Hello everybody :3!!!

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whats poppin yo

Hello! Welcome here! I can’t remember, are you new to this ‘fandom’?

Also I’d move this post into Community category btw.


very nice here,thanks

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im not that new,i drawed fluffys months ago but i did not make a account for that
(im really sorry for the bad english :c)



Do you speak Spanish?

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yes i speak spanish (chilean)


ooh ye I get you. Also don’t worry, english is my second language and I think yours is good
pro tip: If you’re a writer, I recommend Gramarly (I’m using it rn lol)

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me encanta que no importa que tan lejos yo vaya siempre habra un chileno por ahi sjsjj

thank you very much :3

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jsjsjsj épico


¡Hola! Bienvenido a FluffyCommunity. Nos alegra tenerte con nosotros.
Estamos tratando de incorporar herramientas de traducción sencillas en este sitio web para ayudar a los entusiastas esponjosos de todo el mundo a comunicarse entre sí.

Hello! Welcome to FluffyCommunity. We are glad to have you with us.
We are trying to incorporate easy translation tools into this website to help fluffy enthusiasts from around the world to communicate with each other.


Save for translating fluffies to “esponjosos” instead of “peluches” or something like that, the translation isn’t bad at all.

Good evening, how are you on this lovely day?


How the hell do you translate fluffyspeak?

:fox: With a custom-made browser dictionary plug-in.
But we’re not quite ready for that step yet.
(Though some people in the community would like to do just that)

Quiero decir que el problema se puede solucionar usando una traducción como Google