Fear & Dewight Part 1. [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Time moved so slowly when Bailey was around Magnum, She loved being in his presence and he loved to be in hers.

Magnum was a very kind Fluffer, at least to Bailey. He never raised his voice, never threatened her, there were a few occasions where Magnum had yelled, but it was in response to being called a Munsta, or Smarties trying to take Bailey away from him.

Bailey was so smitten by Magnum that the first chance she had, she told him her story, everything, her new Daddeh, her siblings, the Smarty trying to invade. All but the part of her… ‘Bad Enfies’ with Mambo. The story fell on concerned ears, that night Magnum hugged Bailey for the first time, Magnum’s Fluff was much tougher than hers, but the hug still felt so nice to Bailey.

Still being held in his arms, she sniffed the Fluffer’s Coat, its smelled of Boo-boo juice, of sweat and fighting, Bailey was always left alone when Magnum went to forage for food, and thanks to his size, he was always able to fend off other scavengers. She always had enough to eat when Magnum returned, she felt so bad for not being able to do much for him, but what could she do?

Compared to the bulk and mass of Magnum, Bailey was tiny. If she went to forage with Magnum, then no one would protect the nest, so she stayed, he always had Smarties come and demand things. They demand her, demand the nest, demand Magnum’s death…

Magnum only gave them crushed skulls and shattered dreams.

What could she do, what could she do?

as she stayed within the hug, she felt Magnum shuffle around in her arms. It wasn’t untill she felt something against her chest that she realized what she could do for him.

“B-Baiwey! M-Magnum su sowwy! n-no mean to get dat cwose! uh, Magnum weabe an’ get nummies!” Magnus said as he turned to leave the nestie. “Nu! W-wai…” Magnum stopped, and looked over seeing Bailey draw closer to him. “W-… Wan… M-Magnum w-wan b-be B-Baiwey’s Speshuw Fwend? N-Nu nee’ nummies yed…”

Magnum looked over the small Fluffy, she was giving off that smell… The kind that made any Fluffy go into a craze…

“M-Magnum w-wouwd wike dat… B-bewy much…”

Nearby the Nestie of Magnus and Bailey, walks a lone mother. Her 2 foals all decently full, and playing with a dirty tennis ball. The mother now looking around attentively scanning the her surroundings hears a strange noise.

“enfenfenfenfenfenfenfenfenfenfenf-” was heard throughout the grove. “oh fwuff, oh fwuff-fwuff-fwuff-fwuff-fwuff-fw-FWUFF!!!” Rang thru the trees, alerting the foals.

“M-Mummah… Wha’ dat?” the dirty White Alicorn asked. “sigh Dat… Dat am one wucky soon-mummah…” The mother said, now passign the ball back to her youngest, a Yellow Pegasus.

“Wucky Fwuffy…”

Magnus snuggled up to the VERY exhausted Bailey. “W-haff-Wuv Spes-haff-huw fwend!” Bailey laid there, sprawled out amongst the soft things that made her new nest. She had never felt like this before, she was partially scared and partially satisfied. “W-… Wuv… M-ma-… Spes-…” Was all she could say before flopping her head down to rest.

As she laid in the nest, she felt a familiar sense of joy wash over her. She looked down with the last bit of her energy…

“T-…Tum-… Babbe-…” Bailey said, now passing out next to her new special friend.

With him around, she would be safe, with him around she’d have food… She loved her Speshuw Fwend.

The next morning went by as usual, Magnum nuzzled Bailey awake to see the sunrise together. Then Magnum left to go get Nummies for you. It felt like heaven, no hurties, no munstas, she felt… Happy!

As Magnus trudged thru the grove, he had so many thoughts pass thru his head, but one among them stood clean as day!

‘He was going to be a Daddeh!’

Magnus left the Grove thru his usual exit, a medium sized hole in a rather prickly bush. It didn’t pay him much mind, but other things like Bawkie-Munstas hated it. Some Meow-Munstas too.

As he made his way towards the city the usual chain of events would happen.

  • Magnum would find a Smarty
  • Smarty would try to make you his Toughie
  • Magnum would kill him
  • Find Nummies nearby

It was as simple as that. Today was a bit special however, the Smarty in question was a Familiar face! The White Unicorn he had absolutely destroyed, Snowy.

