “Sorry Uncle HAM, you’re right, let’s get back to it. How long have the Fluffies been an issue.”

“Little over a month, started out with just about five or six of them led by this fat red bastard, told me this was ‘smarty land’ and to give him… skettis? I don’t fucking know. Anyway, I scared them off with the shotgun, got one of the mares in head, think she was pregnant cause her shit had bits of flesh and bone in it. Anyway, that was the last I heard from them until I started noticing some of my crops being chewed on about a week later, that happens now and again, you get some wild animals that graze without knowing any better. Then I found the red guy, he’d been beaten half-to-death, face near caved in, two of his legs missing, his junk ripped off, he said something about a ‘monster smarty’ before he bled to death. After that, that five or six started growing, their new leader has been taking smaller herds and assimilating them into his own, either by choice or by force, mostly the latter. Me and Johnny reckon the herd is around 25 or so right now, and they’ve not stopped eating, I’ve lost a good thousand on them already and it’s only been a couple weeks, I need them stopped before their kids start joining in and taking this farm for everything I have.”

“Have you tried poisoning them? Fluffies are pretty shit chemically speaking, some pesticides could do the job.”

Jonathan shook his head. “We tried that, but their leader is smarter than we thought, once we poisoned the wheat he’d lose a couple friends and get everyone to stop eating. Then they’d dip into their food reserves until the poison wore off. We don’t have nearly enough to keep doing that long enough to kill the whole herd.”

Herman spat into a bucket, pissed off with this goddamn Fluffies. “Ya gotta kill them all, and make it bloody so none of them ever come back.”

Jonathan jumped to his feet. “We’ve got a rare chance Joey, a chance to let rip some of these Fluffy fucks and teach them a fucking lesson. I say we make this as painful as possible, kill them all one-by-one until they all turn on their leader, take away his people, take away his power.”

Josef didn’t have a problem killing Fluffies, but he questioned the timeframe Jonathan was suggesting. “Wouldn’t that take too long? I thought the plan here was to be as quick as possible.”

“First off Joey, Fluffies are idiots, it’s not gonna take that long to break them. Secondly, there’s clearly a power-play here, this new leader took over when Red couldn’t deliver the goods, we need to show the whole herd that being in charge is the worst idea possible, so that if we miss any, they’re not likely to try again. Besides, me and HAM have been monitoring them for a couple days now, we’ve got a good idea on this herd’s hierarchy.”

Without skipping a beat, Jonathan whipped on the cloth covering the board on the wall, he couldn’t help the dramatic flair. On the board was an almost pyramid type graph with the herd’s pecking order set out, a main pyramid of 9 names sat on top, with five smaller pyramids of about three each lay on the bottom.

Josef didn’t know whether to be impressed or concerned. “You certainly have been busy.”

Jonathan shrugged. “This is what we’ve been able to come up with, from what we can make out, these are all the Fluffies in the herd, there might be more but we could see any. Let’s start with our main man.”

Jonathan pointed to the top of the pyramid, a green Alicorn with a grey mane and a scar where he right eye used to be. “This is Alpha, the Smarty, and by Fluffy standards he’s real fucking smart. Got a mean streak in him a mile wide, and he’s good at hiding it from his herd. Below him we got Beta.”

Jonathan pointed to a blue and red Pegasus below Alpha, even from the photo Josef could tell this was a very, VERY big Fluffy. “He’s the head muscle, leader of Toughies, been training them up to get ready for war.”

“Hold on, did you say war?”

“Sad to say I did Joey, not sure who with yet but I’m thinking it’s gonna be us. Beta might be Alpha’s right hand, but to his left we have Charlie.”

Charlie’s photo showed a poorly looking brown stallion with no back legs and shit-stains on his face, Jonathan’s confusion hadn’t let up in two days. “Yeah, we’re still not sure what’s going on here, no other brown Fluffy is allowed to get close to Alpha but Charlie here stays by his side, and it’s not just for abuse purposes. Still trying to work out their relationship. Oh, but here we are, now as you know Joey, behind every cunty man there is an even cuntier woman.”

Jonathan pointed viciously at the forth picture, a pink unicorn with a white mane and a shiny coat. “This is Delta, Alpha’s mate, she’s head bitch and she’s not afraid to let everyone know it. She gets first dibs on the food, first play with the toys, everything. From what we can tell Alpha’s devoted to her, hasn’t fucked any of the other mares, but I suspect she’s pregnant now so time will tell if Alpha can keep his nuts in check.”

