Free Art commission (Open)

Hey if this thing is still open then could you draw my boy Monster. He’s an energetic bully of a black earthie with a toxic green mane and stone gray hooves. He has a fake horn/spike strapped to his face and fake bouncy toy wings

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Two deer fluffy bucks getting their little antlers stuck together.


It’s summer, time for croquet.

Im picturing fluffies secured to the ground with the arch pieces hammered into the soil and then either using the mallet to hit a ball/pillowed foal through the mouth and out the backside.

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Yes this will be so cute


One forebah watew.
The two bucks getting taken advantage of by oppurtunists that couldn’t find mates and eifle towered as their horns/skulls clunk together from getting pushed towards the center from both ends.

Thwee forebahs watew.
~fully skeletal deer fluffies having starved to death / skull trauma, unable to unlock their horns~

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Idea to make it sadder:

Sad, garbage fluffies.

Teenage boys give them spaghetti.

Then say they are taking them to their new home.

Actually take them to an overpass and squeeze them so they poop on cars.


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a pegasus fluffy gracefully jumping into the air…

…straight into a lake


Hey, only if you are, could I perhaps have you sketch my girl Milk?

(Art by Dumbiestass)

she’s my big titty anime fluffy :joy: Dumbiestass came up with her but shes been my inspiration lately.
Look up the drink “Pornstar Shooter” and that’s her colors. blue body, red mane.

her daddy is an eddie brock disaster of a goth but loves using her to make innuendos. its mostly for his own amusement since she keeps his moral up.


“Why daddeh fwiend gib Milf face huggies?”
~proceeds to motor boat~
“Tee-hee, dat tickles.”


Could you do a pregnant mare trying to cross a road on a blistering hot day, but her enlarged stomach is burning/melting her skin off and leaving a bloody trial behind her, all while a stallion watches on the other side, a look of anger on his face.

The mare is an alicorn, pretty pink fluff with a lilac mane, the stallion is an earthie, dark blue fluff with a purple mane.

I have an idea for a brutal arc in one of my stories, and I’d like the artwork to showcase how rough the whole thing is.

(You dont have to do this one if you dont wamt to!)
Could you draw a halo grunt teaching a smarty to shoot a plasma pistol but shoots a jackals face off on mistake?