How to submit your own Unity the Fluffy Community Unicorn

There are a few requirements we have for Unity the Fluffy Community Unicorn.
First and foremost, it needs a horn.
We don’t care if was born with the horn or not.
Staple a cone to it’s head for all we care.
We also don’t care about colors or patterns.
Because we’re not going to pay for these things.
Just looking to get rid of a derped fluffy? Sure we’ll take it.
But you get no promise that you’ll get it back.

The main requirements are as follows;

Site Badge
120px tall, 400px wide, and the leftmost 120 x 120 is where Unity sits
The remaining 280px has to say Fluffy Community in a creative way. (no typing it out with a comic sans font. We prefer hand-made lettering. It just has more character) This all needs to be on a transparent background.
The wording can be made out of blocks, paint… poopsmears,… we really don’t care.
Try to have fun with it, though.
No, Unity does Not just have to sit there and smile for the camera.
Inject just as much personality as you want to into your Unity.

Site icon
It’s just the leftmost 120 x120px of the site badge cropped, on a transparent background

Notes: There always seem to be these little red spots in the site badge. nobody is entirely certain why.


if only i knew how to draw…


Same man


Numbers man, they just don’t work with me.

Welp I’m gonna have to practice drawing fluffies more I’ll see everyone in a few months

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