Homestead Fluffy Ch 16 (By Remarkable_Sue)

“Candace wan hewp Mummah Pam.” You said smiling. Pamela pets your head and Joseph whistled. His signal for everyone to gather. You nudged your daughter to go with Clancy.
“Mommy? Aren’t you coming?” Primrose asked you. You give her a kiss and nudge her to Clancy. Her babies surround Primrose and she’s quickly distracted. She leaves with the others.

You, Rosemarie, Harper, Star and Ollie are escorted to the fenced area where the feral fluffies are still held in. You notice a significantly smaller herd of around 18 to now only 6.
“This should be easier to break them of their feral nature. They’ll be great pets, especially if they become Alicorn Friendly.” Pamela pats your back and you step forward. You are to be the one to lead one of the herd over to Pamela and the others, if they trust you that is.

There are 6 feral fluffies. 4 Females:

Coat, Steal Blue
Mane and Tail, Dark Blue-Gray
Eyes, Dark Sea Green and Morning Blue
Height, 1’11"
Breed/s, Standard

Coat, Peach Puff
Mane and Tail, Violet Crayola
Eyes, Blush
Height, 1’1"
Breed/s, Micro and Royal

Coat, Morning Blue
Mane and Tail, Cambridge Blue
Eyes, Nickle
Height, 1’2"
Breed/s, Standard

Coat, Dark Sienna
Mane and Tail, Pansy Purple
Eyes, Wine
Height, 1’7"
Breed/s, Bull

2 Males:

Coat, Forest Green Traditional
Mane and Tail, Middle Purple
Eyes, Dark Green (Dark Green)
Height, 1’7"
Breed/s, Horned and Dachshund

Coat, Jet (Jet)
Mane and Tail, St Patrick’s Blue
Eyes, Mint Cream
Height, 1’8"
Breed/s, Leggy and Puff

You approach…

  1. #1 Female
  2. #2 Female
  3. #3 Female
  4. #4 Female
  5. #1 Male
  6. #2 Male

#2 Female