Her tummy babies aren't her only secret Part 1 of 2 (by recreationalsadist)

“Dummeh munsta daddeh he nu no, Fowest soon mummah nao. Fowest hab secwet babbehs in tummeh, Daddeh tu dummeh to eba no dey dewe.”

Greg was furious. Not only had his fluffy Forest gotten herself knocked up without permission, but she was singing about it and mocking him! This would not stand!

Picking up a chainsaw, Greg advanced on his fluffy from behind. The bright morning sun shining in from the window in front of her ensured that she didn’t see him coming.

“Daddeh Gweg am da biggest dummeh, he nu no anyting at aww su dewe noting fow him tu du! Fowest singies tu hew tummeh babbehs and he tu dummeh to hab any cwue!”

Greg raised the chainsaw and prepared to pull the cord to start it. Forest deserved to be chainsawed in half for her bad singing alone!

Part 2 of 2


Thats one dumb mare! Singing and insulting her owner not thinking that he can hear it clearly…but its a fluffy, they are dumb as fuck :man_facepalming::rofl:


Because I was listening to Disturbed’s Land of Confusion earlier, when I read “sun shining” I immediately sung that moment to myself lol

Ok, enough commenting, I need to see the terror OwO

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