Great Breadfluffy Bakeoff - $ Contest $ - Wildcard submissions welcome - Voting for contestants over pending replies.

Im looking for some art for a concept I was developing previously and decided to hold a contest. :slight_smile:

This thread will be for people to vote on their top 3 choices that they would like to see this concept drawn by in the comments.

Interested artists simply need to post a comment indicating they’re opting in to be chosen.

Art or Stories due by October 8th.

Feel free to review the concept development thread and comments for drawing / story ideas since the idea is broad and I haven’t officially settled on the bread fluffy cannon. - Bread fluffy Concept development / discussion thread

It can be anything from fluffies with cooked bread fluff (could be solid loaf or composed of segmented rolls/buns etc). Bread fluffies cooking their dough fluff (chilling comfortably in the oven). Bread fluffies being cooked with their dough fluff into meat buns/loafs (baking alive/prepared). Bread fluffies working with their Bakery daddeh/mommah to make/recycle bread.

Regardless let me see your take on it.

WILD CARD FACTOR: Those not voted in to receive the up front art fee can still submit works for a chance to win the 50$ Grand prize, 20$ Second place, 10$ third place.

I will purchase my remaining silver subscriptions in honor of 3 of the placing art /story pieces.

To encourage non voted artists to participate I will also purchase my 3 bronze subscriptions in honor of my top three favorite art/story pieces.

Poll Nominated Artists - Day 1: Infraredturbine
Day 2: Sexygoatgod - Repeated rankers accepted: Larur
Day 3: Tie for first both with previous placing- swiftbitches & moesius
Day 4: Carnivorous Duck, Bad Roomie, MLGbunny, Foxhoarder

Artists expressing interest so far - Infraredturbine, Sexygoatgod, Chikahiro, Larur, Mlgbunnyiscool, Eded_Ted, Cuddlybuddy, swiftbitches, Moesius, Carnivorous duck, Bad roomie, Foxhoarder

Qualifiers that didn’t express interest and removed from voting - FallenAngel007

Special thanks to Moesius,Carnivorous Duck & Bad_roomie for qualifying but refusing payment. Im donating their participation fee to the prize pool.

Entries -

Bread fluffs (xnightx) Not running but adding to the gallery.

Bread Baby || Vae (me) Not running but adding to the gallery.

The one reddit entry. :slight_smile:


I’d be down for it. Not usually a fan of any subtypes but the image of a fluffy happily sitting in an oven as it bakes won’t leave my mind lol


Welcome aboard and to the poll since i missed you.


Fluffy I am Bread?

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I’m not a fan of the concept of living fluffies made out of bread, but I’d love to see how these “pan” out.


I will throw my hat into the ring if that’s okay! With any winnings going to benefit FC (aren’t I confident :stuck_out_tongue: )


Then you’re in luck.

Most of the discussions were actually simply about fluffies that generate bread/dough instead of fur.

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First days nomination for artists people would like to see @infraredturbine.

I’ll reset the poll daily and if 2nd-5th stay consistent they’ll get invites as well. Otherwise i’ll invite the poll winner each day.

Hmmm… Wanted to do pie this time but cant even see half of it. xD
At least I can copy the image and review that way.


Added to the poll. :slight_smile:

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Damn, if I could draw, I’d enter.

I could use that dough.

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Hmmm… Im tempted to allow written works but it’d certainly be difficult to compare apples and oranges (pictures & comics vs text stories).

I could potentially make a separate pot for stories since seeing other people take on a concept might help me flesh out the concept for myself if I ever write something about it to use any of this art. :slight_smile:

I’d need at least 3 writers to state interest thought before I check my budget.


Real talk, I just wanted to make that pun.

But what can I say? I have a rye sense of humor.


:frowning: Ah man, I like reading stories as much as the comics tbh. Admittedly I would have set a ‘no superheros’ / similiar stipulation on stories. xD

If you change your mind let me know so I can see if I have the bread to pony up for a new division.

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Well, shit. I can’t seem to not do superheroes. That puts a damper on my spirits.

I was gonna do a casino pun, but nobody outside the Netherlands would get it.

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~chuckle~ I realized that after reading a few of your stories only to suddenly be all ‘Dangit~ thought this was a casual story unrelated to the massive interconnected cannon.’ 4+ chapters in. xD


Allright~ if it’s a one shot and I dont notice it till the end you can make it part of the hero shenanigans.


I can’t guarantee I’d have it done by 9/22 but I have had a cute little one shot about a baker and her bread fluffies since i first saw the concept.

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22nd is the participant selection date for the drawing/comic contest. Even if not selected people are welcome to submit stuff, they just wont be awarded the up front ‘thanks for participating’ money. But they can still earn the grand prize as a wild card factor.

Due date of pieces is october 8th so people have a week after the current theme week ends.


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Really, I just wanted to make some bread puns, but I’ll think about it. No promises.

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Hmmm… I see @Eded_ted has done commissions but no thread.

I certainly enjoy their take on weirdbox. Wonder if they’d be interested in me putting them in the vote.

Maybe i’ll ask @Mlgbunnyiscool if they want to be on the poll while im at it. I remember referencing their art style for ‘bread knives’ in the original thread comments. ~Chuckle~