FluffyCommunity Quick Start Guide

For those of you who are new here, I would like to welcome you to FluffyCommunity
Many of you will be familiar with fluffies from elsewhere around the internet.
Places like 4chan, Fluffybooru (both .org and .com), VK, Facebook, or Reddit
At this time, FluffyCommunity is the most active place to find both fluffy posts from previous years, and new creators as well.

Groups are your keys to accessing content on FluffyCommunity
Certain categories can only be viewed if you are part of specific groups.
All of these groups are free to join, or to leave at any time.

Here are the optional groups that will give you access to additional portions of the site
Joining this group allows you access to re-uploaded works from fluffybooru. All of these are automatically considered controversial because they were never categorized during those years.
It also allows access to new works that have similarly controversial tags such as

This group will give you access to anthropomorphized fluffies; That is, Fluffies that walk on two long legs and have body proportions more similar to humans.
Note that there is a specific subcategory that requires membership in both @Anthro and @Controversial to view and take part in.

To see people posting their personal blogs, personal updates, memes, and general bullshittery, one can join this group.

This group gives you access to subcategories that are primarily fixated on LGBT fluffies, and their stories/art

The remainder of our groups do not open other categories of the website. They are optional things that may give you a new icon to designate yourself, or that may have special effects when browsing the website.

This group will literally make spiders crawl around on your screen.


To get your icon, set any of these as your Flair in your Account Preferences

Rather than dumping everything into one central place, FluffyCommunity is sorted into categories.
These include
#image-self-posting for creators who are posting their own fluffy art that isn’t particularly controversial
This Category has a Controversial subcategory that can be accessed by joining @Controversial
and an LGBT subcategory that can be accessed by joining @LGBT

#text-self-posting for writers who are posting their own fluffy stories that are not delving into controversial topics
This Category also has a Controversial subcategory that can be accessed by joining @Controversial
and an LGBT subcategory that can be accessed by joining @LGBT

#images-by-others These are reposts of fluffy art from other websites, (mainly Fluffybooru) and are accessed by joining @Controversial

#text-by-others These are reposts of fluffy stories from other websites, (mainly Fluffybooru) and are accessed by joining @Controversial

#artisan-crafts For physical fluffy art such as clay figures, plushes, knitted creations, or baked goods

#community-posts For asking questions about fluffies, getting new ideas for stories, or putting your own ideas out there because you don’t have the time or skill to make them happen

#fluffy-games For links to any fluffy games that can be found online, updates on fluffy games that are in development, discussion of potential fluffy games that could be developed, or recruiting help for your own fluffy game.

#shitposting-and-personal is for personal blogs, memes, updates, works in progress, non-fluffy art…most anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere.
To view these posts, join @Shitposts-and-Personal_Posts

#site-feedback For reporting errors on FluffyCommunity, or requesting changes to the website’s settings.

Muting Tags
You are able to mute specific tags that you never want to see
This is done in your Tag Preferences

Ignoring People
Simply can’t stand a specific person and don’t want to see their comments/works?
Muting or Ignoring of specific users can be done from your User Preferences

Select your own level of involvement.
Tailor your experience to exactly what you want it to be.


Links to a few other useful posts:

Website Rules
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Fluffspeak Primer by Fey
Chronological gallery search
Custom Font Tutorial


Maybe this thing should be pinned permanently to the front page where everybody can find it ?

Well, it’s in the FAQ, that’s about the most permanent place we can have it.


Everyone has a link to the FAQ on the menu where you select your theme. (Three horizontal lines, upper right, next to your profile picture)