Fluffy Tarot V (That Welc)

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Three in a row! They’re all great.

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The texture really makes these pop

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The Empress: A representation of matriarchy. She embodies all the traits of a royal queen, but the motherly aspects that it also holds. Creation, femininity, maternal aspects, beauty, and abundance.

Reversed: When reversed, this turns into self-love, caring for yourself, self-criticism, and co-dependency.

Death: The end. That’s what we assume, but death and life are hand in hand. Without death to cleanse the old, we cannot have new life come in. As such, it is about transformation and rebirth. Like the phoenix, it dies only to be born again anew. And this is wanted.

In a lighter sense, it isn’t physical death. After all, it isn’t the end of our Fool’s journey. It is a sign that something is about to end: a job, relationship, or something else. It doesn’t mean that it won’t hurt, but you’ll survive it. For the Death in Tarot, it comes to those that wish for it and this death is not threatening.

Reversed: You’re fighting against it, the need to change is strong, but you’re afraid of what it brings. It is a struggle, the need to start anew, but the fear of uncertainty it brings. For those who overcome the fear, they become stronger, they change themselves and while it is less of an external change, it is you shaping who you are. This way, you must bring it upon yourself instead of expecting something else to do it for you. A great transformation awaits you if you allow it.

The Devil: The Devil is about seduction, temptation, and loss of control. You’re under the thrall of the material world, and all its temptations. Drugs, sex, money, food, or liquor. It is a slippery slope, and you’re now chained to the beast. Overabundance of luxury. Living in fear. It can also mean hedonism and the darker aspects of yourself. The id.

Reversed: Breaking self-imposed limitations, exploring the more darker side of yourself, detachment. Hiding from yourself.