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I feel that I’ve sacrifices quality for quantity, so I won’t be posting until I draw something that I’m truly happy with.

Have a lovely day.


I have to say, your Llama-esque type fluffies are a nice refresher from stuff I’ve seen on the reddit. Keep it up!


It will def be worth the wait. Love your style!

And I just realized, your llama-fluffs rarely speak. What’s the intelligence level of your fluffies? Are they more on the beast/animal end so they rarely speak, or are they more composed calm creatures compared to the erratic and irrational fluffies and that’s why they rarely speak?

Just a random thought that popped in my head as I was going through your gallery.


I imagine them as more composed creatures, while still being rather simple. They do speak but not just for the sake of making noise, in the same way that when people are alone or even around others there are long pauses of silence that often take over.

I hope that doesn’t sound pretentious :confounded:

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