"Hell on Earth" Part 1 by NobodyAtAll

Note: read “Wun Wub, Wun Heawt” up to Part 14, and the FauCorp/Fluffy Cabal series up to “One Chance” first.

The sky is blood red, and people and fluffies are rioting in the streets. The stench of sulfur is in the air.

The entire ChaotiX are in the streets too, trying to help the authorities contain the rioters, but the ChaotiX are too busy evacuating everyone not currently going berserk, before anyone else is viciously torn to shreds by the rioters.

So this is how we go public.

The death toll is slowly rising.

But it’s not just humans and fluffies out there causing havoc. They’re easy enough to deal with. If it was just humans and fluffies, this mess would already be over.

But there are literal goddamn demons from Hell out there too.

Interestingly, not all of them are humanoid. Apparently, there are fluffy demons too. It would be cool if they weren’t, y’know, unleashing Hell on Earth.

I can see four of the demon fluffs tearing a mortal fluffy to shreds. Poor guy.

Right now, I’m fighting a gang of human rioters, buying time for my friends to escape with Deston. If I have to die so Judy, Seth, Andre and the fluffies can live, so be it.

Yeah, everything went to Hell real quick.

As if on cue, one of the demons grabs me and starts flying up. I can’t break out of his claws, despite all my strength.

"Remember ME, Calvin? Remember when you STOLE JUDY FROM ME, YOU JUNKIE FUCK?"

It’s the demon from my dream. I still can’t recognize him.

“Dude, what the fuck are you talking about?”

The demon drops me, and I slam onto a rooftop. I’m still off-guard and can’t turn to steel in time. Ow. He quickly lands and puts his foot on my head, making it clear that if I try to run, it’ll cost me.

Then he changes shape.

“How about now, Calvin? Remember me now? Or are you too doped up on smack to think, you junkie?

Now I recognize him.

“Chris Oldman? But you’re…”

“Dead? Oh yeah. And I never felt this good when I was alive, even when I was drunk off my ass and balls deep in a Dutch whore. Being a demon is fun, Calvin. All the bullshit is cut away, and you’re free to do whatever you want. And what I want to do is make you suffer. Everything bad that happened to me in my life is your fault.

“Dude? What the fuck did I do to you? It’s not my fault you became an alcoholic fluffy-killing pervert! That’s on you, man! And Judy? Judy loves me. I love her back. And she said that you pretty much only saw her as a sex object. No wonder she never dated you.”

Chris chuckles.

“You wanna know something, Calvin? I know, on some level, that you’re right. But at this point, I hate you so much, that I don’t fucking care. I’m gonna kill you, and then me and James are gonna have some fun with Judy.”

Another demon lands next to Chris, reverting to human shape as well.

He’s holding a struggling fluffy. Oh shit, it’s Lavender.

“Hey, Uncle. The Darkest One is waiting for this idiot. Will you please stop wasting time catching up? You take the moron up to the Tower, I’m going to play with Lav. Don’t look at me like that, I’ll save you a leg or two. Now go.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Danny and Ghost flicker in and out of visibility behind them, Danny winking at me.

Chris grabs me, changes into demon form again, and flies off towards Faucheuse Tower.

On the way, I get a full view of the chaos unfolding in the streets beneath me.

Roland is trying to close the rioters in, but the demons are just flying over the walls he’s creating.

Drake and Diablo are flying through the streets, literally fighting fire with fire. They’re not doing so well.

Two demons rip a fluffy in half, and eat the halves.

Reilly is climbing up the wall of the building me and Chris were just on. God, I hope they can save Lavender.

Chakra is levitating demons and slamming the fuckers into every wall nearby.

Victor’s on a rooftop, sniping demons like a boss. Scarface is acting as his spotter, and attacking the demon fluffies that try to reach them. Occasionally, Victor throws down a grenade, when he’s sure the blast will only hit demons.

Dave is down in the streets, too, blowing away demons with a shotgun like he’s fucking Doomguy. You think you know a guy! A pink and orange fluffy with him is raping one of the demon fluffies.

Surge is electrocuting the shit out of humanoid demons, while Bolt bites into a demon fluffy’s scruff and drags the bastard along the ground so fast it tears the little fucker to shreds.

Rock and Cannonball are using their special combo move on the demons. Cannonball turns to steel, then Rock sends him flying like a… y’know. It’s highly effective.

I see multiple Pierres engaging the demons. At least 20. A lot of them are being overwhelmed. I don’t know how many bodies he’s got in total.

Deston has clearly gotten my friends to safety, because he’s back, with a bunch of… hold on, are those wizards? Deston’s a wizard? I thought he was just psychic or something!

When we reach the top of the Tower, Chris keeps his claws wrapped around me. Why can’t I break free?

"This is where it all began, Calvin, and this is where it will all end. This is where you meet our Master."

There’s a man here, dressed in all black, standing next to a fluffy, but the man remains silent. He walks over to me, and puts some kind of collar on me. Suddenly, I feel really weak.

Oh shit. It’s a power dampening collar.

Chris lets go of me, and kicks me to the floor, and the man in black walks back over to the fluffy, an indigo and black alicorn, with solid red eyes.

The alicorn speaks up, in a deep, raspy voice for a fluffy.

“Calvin Korkea. How happy I am to finally meet you. My name is Umbra. I am the Darkest One, absolute ruler of the Order of Darkness. I’m here to give you a choice, Korkea: join us, or you and everyone you care about will die.

Part 2


Awesome so far. But I theorize, that the BBEG would be a Fluffy or Number Two and hoped for Umbar. Tropes in writing are there for a reason. 11/10


I was wondering how many people figured that out. I thought I’d dropped too many hints.


I had it, when Nr. 2 and Umbar got to the lair of the darkest one. Because of tropes and finalized it AT the talk about the brithest one.


I thought that the moment that everyone would figure it out was when the Darkest One mentioned that he wanted Italian for lunch. I thought that having Number Two say something like “Italian, again?” would make it too easy to figure it out.


That’s the talk I Was talking about.


Fluffball Special!

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