"Hail To The King" Part 3 by NobodyAtAll

Part 2

As the unliving memories of all of my enemies close in on us, the Memories of my loved ones surround me, Nivlac and Fi, fighting the undead hordes away from us.

A golden Marley, Piccolo, Snowball, Dende, Ziggy, Wario, Dave, Slayer, Seth and Andre, fighting a zombie Umbra and his Order of Darkness.

A golden Blueberry, piloting a golden Stahlkörper, a golden Lavender riding shotgun, dueling a zombie Chris. A golden Miles, fighting a zombie James.

A golden Victor and Scarface, fighting the three zombie stooges, plus Alexei, the fourth stooge.

A golden Judy, Robert, Deston, Annette, June, Floris, Herb and Rose, dueling a zombie Demeter and her zombified Forces of Nature.

A golden Pierre, firing golden blasts from his arm cannons at a zombie Bertrand.

A golden Future Quin, Alpha, and Erwin, fighting a zombie Hans.

The Monster Party, all glowing golden, and five golden nephilim, fighting the zombified Ianos Clan and all the people they turned.

A golden Jack, swinging golden swords at a zombie Adam Omega and Kushim.

Golden Iokans, fighting zombie dinotites, and a golden Eira, Lou, Tony and Yoshi, fighting the undead Emperor Zhala, in T-Rex form.

A golden François, attacking a zombified Legion.

A golden Chris and James, the Nice Chris and James, firing golden bullets at a zombie CQK-9891. Which is strange, because that asshole’s not actually dead.

A golden Chaos, backed up by the golden Deaths of Humans and Fluffies, grappling with a zombie Fate.

A golden Valerie, Alfred’s eight golden tendrils grabbing a zombie Vanessa. She’s not dead either, but she might as well be. A golden John and Jeremy, fighting a zombie Karan-di. A golden Edward, Cecil and Erdrick, fighting Necrosis’ zombie fluffies.

A golden Konba and Tema, and all the other amazing people I met during the Intergalactic Tournament, attacking a zombie Duwen and Scha.

…And a golden Tommy, Maria, and Achmed, fighting a bunch of zombie Dutch sailors.

Everyone else I love, fighting everyone else I hate.

And Dehak, floating far above us, watches the show.

All the Memories speak as one.

"Go get Dehak! This is his doing!"

“Right! Niv, Fi, let’s go!”

Nivlac sprouts a pair of vampiric bat-like wings, grinning.

"Hell yeah! Finally, we get to fight side by side!"

Fi smiles.

"That’s the difference between us and him. We’re not alone."

Me and Nivlac fly up towards Dehak, Fi following us by…

Well, it looks like she’s ice skating on thin air, thin lines of sky blue light trailing behind her feet, which are just barely visible under the cloak, and shiny and sky blue, like her face.





And then, wreathed in the golden flames of love, I punch Dehak in the face.

Nivlac moves in next, fury in his blood red eyes, his tone deceptively cheerful.

"Sorry not sorry Dehak, but we’re not looking for any new roommates! That R.A.G.E crap was bad enough!"


He punches Dehak with all the strength a vampiric me can muster.

Fi smiles, drawing a sky blue replica of the Sword of Kings from beneath her cloak, her arms shiny sky blue too.

"Cal is the greatest of my Champions. I must admit this. But would you like to meet the rest, Dehak?"

Fi points her sword to the sky, and several other figures appear behind her, all glowing sky blue, all armed with ethereal Swords of Kings. The spirits of my predecessors.

I recognize Lincoln, who smiles at me, and two others who I assume are King Arthur and Charlemagne.

Fi points her sword at Dehak.

"Oh Champions mine… ATTACK!!!"

And the Champions roar, as they charge as one, hacking and slashing at Dehak.

He blasts all of us away.

"Enough! Enough of this tomfoolery! Three hundred years, I’ve suffered! Three hundred years, I’ve worked! I need a body! I WILL HAVE A BODY!!!"

I fly back at him.




Nivlac flies back too.

"Cal’s right! If you had been a bit nicer, you wouldn’t even BE in this mess to begin with!"


Fi air skates back, leading the Champions.

"It was entirely your own lust for power that cost you your original body. We know the story. You challenged François for his staff, and lost."

They point their swords, and fire a massive sword beam at Dehak.


As the smoke clears, I put my hands at my side.

“Last chance. Get out. Now. Or I’ll erase you completely.”

As I start charging my blast, Dehak sneers at me.

"You can’t kill me. My power surpasses that of Death himself! Even when the cosmos is nothing but one big graveyard, I will STILL remain!"

“Did you see the old guy in grey clothes down there? Do you know who that is? Fate. The literal anthropomorphic personification of fate itself. And he died by my hands. I killed a God of Destruction, too.”

It wasn’t actually a god, but this asshole doesn’t need to know that.

“So I can kill you, Dehak, and you’ve got until I finish charging this to hit the bricks!”

"Damn it all. Fine!"

Dehak vanishes.

The zombie hordes vanish too.

The sky returns to clear blue, and the ichor below returns to water.

We hear Dehak’s voice one more time, echoing around us.

"This isn’t over, boy… we will meet again… and next time, you will not be so fortunate… be grateful that Lord Dehak has shown you mercy… most do not get that blessing…"

“We get it, you’re evil, now fuck off.

With that, we land, and I extinguish my flames.

I turn to the Champions.

“Thanks for the assist, guys.”

They all salute me, and all vanish, presumably returning to the afterlife.

Nivlac grins.

"This has been fun, I gotta say–"

He turns, and gapes in horror.

"No. No! NO!!!"

“What is it, Niv?”

Me and Fi turn, seeing…

A pool table, smashed in half.

"Those assholes broke the pool table! Oh, the humanity! We won, but at what cost?!?"

As Nivlac falls to his knees, wailing in grief, me, Fi, and the Memories laugh.

“Niv, it’s an imaginary pool table, I’ll imagine a new one later.”

Nivlac gets back up.

"Oh. Oh yeah. No cost. Hooray!"

Hell, maybe I can imagine a house for these guys. Or a city. Or the city.

I mean, I know the city like the back of my hand. If I go barefoot, I can navigate the city with my eyes closed, that’s how well I know it.

“But you did good, Niv. And you, Fi, Memories.”

"Hey, I LIVE here. I know you didn’t exactly want me in here, but I’ve got your back."

"And if Dehak tries this again, we’ll make him regret it."

"Dehak only has the power of one. But you, Cal, have the power of us. Never forget that."

“I won’t, Memories. Thanks, guys.”

"No problem, buddy."

"I meant what I said. You are my greatest Champion."

"Whether the darkness comes from within or without, we’ll be there to keep it away. You’re still you."

A door appears.

“Ah, that’s my cue. I’ll see you guys on the other side.”

Nivlac gives me a hug.

"I’m gonna miss this, y’know. I mean, you’re not going anywhere, but usually we’re just voices in your head, we can’t interact with you in person like this."

I smirk at Nivlac.

“Maybe there’s a way to do this at will. I’ll ask Des later.”

And with that, I pass through the door, back to reality.

Part 4 (Denouement)

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