Fluffy Game Ideas (from: SqueakyFriend)

That sounds like a fun one. I can sort of picture an animated fluffy helper in the background with some text balloon tips and maybe some commentary if the player makes a mistake. “Nuuu! Nu put poopie babbehs in gud babbeh tubesies, dummeh!”

What’s important is that it’s something you enjoy working on, the way this community works people will forget it after a month, so you gotta get some self satisfaction from it.

I’d like to see more of Fluffy Life. It’s adorable, and with simple graphics and gameplay seems like a reasonable workload to take on. And with all the funny deaths to find it kinda doubles as the 1. on the list too. :smile:

ps. Whatever you do, don’t feel guilty if you feel like dropping the project at any point. Your art is irreplaceable, so just don’t disappear like so many game developers before, okay?

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