End-of-May Theme Week [003] ENDED! (I'm calling it this so nobody thinks the deadline in in June)

To begin, I would like to apologize for the confusion caused by my lack of a solid end date/time in the last theme week.
I resolve to fix this oversight, this month.
The end time for this theme week is June 1st 2021, Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time)
When the clock strikes 00:00 on June 1st, this theme week will come to an end.
This will be how we handle future theme weeks, as well.

And now for the fun part!

Your Theme… (should you choose to accept the challenge) …
was actually chosen thanks to our beloved @Carpdime, and their recent steampunk submission.
The inclusion of fluffy wings tickled me a lot, and led my mind down a lot of different paths.
It occurred to me that the idea of fluffies flying was both hilarious and terrifying.
So the theme is

Fluffies Take Flight

Show me what goes right
Show me what goes wrong.
Show me fluffies that love being in the skies,
or show me the ones that don’t enjoy their flight.
Some of the fluffies will land softly and walk away.
Some fluffies will crash hard, and wish they could crawl away.
Any of these things are valid entries.

We don’t care how they get into the air, we just want to see them fly.

We want images, comics, and written stories for this theme week. You could probably even figure out a way to make artisan crafts work for this theme. All mediums are welcome. All genres (boxes) are welcome, too.

All submissions will go before a board made up of our staff, and perhaps even some guest judges, to be voted upon.

The winner of the competition will have a special animated icon for a month, and a unique badge to keep forever.
(Our Reddit users will have a special user flair for a month)

Because I am recusing myself from voting for our grand prize winner, I will also be awarding a Curator’s Choice Award to one piece that stands out as an incredible submission.

I look forward to seeing how you make fluffies fly,
and also how you make them land.
Good Luck.

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Ooh! I’m excited about this theme


Yay! I can participate in this one! :smiley:


I’m excited to see what you create!


It could have been hugmas in may


It could have been shit on a plate, too.
But I don’t want either of those things.


I like this challenge a lot.

Unfortunately I don’t have any flying fluffy recipes.

I do however have FRYING fluffy recipes.


Frying is just Flying with an Asian accent.


Natural flying or rockets are allowed?


If the fluffy is airborne, it is allowed.
Throwing, catapulting, shooting, rocketing, launching, punting, gliding.
So long as it’s new, and the fluffy is flying, it will be accepted.


Do you think so little of your posters that the could not handle hugmas


No body want another hugmas fiasco, kids are stupid to follow rules.


I think hugmas was poorly conceived and poorly executed.
And the only person I can actually blame for allowing that to happen
is myself.
That will not happen again.


I forgot to ask for the last theme month but are multiple submissions ok? I have two strong ideas and I was just curious.


All the more reason for its redemption to dispel this new myth of division along genres


-fluffies flying
-Am a turbine


Yeah, we can accept multiple submissions.
They are probably going to be lumped together when the voting is done, but that might work in your favor.


oh it’s great to know. I got more than one too xD


Wish I could join. I just don’t know how to make my fluffies look in different positions. They can only aim left. :sweat_smile:
I wish everyone luck!