“Oh… 'Ou stiww nu foweba sweepies yet?” Magnum asked the still very broken Unicorn. “Nu… Nu foweba sweepies yet… Jus’ been waitin’…”

“Fow wha’? Sky Daddeh gibe 'ou 'ouwe weggies back?” Magnum snorted to himself. “Nu… Not Sky-Daddeh… Fow… Fow dat…” Snowy said, a Grin now growing around his face.

Magnum, before he could ask what, was struck in the side by something pointy. Thankfully, not something sharp. Magnum looked over and saw two new Toughies, or maybe a Smarty and his Toughie. They were, surprise surprise, Much too weak to actually hurt you.

You turned at them and gave a hearty buck, launching the first Fluffy, a Grey Unicorn with an Orange mane, into the dumpster that Snowy was hiding behind. The other Unicorn was thrown just as far, but only hit the floor, where he complained about floor hurties…

“Dummehs weawwy twy tu huwt Magnum? See wha’ du tu Dummeh Snowy? ‘OU WAN’ DAT?!” Magnum roared at the two idiots. Without responding, they turned and flead, cries of “NU WAN’ FOWEBA SWEEPIES!” and “MUNSTA HUWT FWUFFIES! NEE’ MUMMAH!” rang out thru the familiar alley-way. “Hehe, AN’ STAY OU’!” With that, Magnum turned his attention to the still very broken Snowy.

Snowy, broken both in soul and in body, simply cried to himself. “w-wan… W-wan d-die.”

With the idiots defeated, Magnum looked around for some food to bring back to his Speshuw Fwend, all while letting the Dummeh Snowy cry.

“Oh! Buwgah Nummies! Dey su gud! Be pewfect fo’ Baiwey’s Tummeh Babbehs!” Magnum said, grabbing a massive bag of McDonald’s that was thrown away, all because the Burger had too much Ketchup.

“Did you say Bailey?” Magnum heard, turning to see a Hoomin with Red Head Fluff… Just like Bailey had described to him…

Every muscle tensed as Magnum saw the Hoomin, He was giant, with a kind expression that made Magnum want to ask for ‘Nyu Daddeh?’ But he somewhat knew of this Hoomin, at least he hoped he knew something about him.

“N-… Nu… Nu Know fwuffy name Baiwey… Onwy know Speshuw Fwend.” Magnum fibbed, hoping the Human was dumb enough to believe him. “Hmm… Okay… Well you tell your ‘Speshuw Fwend’ That I ment what I said… Her other babies are safe, and even have a home now…” The Human said as he opened up the dumpster with ease, tossing a large black baggie inside.

Magnum could have sworn that he had heard chirping.

“Well… Give my best to her… Know that one of them, Carolina, is being very good… Okay?” With that the Human turned and left back down the alley…

Magnum, not wanting to incur a Hoomin’s wrath, bolted back to the grove. Not hearing the Crying coming from the Trashy Place.

He didn’t even turn back to hear the garbage truck coming.

You are… Well you don’t have a name yet, your still a little baby! Your daddy let you play a game of Explorer! It was so much fun! Once you had finished the game, dad put you and your bruddas an’ sissys in a small nestie and put a pretty colored roof on it! He said you were going to a home where you belonged! It made you sad to leave your Daddeh, but Daddeh knows whats best!

It was dark now… You and your siblings were put into a baggie place, Daddeh said that you would all be OK, and that we had to be brave to get the Mummah hiding in the dawk! You wanted to be brave so you were first in! That made Daddeh sad, and even more sad when you cried out his name. “D-…Dad-deh? Peep! W-wuv! Wuv! Wuv Daddeh!”

That was the last time you saw your daddeh… It was cold now… All your siblings huddled together in your small nestie… It was getitng hard to bweave and one of your pretty sissys isn’t waking up no more…

As you laid your head down for the final time, you thought abou thow sad your daddeh was… How you only wanted to love him, and give him huggies… Did he think you were ugly?

Did… Did he think you were bad?

You began to hear some strange noise as it became a little bit brighter! You saw your other sisters and brothers! They were su pretty!

