Fear & Dewight Part 2. [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Burger bag in tow, Magnum made his way back to the grove. He had just seen the face of the Hoomin who had hurt his Special Friend. He wanted to be angry, but stopping just inches away from the entrance to the grove, Magnum looked down at the ground and let out a soft ‘Huu-huu’ knowing how weak he was compared to Hoomins.

Hoomins could ride Metal Munstas, they had Hoomin Magic to make boo-boos go away. They even had ways to fly like chirpy friends…

After the second of emotion Magnum allowed himself to have, he sniffled, grabbed the bag, and made his way thru the prickly bush.

Magnum, now reaching the Nestie, heard a beautiful song coming from the Entrance.

“Mumma wub babbehs, babbehs wub mumma!”
“Mummah hab wots of miwkies and huggies fow babbehs!”
“Hmmmmm, hhmmmm, cooooo.”
“Cooo, hhmmm, hmmm.”

Magnum letting the song drift off into light hums and coos , entered the nestie, greeting his Special friend with a nice bounty of a Cold Quarter Pounder, a Medium sized Fry, and a 4 piece of Nuggets. it was a great bounty Magnum had brought for his Lover. And she was so proud of him for it.

“Wowies! su much nummies! gud job speshuw fwend! Soon-Mummah Baiwey su pwoud of ‘ou! Gon’ hab su much miwkies fo’ tummy babbehs!” Bailey said, hugging Magnum with all her might. "It am nu big deaw… How tummy babbehs doin’ speshuw fwend? Magnum said, ripping the box that held the Burger apart. "Dey gud, dey gud… Magnum otay’? Bailey shot back.

Bailey could see the lines of wet fluff matted down around his eyes. Magnum had been crying but he couldn’t let her know about what. “Yus Magnum am otay’… Just um… Thinkin’ about’ names fo’ uh-… Tummy babbehs! yeah! Das aww!” Bailey looked at her partner and shrugged, Bailey had full faith in her Special Friend, if that’s what he said he was doing, that’s what he was doing.

as they couple partook in the meal, the light of the afternoon had faded into dusk. As the sun sank below the big hilly-things, Magnum closed the entrance to there nest. The Nestie was a large one, A mighty Oak, one that had been cut and its Trunk left behind to face the world alone. a Large hole left open by nature or some other wild animal had made a perfect home for the two expecting Parents.

Magnum moved a Large piece of Peeled Bark from the inside of the nest, and laid it over the exposed hole of the home. It was all he could use as a door, so it made do. After he found it safe to leave the close cover unattended, he made his way back to Bailey, The Soon-Mummah now asleep.

Magnum waddled over her, plopped himself down, and closed his eyes. As he drifted off into sleep, he thought about what the Meanie Hoomin said. ‘… One of them, Carolina, is being very good…’ Did Bailey have other babbehs he didn’t know about? Did she have another special friend?

Thoughts only fit for a Sleeping Concerned Fluffy Stallion.

Nights turned to days, days to weeks… The sun was high, and Magnum was coming back from another successful nummie hunt. This weeks feast? a half eaten Salad and a Container full of Cold fries…


Magnum waddled into the nest to find Bailey fatter than ever, not because she was overeating, she was close to the miracle of Birth. Magnum was very clingy for these parts. He loved his family, and his soon-to-be-babbehs, The only problem was that Magnum wasn’t the smartest Fluffer in the meat-grinder.

At one point, Magnum almost hit Bailey’s Stomach because she kept saying “Why Tummeh Babbehs huwt Mummah? Am gud Mummah! Baiwey am gud!” Realizing his misunderstanding, he kept to defending Bailey, and finding Nummies, not wanting to hurt her, or their Babbehs.

As the couple partook in the Soggy fries and the Salad, Bailey’s Eyes bulged! Her mouth shot agape screaming! “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BIGPOOPBIGGES’ POOPIES BIGBIGBIGPOOPIES!!!”

Magnum, confused and a little freaked out at how loud Bailey had yelled, came to her side and tried to comfort her. “It am otay speshuw fwend! Bigges’ Poopies mean Babbehs! Babbehs am Co-” was all he could get out before Bailey swatted at Magnums Nose. “KNOW DAT MAGNUM! JUS’ HEWP AWWEADY! BABBEHS GIBBEN SU MANNY HUWTIES!!!”

Magnum, now in full dad mode, rand behind Bailey, biting the Fluff from her Special Place off, he plopped down and made himself ready for the Babbehs.

Magnum’s face was a mix of joy and pure disgust. Normal Fluffy Foals when born were small, and passed thru the mother quite easily, unless the special place hair wasn’t removed.