Jonathan next pointed to a line of five stallions underneath the main four, Josef saw they were an orange unicorn with a red mane, a blue earthie with a pink mane, a grey Pegasus with black spots and a white mane, a yellow unicorn with a blue mane, and a purple earthie with a black mane.

“These are the Toughie army, the five toughest bastards led by Beta, all of them are rough, tough, and they’ve fathered most of the foals in the herd from the enfie mares. I call them Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel and Indigo.”

“Are they all gonna be named after the phonetic alphabet?”

“Hey, I got a lot of Fluffies to work with here, I can’t just pull names out of my ass. Anyway, that’s the main defence we gotta worry about, most of the rest are auxiliary based. We got the enfie-mares.”

Jonathan pointed to a smaller pyramid of three mares, one of them looked content, one of them looked scared, the last looked dejected and broken, her front legs long since ripped off. Jonathan pointed to the broken one first, a Pegasus though her wings were clearly broken, her fluff was a nice peach under the dirt and her mane a gentle yellow.

“This is Juliet, and yes that name is ironic, she’s basically the herd’s fuckbag, far as I can tell most of the males have used her at one point or another, she’s lost a lot of babies and I think she’s given up, killing her will be a favour. The other two are Kilo and Lima, Kilo’s the happy one, not sure why but I think she’s a bit derped, Lima’s the scared looking one.”

Josef looked over the pictures, even from the photo he could make out one of the stallions fucking Kilo, a light red earthie an orange mane, and the smile on her face clear to see. Lima on the other hand – a lime green unicorn with a pink mane - looked to be mid-scream.

“Have you noticed any foals with Kilo’s colours?”

“No, but there are too many to know for sure. What are you thinking?”

“It’s a theory, but I think she might be barren, no kids to lose means her life is basically just good-feels every day.”

Herman shivered. “Ugh, that’s fucked up.”

Jonathan nodded. “Tell me about it. Ok next up are the keepers, these three distribute and guard the food, it’s surprisingly advanced for Fluffies, main guy there is Mike, the blue unicorn with the yellow stripes, I ain’t seen much of him but what I have seen tells me he’s a smart fucking cookie, probably as smart as Alpha. He’s got that count down to a fucking tee, if we were going for a war of attrition I’d say take him out first.”

“This isn’t a war of attrition?”

Jonathan looked at his brother and winked. Josef shook his head and disbelief and turned back to the board, seeing a black earthie with an orange mane and a brown unicorn with a white mane and a broken front leg. “Who are the other two?”

“November and Oscar, November’s the black one, he’s basically the muscle, keeps everyone in line. Oscar’s the brown one, far as I can tell he’s fairly new to the trio, I think him and his brother used to be foragers until he fucked his leg up. His brother’s on the next list, Papa, the fdark brown one.”

Josef moved over to the next trio, sure enough Papa looked exactly like Oscar, same brown unicorn with a white mane, only Papa was several shades darker than his brother. The other two were a dark red earthie with a grey mane, and a massive piss yellow earthie with an erection that could be seen even in the small picture.

“Jesus, what the fuck is that?”

“Which one, Quebec or Romeo?”

Josef looked at his brother, disgusted at his joke, he could guess which one Romeo was. Herman shook his head as well.

“You’re fucked up Johnny.”

“What? Come on, it’s a bit of fun on our part, not like they’re gonna find out about this shit. Yes, Romeo is the big yellow bastard, dumb as a bag of hammers and twice as thick. Basically all he does is find food and rape Juliet, I think I’ve seen him kill his own unborn foals at least four times in the last few days. Quebec is the other one, not got much on him, seems fairly quiet all things considered.”

Josef looked at the next set of pictures, these three were all female and all looked to be feeding the very young foals. “I take it these are the nurse-mares.”

“Yep, basically the herd’s nurseries supply. The yellow Pegasus there with the black mane is Sierra, she’s in charge of the whole thing, essentially think of her as the head bitch after Delta. She looks after the kids, and decides which ones deserve to live.”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s loyal to Alpha no matter what, she while the kids are in her care, she’ll kill any Alicorns that are with her. It’s not a ‘munstah’ baby thing either, I’ve seen her kill a few older babies that aren’t Alicorns, my guess is they showed smarty symptoms so she nipped that in the bud right fucking quick.”

“Fuck, these creatures are sick. What about the other two?”

“The orange one with the brown mane is Tango, would’ve expected a mare with those shitty colours to be a shit-eater but I’ve seen her hang about with Quebec so I think they’re together. The white unicorn with the lilac mane is Uniform, not got a bead of her cause she’s a fucking idiot, all she does is play with the foals and claim their all her babies cause she can’t remember which ones are actually hers or not.”