“Hey Joe? You hear that?” a voice said, from the darkness. “P-peep! Babbeh hewe! Peep! Peep! Hewp! Bwudda and Sissys nu feew gud! Peep!”

“Probably some fucking ferals, take em out and toss em at the wall or something, okay Phil? People know to use the red Bio-waste bins, lazy fuckers.” You peeped and chirped as loudly as you could to get the voices to help you! “Hewe! Babbehs hewe! Peep! Peep!” You didn’t even care about the meanie words the other voice was saying!

Finally, light shown in from the darkness, the man, you guessed was Phil, took your nestie, and looked at you. “Damn! really nice colors too! Why would no one want these little guys?”

“No one cares Phil, get over here and help finish the route!” The nice man who saved you set you down outside of the Dark place and left! “Wait! Nu weave babbehs! Peep! Pwease! Hewp! Chiwp!”

And with that, they were gone…

“B-… Babbehs?” a voice? A VOICE! “Hewp! Babbehs am hewe! Peep! Hewp! Hewp! Peep!”

“P-… Pwetty Babbehs… enfenfenf- Cum obah tu Snowy Babbehs! Gon’ hewp 'ou!” The fluffy said it wanted to help but… The way it looked at you made you scared!

You couldn’t find him at first, but… there! A Fluffy! He had white fur! The way he looked at your siblings made you scared and worried! “Hewp! Pwease! He-!” was all you could say before something picked you and your siblings nest up. “EEK! BAD UPSIES! NU WIKE! NU WIKE! PEEP!”

“M-m-m-munsta! Hewp Snowy! Hew-!” was all that was heard, as the stranger picked you up… Wait that’s no stranger! It was Daddeh! He came back! Yay!


“Eww… Gross, Fluffy Brains… Uh-OH! Im so glad you guys were okay! I dont know how you got in the trashie-uh-bag place!” He seemed so worried about you! About your siblings! He WAS going to take care of you! “So… Who’s ready to go home?” Daddeh asked. It wasn’t even a question! You and your siblings all cheeped and cried out happy things! “Daddeh sabe Babbehs! Wuv Daddeh! Wuv! Peep!”

“Daddy loves you too babies… Daddy loves you too… Man, Glad that whole ‘Dump-em-an’-Luv’ em thing worked!” You didn’t know what that meant, but you didn’t care! You then heard a weird beeping noise! It almost scared you, but Daddeh pulled out the beepie Munsta and opened it! "Yeah? About damn time! Okay should I pick them up? You’ll drop them off? Perfect! " The beepie thing goes back into Daddeh’s Nu-Fluff. “Hey guys! Guess what?” a Chorus of “Wha’ Daddeh” fill the Alley with life.

“Not only are you guys getting a nice warm home! But you guys are getting three new family members!”

He… He came back for you! He even said you’d get a warm home! A big Family! And even more on the way?!

You love Daddeh su muchies! You’ll love Daddeh Forever!


so i decided to keep the foals… sue me! I like babbehs…


So… he basically threw them in the garbage, then had a change of heart?


That’s the genius of it! Reverse Psychology… Kinda! By throwing the foals away, making them think he never wanted them, he could swoop in at the last second to save them! And since baby Fluffies are dumb as hell, they thought. “Hey! Daddy didn’t leave us! He saved us!” So they would Obviously love him more now.

Also more will be explained in the next part to explain more of it.


Good thing he changed his mind, He could earn a few bucks.


if he wasn’t already well off, he would have absolutely left the foals to die slowly, he would have hated it but he would.


Damn, he really can be callous. What did they do to him?


he holds a bit of resentment towards them because they are Bailey’s and Mambo’s bad enffy babies.


Oh come the fuck on, it’s not like they asked for it. He could have fetus deletus’d them with some parsley, if that is a thing in your HC.

I want to BONK him so bad after this.


NGL, I loled.


Oh, it’s nothing new, but I thought it would be… peculiarly applicable to this context.


Now he doesn’t even have the decency to stick to a punishment. NOW he decides to take them and make money off of them while leaving bailey to die? I hope his abuser side starts pushing through more, at least make it consistently mean.

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