Fluffy rainbow dash as Sh*t factory (by:Tyndalo8825)



even the good colored one was not spared


I mean hey at least he explained his reasoning


A classic employee who hates his job won’t notice if they are good or bad colors lol


@Cecona @Tyndalo8825
Plus, blue is kinda close to a green, it’s not an alicorn, and there are no signs of it having the rainbow mane/tail its mother has.


1: that specific blue from a rainbow dash fluffy wouldn’t be mistaken for green, blue is not considered a poopy color
2: If you look at the splatted head of the blue foal there is a point that could very well have been a horn.
3: Even if it was just a Pegasus, they are too young to know what their mane and tail color could be. None of the foals have a secondary color yet.

  1. “blue is not considered a poopy color” depends on the headcanon.
  2. Could just be the shape of its crushed head, but I well give you that one.
  3. You’re not wrong, looking at the mom, I can see the nub I thought was a tail, is just a nub.

Assuming the blue one was an alicorn, the mess looks too small for a human boot and no treadmarks, so guessing the mare crushed the only one in the litter of any value. Might be why the employee is taking their time torturing the remaining foals instead of just snapping their necks and dumping them.


The poopy one is going to go out doing what it loves: drinking milk.


Crush em alll!!!


Well, considering the other babbehs legit have shit colors, the blue one probably reminded him of, uh… Idk, the fucking shit factory that produces them? Obviously, she would get attached to that one instead of focusing on her job to produce good color foals all around, so boot go stompy stompy stomp.

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I do love me some stomped flat foal content.

(Sometime I need to commission a piece where a feral mummah in an alley is desperately asking “WHEA BABBEHS?” because she doesn’t recognize her six foals after they’ve all been stomped to pancakes, big boot prints on all their carcasses.)

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Is… is that piss coming from the vagina? Do people still think that’s a thing?

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Since the urethra is in the vagina, it would be rare for it to come out from the other side :sweat_smile::rofl:

@FluffiesAreFood It would be interesting to have such a commission but I do not yet consider it to be of sufficient quality to make commissions. :sweat_smile:

oh sweetie no
that’s not… that’s not accurate at all
please take an anatomy class lmao

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Noted on my to-do list

Hey, if it’s abuse, categorize it under abuse, lad. I know you had foal-abuse but you should tag it as regular ol’ abuse too anyway.

The only one that live is a brow foal, even the blue one killed he before that one.

Is the nursing brown last or being spared?

It’s the last one