Henrietta Foal Part 2: Mummah Songs

Perk of the job or still not worth dealing with these little shits?

Also, sorry for the light text on light backgrounds, I’ll put captions beneath each picture.

Mummah Song1b

Yellow Babbeh: Why wed babbeh saddies? Babbehs am fo’ wub and huggies!
Henrietta: Babbeh miss mummah. Huu…
Yellow Babbeh: Yewwo babbeh sing wed babbeh mummah song. Nu miss mummah den!

Mummah Song2b

Yellow Babbeh: Mummah wuvs babbeh! Babbeh wuvs mummah! Mummah gib miwkies! Babbeh gwows big an stwong!

Mummah Song3b

Blue, Yellow, and Pink Babbehs: Mummah wuvs babbeh! Babbeh wuvs mummah! Mummah gib miwkies! Babbeh gwows big an stwong!
Grey Babbeh: Pweez staph! Munstah dadden nu wike babbeh songs!

Mummah Song4b

Worker: Dammit! I have the worst sodding migraine. Which of you shits is singing!?
Yellow Babbeh: Babbeh sing mummah song fo’ make wed babbeh happeh!
Blue Babbeh: Mistah wan sing wif babbehs?
Pink Babbeh: Coo…

Mummah Song5b

Yellow Babbeh: Bad upsies! Nu wike! Babbeh am sowwy!!
Blue Babbeh: Wai mistah gib gud babbeh owwies? Huu…
Grey Babbeh: Munstah! SCAWY!
Henreitta: Wan mummah… wan mummah… huu…

Mummah Song6c

Worker: I have plenty more “singing housies” if any of you would like to continue your mummah songs.
Grey Babbeh: Bwuddah nu can bweafies. Pweez wet out of nu see housie…
Yellow Babbeh: gasp haf, haf…
Blue Babbeh: Huuu… wan mummah…
Henrietta: hic… chirp … hic … peep … hic


Is that just a regular plastic beg he’s suffocating in or does it have something else in it?

Also, I love their misery!


Love it, especially the impending death and the total naive babys


Such cruelty… delicious


Just regular good ol’ suffocation :slight_smile:

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Fluffies getting tortured and killed just for being the emphatic, adorable, little furballs they are. Sometimes this just makes me cry. Cry tears of sheer joy and pleasure!

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