Future Fluffy Content & Collabs: POLL AT THE END UWU (Federalchemical1728)

((this is all fluffy-related, but i should probably join the shitposters group anyway bc its where i belong lol))

i was thinking about whether i should post my story concepts before ive actually drawn or written them? like its exciting to surprise everyone with a fully-finished thing, but i think i prefer sharing & talking to people as i flesh out my ideas. it also helps me retain steam and not just abandon my projects @_@

but im also not really sure how to do that? my best idea is to just include the lore snippets alongside doodles of the relevant characters?? kinda like those fluffy/gibblet headcanon things i did when i first started, i just dont want my drawigs to turn into blocks upon blocks of text (i might be able to do thumbnails for each little piece, but that’s STILL a lot of work & theyll probably just end up looking muddy anyway :face_exhaling: )

I was gonna say if youve got a fluffy who would fit well in a fruity fuckfest pirate crew, I’ll design them as an alien space pirate & make them canon to the ship (Tidelord’s ship is a little undermanned and Captain needs a few more big strong toughies for Slanky to pretend to he’s charge of)

I’d looooooove to have my ocs be background characters in someone else’s story (i feel like a kid putting 2 spiders in a tupperware box and watching to see if they get along ajakjxjxjsjb)

ALSO i have difficulties prioritizing by myself so i have a myriad of things that are fully drawn and scanned & only need editing so pls tell me which one(s) ur most interested in ;w;


  • New Fluffies (and their backstories)
  • big dump of morally questionable queer fluffy smut
  • slightly-less-objectionable queer fluffy smut (Brute & Axel are there too, surprisingly)
  • another smaller doodle dump (but i could potentially pad it out with the sketch versions of some of my digital stuff)
  • my fluffy owners (i got 4 rn and 2 of them are self-inserts and also one of them is my fursona. i have reached the Nirvana of Cringe.)
  • Xenobabbeh (im already doing this one as soon as im finished with yardwork im not giving u a choice lol You WILL Look At My Spiky Jellybean Baby and He WILL Be Cute As Fuck )
  • A Jellen “owner” & domestic jellenheimer headcanons
  • a short comic of Riley scaring the shit out of some feral foals

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I vote xeno baby, #2 and then #8

And definitely if it helps you to keep steam on a project post the ideas before you’ve drawn them, that’s been a small hold up for me and trying to make content despite many ideas, and just include anything you think is relevant to the story idea id say

Also, I believe I have a few fluffies that may fit in with the fruity fuckfest, don’t have much art of them though besides their og stuff so I’d have to go find those, could we chat in pms possibly?



Im wanting the sex and carnage~
(And ofc xeno babbeh lol)


even just a thorough description is fine! and absolutely yes pls hit me with those fluffy bois

yknow, i started questioning why 2 people in a row wanted the questionable smut but then i remembered where i am AKSJHSKSNJXJXBJSBX


6, 2 (duh), and 8 in my opinion, but they all sound amazing. I also need more of the butt pirate crew

I’m so happy you enjoy fluffies or creating fluffy content, I love your art!

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