Fanart: Nest of Chirpies [by: FallenAngel]

Original work by @Newb_ronswek

Base on this.



Awesome! Thanks!


Glad you like it :blush:


-Good looking nest with ronded edges
-big enough for 6 chirpies
-seems to be in a safe place
-good portion of the nest in the shade. So chirpies can get some sun if they need to but can go to the other part of the nest to cool down

My complements to the fluffy architect.




I love it! Such a happy little nestie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Highly unrealistic the anicorn not being the nest.


That’s a really good mother not stomping the alicorn. And a white one too! Valuable as heck.


Oh boy, an alicorn in a feral litter, I wonder how this story ends.


No story just a fanart.


I mean like a metaphorical story. Like, I can guess what happens next.

I’m just surprised the foal is still alive. Maybe the mother is particularly dense and hasn’t noticed it.


Or just she loves all her babies.


It’s a feral dam, though. A house fluffy would probably have it drilled in that all babbehs are good babbehs, but a feral fluffy? Shit, some house fluffies still don’t like alicorns, no matter how many times you remind them that alicorns aren’t munstahs. Imagine what happens without a human to do so.


Seeing berries at an angle inside hollow while walking. “Ooo berries.”

Kneels down head against the wall outside as my arm stretches in. Feeling the edge of the nest I know im close to the berries and my hand grasps a plump round figure.


Depends heavily on their culture, if going by the interpretation that they can actually learn and adapt rather than the programming being a constant drum beat in their mind or emotional override.

If they can tolerate Fluffies they don’t like for mutual survival, they could ignore disgust.

There’s also the idea of natural selection pruning out some programming.

Eliminating half or more of a litter will severely reduce the chance of your genes spreading and proper treatment of all Fluffies greatly increases adoption chances by Hugboxers and breeders since dedicated Abusers have no selection modifiers. So any Fluffy that has reduced or lost the will to neglect or purge will do better at passing on genes.

Plus the idea of breeds. The strength of various negative traits being due to different programming in different breeds, so the same universe can contain every version of Fluffy psychology presented in the community. The programming lineage of this Mare may just not have the genes to destroy Alicorns. Instead, to present them to humans first, or they just need to work out in their mind that it is indeed actually a Fluffy. Maybe they just think their baby is the first one to ever be like that, and when they see more Alicorns they assume those are the only ones like their special baby that have ever existed.


Yeah, in my headcanon fluffies are perfectly capable of growing beyond their bioprogramming, and accepting fluffies they would otherwise consider munstahs.

And humans are capable of personal growth and change, humans are capable of putting their primal “not Grug tribe grugs bad” instincts aside and accepting people of other races/religions/fill-in-the-blank.

But how many bigots do?


The idea I’m running with is that the instinct is there. Through a Fluffy’s life instructions are pressed into their mind from the programming nodule.

Dumb Fluffies are complacent, and just always obey it. Some commands are stronger than others, like Toughies obeying a Smarty until/unless the programming says they are one. Some breeds have stronger programming in some areas than others, most breeds have slightly different programming.

But they can always ignore it. The ones who survive more than two years, the age Fluffies were intended to he sold, often do to varying degrees. But experience matters too.

I’m contrasting a very young Fluff who’s so sweet and comes from a long long line of ferals that she treats her weak-compulsion programming like a bad Fluffy only she can hear and she treats like intrusive thoughts, a Smarty so defiant and stubborn as well as mildly traumatized he ignores most Smarty protocol and ended up slipping into a prototype framework that he obeys far more, a Fluffy who comes from a background and breed that makes her programming glitchy, and a young Fluffy who obeys her programming so to the letter that she has bizarre fits from confusion when compulsions contradict.


Yeah, they can, that’s my point. But you can give all your money away to the poor and become a Buddhist monk. You can strip yourself naked and cover your body with chocolate pudding, for no reason other than “because it’s Tuesday”. You can shoot a man, just to watch him die.

That doesn’t mean you will do any of those things, though. That’s what I’m getting at. That, and it’s easy to trust people who are different when you live in relatively safe circumstances. Someone who lives in a nice, peaceful neighborhood might say “oh, I don’t have a problem with black people, the Johnson family down the street are all so nice!” But someone living in a poor, crime-infested hellhole, someone who has been robbed or assaulted by black criminals in the past, might end up saying “Fuck niggers.” They end up becoming mistrustful of anyone different from them, because anyone different from them is a potential threat in their eyes. Or sometimes they hate them just because they’re different. Not saying I approve of racism, just that I make an effort to understand why it happens.

And it’s the same with fluffies, I reckon. A house fluffy who only knows other house fluffies, fluffies who are all well-behaved, will probably be more open-minded than a fluffy who grew up on the street and had to fight for scraps. They don’t see a reason to question the part of their bioprogramming that tells them alicorns are munstahs, because there are plenty of actual munstahs around. The fluffy can’t disregard a potential threat when there are so many actual threats around it.


Oh, I’m far from making them all innocent woobies.

Quite the opposite. Most are so dumb they can’t know the difference, because they were intended to be educated by humans (mostly humans on television) for the better part of two years.
The old Smarty-friend who dies at 24 and was the product of an experiment tracking how well a Fluffy with survival training would do compared to their kin is the smartest Fluffy I think I’ll write.

I kind of reversed it though. Ferals who live beyond the first year or are raised by Hugboxers experienced wiyh generations of Fluffies (or listen to them on youtube) are the best and ignore the most programming, domestics raised by folks who don’t learn from other Fluffy owners or just haven’t raised many before and young ferals raised by other young ferals are the worst behaved and adhere most to the impulses like they are objective truth.

The nastiest Hellgremlin is three months old, son of a three month old, son of a three month old, son of a domestic straight out of the breeder mill who was dumped outside because the owner didn’t know he was having anxiety poops due to the vacuum being next to the litterbox.


All I’m saying is, fluffies have equal potential for good and evil in them, same as us. They have the same potential for growth and change as us, because there’s a lot of us in them. But they aren’t obligated to choose good or evil, and they aren’t obligated to grow or change.

Just. Like. Us.