Drawing Age Chart (artist_jberg360)

age chart

How long it takes for your fluffies to grow will likely be different. Hell, even I don’t agree with this age chart anymore. Though I think fluffies would be able to age up quickly, freeing the mare to have more foals. Mice can have 5-10 litters a year, and guinea pigs can be weaned at 2 week (3 optimal).

This was more for a rough look to fluffies as they age and some behavior development.


Nearly useless limbs

You say that like they ever get more useful


Any depiction of the fluffy life cycle really needs to include a dead fluffy.

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This is super neat :heart:


Basically this but the average fluffy gets up to GWN size (on average) over the first year - if they live.

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I love this progression chart so much. It really shows how weak and helpless the babbehs are until they have a good layer of fluff on them.

I love how you draw fluffies


Small but developed is a euphemism for the unfortunately endowed huh @Stwumpo

Liked this a lot!