Gowden Gate Pawk! (Hrodde)

“Hello, I’m Hroddekiong. In this Docu-series, we’ll go on a Journey. You the Viewers, Me, and the Fluffies we meet along the way. Now, I Doubt very much I have to tell you what a Fluffy is. But for the records sake, let’s all go over it one more time.”

“A fluffy is a Biological Toy produced by the now defunct HASBIO industries. Made to be the perfect Child Companion and Pet… Or at least they should’ve been. If it wasn’t for the Infamous and Hated PETA. Having found and released the Fluffy Creatures too soon, we were left with the aftermath of talking Diarrhea prone pygmy horses.”

“Thanks to PETA, releasing these pour artificial souls onto the world we are absolutely INFESTED with them. Having no natural predator, and omnivorous diet led to their population quickly exploding. And PETA’s Own Kill shelters becoming even more full.”

“It’s a sad reality for most of these tiny horses. Unwelcome in most homes and ill prepared for actual survival… Although. There are places where there puny Ponies can Thrive if they try hard enough.”

The Video zooms out to a Bird’s eye view of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

“Here is Such a place. The Good Ole West… Coast. Mostly moderate weather all year around. Leaving the Lucky Fluffs safe from the tragedy of winter, and Gwassie nummies available all year around.”

“For the Most Part, Wild Fluffies are seen as Pests And killed humanely… If they’re lucky. But thanks to the rules and laws of Golden Gate Park and California. Should a Fluffy end up in that park, people are not allowed to harm or remove it from that land… Fluffs that are somehow smart or fortunate enough to reach the park through the City, are safe to reproduce and eat whatever plants they can.”

“Today, we’re going to Start at the Panhandle. The Beginning of the Park. In order to stop more fluffs from coming in, the homeless have become an impromptu pest control force paid by the city, though for the sake of tourism, they are only allowed to operate at Night. Leaving it open for Fluffy migration during the Daylight hours.”

“Admittedly there’s not much going on here, fluffs just eating and playing freely, safe from the dangers of the City. But… There is a Mean Little trick locals like to play… A simple sentence that often sends them to their doom… Skettiland is on the coast.”

“I like to call this Phenomenon. The Pilgrimage of the damned. That’s all for this episode. Join us next time at next Fluffy Hotspot. Anglers lodge.”

(Woo, this is just intro Chapter. I labeled it Neutral since no Fluffs have been harmed… Yet. There will be Hugbox as well in some chapters. I honestly can’t see murder happening at the Dutch windmill… Beautiful over there.)


GGP: Anglers lodge

“Welcome Back everyone.”

Hroddekiong wades into view, knee Deep in water. Fully kitted out in fisherman gear. A Brown wooden Building in the Background.

“This is the Anglers lodge, sitting just infront of a these clear waters. They offer a Variety of fishing activities, San Franciscans have been learning to fish here for generations! The people here are Kind and Welcoming, even to an Outsider such as myself… Which makes it even Harder to believe, this is the 3rd largest kill spot in the Park, for the unfortunate Fluffy.”

Hroddekiong wades across the screen as it transitions to a Fluffy and her 2 foals, walking around the pond. Hroddekiong begins to Narrate.

“Poor thing… This here is Martha and her Babies; Clark and bruce. She’s a magical Blue, isn’t she? Clark takes after her… While Bruce… Bruce looks closer to a KISS fan than a Fluffy, but cute nontheless.”

“Truly a Sad day for Martha, one of the lessons here is Bait Foraging. Where you, of Course, find bait near your Fishing Spot… Oh… Oh dear.”

martha Continues to march on the shore until she meets Back up with Hroddekiong.

“Hewwo Nicey mistah, can tell fwuffy were skettiland am?”

“I’m so sorry…” Hroddekiong, plucks Clark off her Back gently and holds the Chirping Foal in his Hand. “Ahem… Due to the over abundance of Flu-”

“Babbeh tu wittwe fo upsies! Gib bak tu Mummah!”

Peep peep! Chirp!

“Keep Going Little Fluff… You aren’t going to like what I’m going to do…” the Audio on of the mare is Cut out as Hroddekiong Continues his explanation post recording. “Due to the over Abundance of Fluffies, all Fluffies within 20 yards of the shore are free to use as Bait…” watching the Screen you can see Hroddekiong tying the hook around the foal instead of Piercing it’s skin. “due to their Size, foals are more suited to being a Lure instead of straight bait.” Hroddekiong reeled back and cast his line, sending Clark soundly into the middle of the Waters.


“Wawa Bad fo Fwuffies! Nu huwt babbeh!!”


The mother has resorted to hitting Hroddekiong’s shins, having long exhausted her sorry poopies reserve, splattered across Hroddekiong’s boots. Whom has resorted to Quickly reeling in the Foal.

“This was only a Quick demonstration, so I’ll try not to drown the Foal…”

Hroddekiong hefted the sobbing, coughing and peeping… Waterlogged and distressed, He quickly undid the line around the Foal and gave it back to it’s equally upset mother. “well little Fluff, sorry for the… Everything, avoid the water from now on okay?”

the Furious Mother and her Chirping babies run off, calling Hroddekiong a monster… But ultimately not heeding his advice… Trotting to ask another Fisher for directions to Skettiland.

“And so, With that. We’ll end this episode, and See you again at the Buffalo Paddock.”