Fluffy Space Program — part 4 (starfellstudios)

“All fluffies may now leave their seats and roam about the ship until proper instructions are given.” A robotic voice echoed around the room. The camera attached to Fluffernutter lifted, as though the yellow fluffy perked up.

“C-can Boba hab huggies nao?” The earth fluffy asked, presumably to Azazel.

Fluffernutter looked back at me. She had finished her spaghetti and was now calmly sitting on the desk. “Can Fwuffynutty hab huggies?”

”Of course you can.” I gave her a hug and we continued watching the recording.

The view shifted as Fluffernutter leapt out of the seat. She slowly floated down and landed on the ground, legs spread out in terror. “Fwuffynutty… Fwy?” Prisma looked at Fluffernutter.

“Fwuffies can fwy!?” The fluffies stopped chatting and looked at the confused and surprised Prisma.

“Cwystaw wan fwy!” Fluffernutter turned, and the camera followed. Crystal jumped out of her seat, buzzing her wings as she soared a good seven fluffies length ahead. She landed majestically on the ground to the awe of the other fluffies.

“Cwystaw am gu fwy fwuffy, buht Peppew am bettah!” The grey pegasus clambers to the top back of the seat and leaps.

“Artificial gravity in T minus three seconds.” A robotic voice states.

“Gwabity? Wut am gwabity?” Pepper looked around as he soared across the room, beating Crystal’s flight ‘record’ by about two fluffies length.

Suddenly, the weightlessness that everyone felt was suddenly removed as the artificial gravity came on. Epic, who was standing on top of a seat to possibly also fly, slid off the top and landed on her side.

“All fluffies head to the communication room for the mission debrief.” The robotic voice stated.

“Otay evwyfwuffy, fowwow Pwisma!” The alicorn began marching to a door at the end of the room. Fluffernutter followed. She looked back at the other fluffies, following the leader. The herd of ten waddled down a hall and into a room with a large screen and a control panel with four colored buttons on it. Prisma pushed the blue button and a view of Fluffernutter’s daddy and a few other humans popped up. The group of fluffies sat down all around the room.

”Daddeh! Dat am ou!” Fluffernutter bounced up and down.

”Yes! It is me!”

“Oh good, everything works. Hi Fluffernutter!”

“Hai daddeh!” Fluffernutter waved at the screen.”

“Suw, fwuffies hab awwibed safwey in da stawwy pwace. Wut am ou owdews?”

“I will start with a roll call, then tell you all what you need to know.” The me in the recording coughed into his hand. “Prisma.”



“Fwuffynutty am hewe, daddeh!”






“Peppew hewe.”




“Hewe, Fwuffynutty’s daddeh.”


“Azazew am hewe!”




There was silence.

“Bubbles?” By now the fluffies in the room were looking around for their missing friend.

“Whewe am Bubbwes?” Prisma asked the other fluffies. After being answered with a grand total of nothing she shook her fluffy little head. “Suw, Pwisma awweady nu da misson, shood Pwisma gu fine Bubbwes?”

“Yes, Prisma. Go find Bubbles. She probably wandered off somewhere, maybe she saw a pretty light.” Prisma nodded, got up, and left the room.

“Siwwy Bubbwes, Citwus nu Bubbwes woud do dat!”

“Now now, be nice Citrus. Anyway, the mission is simple…”