finished fluffy sketch by axestraddler

Didn’t turn out exactly as I had wanted but, it looks okay. I feel like I’m finally nailing down the look of my fluffies.


her void eyes scare me
but the drawing is nice xD


The eyes on all my fluffies wind up a little… creepy, I guess? I’ve been told it’s because they’re too forward facing, giving the fluffy a more prederatory look, but I’m really going for stuffed animal, so I may have to make them a bit more wide set.

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Nicely done love the shade :ok_hand:

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Thank you! Your compliments always mean a lot, as I’m a big fan of the comics you post here.

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Nice fluff detail
Also, I love the eyes


Thank you! It was fun to get back to drawing. Thinking about doing a colour piece soon, but they aren’t really my forte.

It’s very nice art, but the face seems more like a mask than a face to me for some reason. Maybe because it doesn’t seem to have as much fluff on the face?

I like it, but it seems a bit off in just the face to me, like it’s smooth skin instead of fluff.

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Thanks! I’ll have to try to better convey that the fluff on the face is just thinner, shorter and finer than in the rest of the body on the next one for sure.

Edit: could also be because the face is a different colour/shade than the body, so she looks a little like a :clown_face:

Finished it after all I see.
I think it looks great.
And to me her face doesn’t really look like a mask, more like she is paying attention to something with intent.

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Thanks! Although I have to say the shave face fluffy/masked fluffy comment has given me ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:

A jason type fluffy with a hockey mask and machette ?
Or a fluffy that takes it own face off like a mask ?

The Jason one, although minus the machete. I just think it would be fun to explore a fluffy accidentally scaring all his fluffy friends on Halloween, and being real cut up about it. The other idea was just a quick comic about a fluffy who needs to have his face shaved clean of fluff.

I think both would work.
( i generally go straight, for straight up horror my art style works better that way.)

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I can absolutely see how a fluffy Jason would work in your style. Would you have him killing people, or fluffies, though?

As a side note I’m working on another image before starting either of those ideas, this one in a pointillism/impressionist-esque style, full colour.

Fluffies most likely, Rambo wields a chainsaw as a gag.
I thought a fluffy with a chainsaw would be funny, his chainsaw is a foam one …usually anyway .

For some reason i now have a mental image of a picasso esque fluffie going why “fwuffy shouldews huwt” ?

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I fucking love that concept. I cannot stress enough how much I need Picasso fluffies in my life now. Honestly would love to see fluffies in the styles of various famous and historic artists.

Uh, you are welcome ?
It would be pretty hard to emulate them though.

Van Gogh’s the fluffy eaters, fluffies eating low grade kibble.

Pollock fluffies : some red splatter on canvas, cause a fluffies life is pain.

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Very nice, very evil… :+1:t3:

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Good shading! I like the line and the drawing.

By the way, when I started here I also received constant comments that my fluffys had a particular or very human face, and with time and practice you will be able to reflect them as you imagine them :wink:

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