Fluffing Off - Post-Phallum Depression (By Thk)

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(Last on Mon April 4 2002 @ 15:12)

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_____\v>Good Breeder Stress Relief-5lyrlizzbean-2-23-01
___________POS nuggetbyte22 is FOS, can be a good breeder+have fun.
___________ Can’t stress moms, can troll dads. Wanting to die won’t make his
___________ cum cause stillbrths. Momfluff puts babies in a box, told bd clrs
___________ protect gd clrs+monsters eat Alis. Can have new when old gone.
___________ Give box to dad. Time limit to put in lil chute. If he gives bd
___________ clrs n Alis 1st say they made it, monsters eat gd bbs. If gd bbs
___________ 1st monster eats them. Punish, emasc. Put dad in, fxck mom.
___________ Tell him mom can’t make gd bbs if sad. Tell her he huu from
___________ happy. If dad tells truth zap him and swap breed pairs. Happy
___________ mom=gd bbs= $$$, sad dad= >;D (/).
___________ Use ppys 2 attract ferals, nab gd clrs+missing domests w/rewards
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