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Lately I have moved away from the page, it has been difficult days, very unmotivated to draw, I really do not know what to do with my life, because sometimes I feel that I would like to kill myself to feel free and happy. I really want to die, but for some reason, I want to finish a little project before doing it. thanks to all those who have liked my art, I promise to present you an artwork soon. I love.


Oh god @staff this might concern you guys


Hey, how about you do us a favor, as a community, and call this number quick. Just a short chat, you know, it’ll make us happy.



Dude, please don’t do anything rash.

Please, seek help, don’t give up.

Not only for yourself, but for everyone who cares about you.


Please don’t do anything you will regret. Suicide is never the answer.


Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.

In the case of every suicide survivor, they say they regretted following through with it immediately; be it pulling the trigger, ingesting the chemical, or jumping off the tall place.

Most of these survivors end up crippling or maiming themselves for the rest of their lives, but even then, they rather a life of disability than the oblivion of death.

These are just words on a webpage. They may not be convincing to you in your dark hour. Call the number and hear them from however number of voices you need to. It won’t make the pain stop, but they’ll do their best to lend you the mental strength to persevere until it does.

Godspeed. I hope you make the right choice at this fork in your fate.


Sadly, this is a fairly common problem, in our community.
Hell, I was suicidal when I first found fluffies, three years ago. Odd as it might seem, fluffies are what pulled me out of that downward spiral.
And that’s part of why I’ve given back so much to the community.
So believe me when I say that I do understand.
And as cliche’ as it might sound right now, there’s no good reason to choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem.


I come to you as someone you can vent to, as someone who has been there. I may not have acted on those thoughts, however I did ask my parents to put me in a mental hospital for my own safety when I hit my lowest point.

Our stories are full of twists and turns and it may feel like no one is there with us to stand by us while we navigate those paths. However if we look around its more often than not that those people that we look for are there, just maybe not in person. A lot of us here in this community are willing to help or at least be a shoulder to cry on, to be someone to talk to, and I offer myself as someone you can come to.

Its not worth blowing out the candle to solve the issues you have now, as they will go away. Its best to make decisions when you’re in a better headspace and able to think clearly, as you’ll most likely regret the ones you make now; i did…


I’ve been there too bro. You’re looking for an escape, recognize what specifically you want to excape from and cut that out of your life. If ceasing to exist is starting to look good then you have nothing to lose from making changes in your life, whatever they may be.


It’s brother yells at her to stop hang around and then she gets down and slaps him

Wrong place to being making jokes. Did you read the message?


Yeah maybe I shouldn’t have

Also don’t kill your self trust me I have been there and there is something at the end that’s worth it

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Honestly, the universe won’t care, some people will feel sad, some people will ask why, but in end it’s your choice.

Death is absolute, from the moment we are born we struggle to stay alive, we struggle to live, and we struggle to be comfortable. Problem is, once we are comfortable with life it becomes a struggle to maintain the feelings we want. (I.e. happiness)

All I can say is that to live is to suffer, there is no suffering in death.

Go for it if you want, but I expect your requiem to be amazing.

Good luck.

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Why are people posting about suicide in a community about retarded pig horse hamsters?

Slightly less ones choice if one is going bonkers.

Oh, this again.
In addition to all the other sensible advice given, as far as what little has been revealed of you on this forum,may I say taking that option would be a waste of potentially artistic potential?