hey yo question

This is more of one aimed at everyone but- I follow Virgil for the hijinks and shenanigans yet get bombarded with alerts from our Archivist down in images from others? Is anyone else having this influx of fluffy-attacks in their notifs? I’ve set it to Mute but am unsure if its gonna let me breathe.

On the flip side the website has made for a much needed distraction from my headache-


From what I understand, Virgil makes the posts and then gives the ownership to Archivist. That’s why there are notifs from him


I can explain that one.
I’m reposting a lot of Booru artwork and stories.
But I’m not trying to “like farm” by doing this. It’s not for my own popularity.
So Archivist is an alt account that we’re handing the ownership of these posts off to.
You might also get similar notifications about Testies, my feature/error testing alt account.


Huh, alright! I wa just confused on why my notif box was filled with posts from an account I didn’t follow. Thank you!