“That’s… good?”

“Compared to how Sierra treats them? Yeah, it’s good. Last trio there are the teachers, these guys look after the older foals, teach them survival techniques and the like, also surprisingly how to use a litterbox, never seen ferals bother with one before.”

“Hmm, you might have a few house-fluffies in there.”

“Make sense. Anyway, the three there are Victor, the grey stallion with the missing leg, he’s a bit older than the others so I think he’s just there to keep himself busy. The cream coloured Pegasus mare is Whiskey, she seems ok all things considered, that black and white stripped mare is X-Ray, real cunt this one, likes breaking legs on any foal who doesn’t listen to her. Real Tough Love type of Fluffy.”

“Yikes, and I thought I’d heard the worst of it.”

Josef looked at the end of the board, seeing two more Fluffies that Jonathan hadn’t introduced yet, a male and female, both brown. “What about these two?”

“Yankee and Zulu, these two are bottom of the pile, forced to join the herd just before I called you. Yankee is the earthie male, he was given the choice of finding food but losing his nuts, or eating shit and keeping the jewels, he choose the shit. Zulu’s his mate, the unicorn mare, she got a similar choice, lose all but one foal and become one of the teachers, or keep all her foals and become an enfie-mare. She choose the teacher route.”

Josef scoffed. “Selfish bitch.”

Herman shook his head. “You weren’t there Joe, you didn’t hear the offer Alpha gave her, the pain it caused her. I’m happy for youse to deal with the others rats but… I’d like to keep those two alive if possible.”

Jonathan walked over and patted his uncle on the shoulder. “No promises Uncle HAM, but we’ll see what we can do. First off though, now that introductions are out of the way, who’s up for some grub.”

Josef’s stomach growled in agreement. “Ha, it’s been a while since I had a good meal, I’m all for it.”

The three Mongola’s had a chuckle and retired to the dining room for a good meal, and a good plan.

It was just starting to get dark when Jonathan broke out his first tools of the hunt, the three men stood outside when Jonathan handed Herman a flare gun, the old man looking at the thing confused.

“The fuck am I supposed to do with this?”

“When I tell you to, fire it in an angle over the herd’s nest, should light up the area well enough.”

“Well enough for what?”

Jonathan answered by reaching into Herman’s pick-up truck and pulling out a powerful sniper rifle.

“To put the fear of God into the little fuckers.”

Jonathan handed Josef a pair of binoculars. “Here, you be my spotter, let me know when I got a good shot on one of them.”

“You sure that’s a good idea John, something that loud will send them all scattering.”

“First off, it’s silenced. Secondly we’re not going for the whole hog here, we’re killing one Fluffy now just to set them on edge, remember the whole point here is to scare them all so if any survive they think twice about coming back.”

Josef couldn’t help but think this was a bit too elaborate for a hunt, but he wasn’t about to question his brother yet. The two of them got into position laying on some hay-bales with a clear view of the herd’s nest several miles away. Jonathan gave the signal to Herman who aimed the flare-gun and fired it in an angle towards the nest.

In the low-setting sun, the sudden burst of red lit the surrounding area up like hell-fire, Josef looked through his binoculars and saw several confused shadows start popping up and looking at the strange bright-light in the sky, some of them cowering in fear, some of them looking to be shouting at it.

“Any targets?” Jonatahn asked after a moment.

“Just a sec… There, got one of them alone, couple metres left of the stump? You see ‘em?”

“I got him.”

“Who you think it is?”

“Don’t care, we’ll kill-confirm in the morning, right now let’s just enjoy the calm before the storm.”

Jonathan aimed his sights at the Fluffy head, let out a deep breath, and pulled the trigger.

The herd was sleeping soundly when they were rudely awakened by the bright red light in the sky, some of the mares and the babbehs hid away, fearing it was something horrible coming to take them away, while the stallions growled at it. Alpha stayed silent, he didn’t know what it was but he didn’t like it all the same.

His assistant Beta stood beside him. “Wha Smawty finkin?”

“Nu knyp yet, nu fink dis gud. Keep weady, anyfing happen nyo.”

To the sideline, Echo snarled at the red light, fuming over his interrupted sleep.


Suddenly Echo’s body was violently thrown forward as his head exploded, blood and bone splashes around the nest, covering several of the other Fluffies. Alpha and Beta were the only ones not to start panicking, they were in too much shock to know what to do next.

None of them realised what Echo’s death symbolised. The Hunt had begun.

Bit of a long introductory chapter here, but now that the herd has been brought in properly, the abuse starts properly in the next chapter.

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