Fishfluffy Idea (by: Pyshka)

Quick Note: I’m using “fishfluffy” instead of “seafluffy” or “aquafluffy” to differentiate them from the more beaver/manatee/seal-like seafluffies. I headcanon that both types exist since I like both ideas.

So I thought of this idea after browsing the fish section at my local pet store.

Basically, store fishfluffies are divided into different categories similarly to their land counterparts, but with a fish-inspired twist.
There are fancy and feeder fishfluffies.

Fancy fishfluffies are the ones intended to be sold as pets, and have better tank conditions in the store. They are stored a few at a time, and often have fluffy-safe toys and decorations in their tanks for their enrichment.
Fancy fishfluffies, similarly to their land counterparts and to most real life fancy fish, are vibrantly colored and often have horns, wing-fins, or differently shaped tails.

Feeder fishfluffies, on the other hand, are the ones intended to be sold as food for other pets. They are stored in bulk, crammed into a single tank without any enrichment items at all. Disease runs rampant among feeders, and dead fishfluffies are often seen at the bottom of their tanks.
Appearance-wise, feeder fishfluffies tend to have dull (or “poopie”) colors such as brown or greenish gray, and hardly ever have any kind of desirable mutations.