Fluffy practice (By Axestraddler)

IMG_20210224_174736__01 Hopefully this is a little better than my last attempt. Always looking for constructive criticism, too.


It’s very well done although it gives the sensation that it’s staring at the abyss


I don’t like how it stares at me


Oh don’t worry, it isn’t, it stares at your soul


pov ur sketties

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Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a dolls eyes…

I’ll never go to Cleveland again.

Jokes aside, well done, very detailed if albeit a little unsettling in a “Thousand yard state” kind of way, but you can always spin that in some way shape or form into the Fluffies personality.

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It’s really well done, and I mean the best when I tell you this, but it’s kinda creepy. Try scooting the eyes toward the outer edges of the face a bit–fluffies are prey, not predators. They shouldn’t have such front facing eyes.

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