Great Bread fluffy Bakeoff - Award stage finished


Blue Ribbon - 50$ prize
Hunger for bread – LostDauphin

White ribbon - 20$ prize
Loaffies! - Nekuchan

Red Ribbon - 10$prize
BREAD FLUFFYS! / Milkbread fluffies – Bad roomie

Silver ribbons - No prize but I bought my 20$ silver subscriptions to honor the top 3 that will be voted amongst you.

1 Baking bread – Sexygoatgod

2 Baked weggies / Mating habits of bread fluffies – Booperino

3 Bread fluffies concept - Larur

Bronze ribbons - No prize but I bought my 10$ bronze subscriptions to honor the top 3 that will be voted amongst you.

Carnivorous duck (making toast & feeding the birds) - Feeding the birds (Carniviousduck)
Making toast (carniviousduck)

I don’t want to be bread - ClownKing / Leviticus -

Axestraddler (Ellens bread fluffy bakery) - Ellen's Bread Fluffy Bakery by axestraddler


Did you mean to link this for Carniviousduck’s entry? It’s direct linking one of my comments instead.


Of that comic~ Fixed. xD


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Bronze voting closed.

1st through 6th voting starting soon.


And voting for top 6 ranks now open. :slight_smile:


Can contestants vote?

Yep. :slight_smile:

It evens out since people can only vote for themselves once.

Well I don’t think I will vote anyway

I already knew that I was not going to have much influence during the voting

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I’ll just wait and see xd It was fun tho!

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Feel free to vote since this helps me distinguish people in the top 3 and 4th through 6th brackets. :slight_smile:

Looks like a close potential battle for first through third place. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably close voting tonight or tomorrow morning.

I’ll hold my vote and break ties if necessary.

Voting is closed.

Congratulations to all participants. ~Clap clap clap~

(1st) Blue Ribbon goes to LostDauphin
(2nd) Red Ribbon goes to Nekuchan
(3rd) White ribbon goes to Badroomie

Silver ranks.