hey i got a story idea again

fluffies and the backrooms I don’t know to much about it but I’m learning and it seems like and interesting concept


fuffy wonders around, fuffy dies. i don’t think it can be used more then 1-2 times


oh ok


maybe it could work for fluffies with above-average intelligence? you know, the ones that can actually find the second floor


yea and their are different levels and entities


i know that. i am just saying that most fuffies would die on a first one, because they are fluffies


oh true but would be cool


i am actually more interested in throwing a few fluffs into a samosbor universe, because there are actually humans with whom fluffies can interact with

long version

this is Gigahrushchevka

Gigahrushchevka (also known as Gigahrushch) is a huge, and most likely endless complex consisting of residential blocks, its structure resembles the old panel Soviet Khrushchevki, thousands of them. Gigahrushchevka is the main, if not the only active place in the universe of samosbor. None of the residents know what Gigahrushchevka is and how it appeared, when, by whom, and why it was built.

Samosbor is a phenomenon of unknown nature that occurs from time to time in Gigahrushchevka and affects a large number of floors. It is not known for certain what samosbor is, why and under what conditions it occurs, as well as how it affects the human body, but in any case, the influence has a detrimental effect on the health of any living being.

IT CAN’T start in any room other than the corridors.

1200px-Улица (1)

Temporarily covers the corridors and stairwells, there is a chance of not entering the dwellings with the locked and undamaged sealed doors. It is deadly, those who are caught under samosbor on the affected floors outside the closed room have no chance to survive. The only known feature of samosbor, is hazardous purple smoke. Sealed doors do not mean complete protection and security.


Before samosbor
Just before the start of the samosbor in the entire Gigahrushchevka complex, an alarm system is triggered on all floors (if it is working properly), warning residents about the imminent start of the samosbor. Usually, sirens go off 3-5 minutes before the start of samosbor. During the time that the alarm system works, the residents of Gigahrushchevka must abandon all their business on the floors and run to their residential blocks in order not to get hit by the samosbor. All residential blocks are equipped with strong sealed doors, which reliably protect the residents.

During samosbor
None of the living residents of Gigahrushchevka had a chance to see or find out what was happening on the floors during the self-assembly. If there were any witnesses, they were all dead or lost. There are no ways to find out what self-assembly is and not die. There are no eyeholes on the sealed doors, and the creators of self-made ones do not survive samosbor. However, samosbor can be heard. The sounds heard during the samosbor range from squeaks and creaks of metal to terrible screams and sounds similar to the explosion of a nuclear reactor and the collapse of a building to the voices of your family and friends who in a frightened voice beg you to open the door and let them in. The nature of the sounds depends on the "strength " of samosbor - the formal quantity by which the effects of a given phenomenon are measured. It can assimilate the sound of a siren and the announcement of the end of the self-assembly itself.


It is worth noting that if the hermetic door is not sealed or is severely damaged/deformed, then self-assembly can and will overtake residents who are behind the damaged hermetic door.

The duration of the samosbor can vary from a few minutes to several hours, although it may not end at all. The interval of “calm” samosbors reactor is absolutely random and can vary from a few per minute to two or three per cycle. On average, samosbor happens at least two or three times a week.

After samosbor. Effects
After the end of the self-assembly, members of a special organization consisting of an average of one to six people per floor - liquidators – come to the affected floors. Liquidators are engaged in cleaning the affected floors from the consequences of samosbor.


The consequences can be different:

Creatures - creatures of unknown origin and species.
Mold and mildew.
Infection by “samosbor” of residents - mutations.
Other rare types of consequences.
Anomalies that cannot be classified because of their hostility.
After cleaning the floors, the liquidators check the residential blocks, and if no consequences were found in them, they leave the floor.


in short, it’s an eternal apartment block, where on regular basis stairs and corridors are attacked by an unexplained anomaly called samosbor. Its only known feature is purple smoke, but everything else about how it looks and operates is unknown. what is known is that it leaves behind itself every sort of bullshit you can imagine, from different kinds of goo to bloodthirsty mutants. after the specially assigned liquidator team deals with the bullshit, people come out from behind the sealed doors of their small apartments and get back to living their miserable lives
until the next samosbor
and now throw in there a fluffy who taps with its hoofies on every door it can, but no one wants to let it in, because samoosbor is close, and a shitrat doesn’t worth the risk


wow that is pretty cool now excuse for I’m going to read the rest


if you find something in english. this one was transted by me




after some digging, I found 2 animations with English subs

not a lot, but still


thank you