Fluffy Trap (artist_jberg360)

fluffy trap
Another early work. Not many left to post before I have to start making new stuff. Check your traps often.


A simple, but pretty brutal trap when you think about it. The mother is left dangling out of reach and can only watch as her foals expire from the cold or starvation.

Or maybe the all the blood flowing to her head kills her way beforehand lmao.


As long as it not placed within the grounds of housing estates or the likes. It is usually not permitted to feed birds and other animals within the premises. :wink:

Any time I see a rope trap like this I think of the first season Simpsons episode where Homer and Bart are trying to “live off the land”, and Homer builds a snare like this one. It actually catches a small woodland critter, and promptly acts like a trebuchet, hurling said critter miles away. Its one of my favorite jokes, though I can’t do it justice.

Anyway, imagine the fluffy flying across the land, screaming and crapping like a shitrocket.


I knew exactly the scene once you mentioned the Simpsons
Classic comedy.


Hahaha oh man, so good. Especially if you’re not expecting it.

Funny how “off” Bart and Homer look here, they are much more obviously Groening characters than in later seasons. And the show was darker (or at least less subtle), I don’t think Bart would make that suicide joke after, say, season two.

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RIP Cartoon Rabbit
(1990 - 1990)


she seems to have passed out from the sudden shock or she would just never shut the fuck up.