Fluffy Space Program — part 2 (starfellstudios)

The only partially functioning spacecraft landed on the launchpad. It was a wonder the autopilot still worked. Once the ship was safe to board and the light above the entrance door flashed green to indicate it was safe to enter, I ran towards it. I had to find a fluffy survivor. Just one would be enough to tell what happened, to share why and what went wrong. The door slid open, revealing a single yellow unicorn fluffy. She was shivering and whimpering. The fluffy looked up at me, and instantly her face lit up.

“Daddeh! Fwuffynutty su happeh to see ‘ou! Fwuffynutties fwiends am forebah sweepies… Nu am gud weadew… Huu huu huu…” Fluffernutter’s eyes filled with tears. I bent down to take her helmet off and pat her ruffled mane. She was very upset.

It would be hard getting answers out of this crying fluffy, but there were other ways of finding out. You and your team of engineers built recording systems of what the fluffy sees and their vitals into the suit. The fluffies themselves didn’t know about the recording system. Removing the cartridge containing valuable information from a slot in her suit, you waved over a few of your cohorts.

“Hey guys. I want you to go into the ship and look for fluffies, alive or dead. Please bring them to me. I’ll be in my office.” They nodded and went into the ship. You looked back at Fluffernutter. “Hey buddy, how’s about I get you some spaghetti and then you can tell me what happened?” She sniffled.

“F-Fwuffynutty wood wike dat…”


“What the hell happened here?”