But Fluffer Foals were… A tad bigger. The first foal plopped out of Bailey, and as Magnum caught it Bailey let out a strange noise. “NNNNUUUOUGH!!!” Magnum had never heard that noise before, and was thusly, scared shit-less. The mare repeated the process for two more Babbehs, and once the deed was done, Bailey felt a sharp pain thru her entire backside. Not saying a word, she trued to turn to see her special friend, to see there beautiful babbehs.

The babbehs were all peeping and grunting, as Magnum hugged them tightly. “B-… Babbehs?” Bailey now wobbly from the birth. “W-why back weggies n-nu wowk?”

Bailey’s breathing had become light huffs, she had lost a lot of blood during the birth, Magnum handed each of the Babies over to his Special Friend, and looked on in sadness. She wasn’t going to make it. Normal Fluffies were far too small for Fluffers, and Bailey was even smaller than most. Her back leggies were limp, her milkie places being suckled for every drop the first two could drink, when they had there fill, the third came and suckled the rest, enjoying what was left.

Bailey looked down at the three Babies she had just brought into this world. All three were Fluffers like there Daddeh. The first, had a Black Coat. “haff haff haff… 'Ou… 'Ou am… Stowm… W-wuv Stowm…” Bailey said, shaking like a leaf. The wound the Three had made had cause a large tear to appear along the bttom of her teats, lood coating the floor below her.

As Bailey handed Storm to Magnum, he began to cry, Bailey’s arms became shaky, and tired. Bailey took the next foal into her arms. It was a Filly, and she was so pretty! She had a Lavender COllored Coat, graced with Tapir Styled Stripes along her back and rump. “Ou… A-am… S-Sandy! Cus 'ou c-covewed in diwt! Tee-hee! W-… Wuv S-Sandy!..”

This time as Bailey handed Sandy over to Magnum, she almost dropped her, she was passing out from the pain, the adrenaline of birth was begining to fade, she had lost quite a lot of blood from the births, it was only a matter of time now. “S-… Sandy am Pwettiest namesies ebah… Baiwey? Wha’ abou’ dis one?” Magnum said, holding the third babbeh in his arms.

The Final babbeh of the trio was a Colt, and had a Chocolate brown coat. Just like her Mother’s…

Magnum waited for a answer from his special friend. He patiently waited for her answer.

But none came.

Bailey had passed. The loss of blood and the tearing from the babies had cuased her to bleed out. Bailey’s eyes now lifeless, only stared at the foal in Magnum’s Arms. Mouth open, she slumped over in the pile of blood and nu-taste pwetty stuff.

“S-… Speshuw Fwend? Baiwey? B-… B-Baiwey?”

No response.

Magnum began to cry bullets, he was the worst Special Friend ever! He let Bailey die! He let her go Forever sweepies! Magnum wanted to cry, to grieve,

“W-… Wan D-!” Magnum began to say. His sadness was interrupted by his three children, all peeping and grunting away, finding each other blindly as they hugged together for warmth.

“M-Magnum stiww h-hab Babbehs… Magnum n-nee’ tu be s-stwong fow Babbehs…” He said, holding the Chocolate Colt in his arms. “S-stiww nee’ namesies… W-wha’ abou… W-Wocky?” The now named Rocky Peeped in a joyful agreement at his new name.

Setting the foals in there mother’s part of the nestie, Magnum steeled himself as he moved his beloved Bailey out of the nestie, and out of the grove. Far enough to keep Munstas away from his family. By the time he had realized it, he was a few feet from a long strip of Black Rock. The kind Metal Munstas ran across.

Magnum hugged his Special Friend one last time. “Wiww aways wuv 'ou Baiwey… Aways…” caressing her grey mane, hoping that the hug would make everything better. To his sadness, it did not.

Checking to see if the coast was clear, Magnum lightly dragged her onto the Black Rock, and left. Not turning back. He knew the Metal Munstas would num her. But then she would be helping their family by not leading Munstas around your nestie…

Bailey being gone, was best for their babbehs, But Magnum would always tell them about her, tell them how much she loved them, how much she cared.

Magnum, teary eyed, ran back to the grove, where losing his Special Friend Bailey, was not the last of his worries that Dawk Time.


Oh, shame.

I feel bad for Bailey. At least her last moments were with her family.

Now, how will Magnum feed his babies?


Well she’s part of the road now…


This is sad, Bailey having her second chance was good but due to the huge difference…:pensive:

Now Magnum need to find a mare for his babbehs… i wonder …that mare from before :thinking:


It was babies that got her into this mess, and now babies took her out if it. Guess Bailey was never meant to be a mummah.

Still, I suspect Magnum isn’t finished with death and loss just yet, now that he has three big foals and no-one to feed them


YES! That was the message i was trying to explain with Bailey!

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took “she belongs to the streets” a bit too literal


Sad Bailey got no redemption and then died from choosing the wrong species as a mate, even though it was a consensual relationship. Poor Magnum didn’t deserve this.

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Don’t worry, i have plans for Magnum and his Kiddies.