Don’t try this

So ummm hey guys Dr.Pandasaurs here and back to something a little funny story…

So umm as a fluffy scientist I make mistakes will this cost me an arm Literally and-…BEEF STOP PLAYING WITH THE ARM!!! Idc if it looks weird or not go back to your safe room!..Yes I will make the zucchini spaghetti just hold on!..

Sorry about that but as I was saying, I made a mistake by triggering a Large nerve in the fluffys Brain making it Smart as a human and well i took care of it with no problems but…I woke up hanging upside in my shed!! And the fucking fluffy laughed and laughed talking saying “Ah you woke up doc I see you fixed my brain and now I will make Sure every fluffy is smart!!” And after a second he was doing a speech and got pissed off something about limbs and cut my left arm off!

And so he was going to kill me by cutting my head off but Beef saved my life and used his horns stabbed him in the throat and flicked him away and turned the blade off and called 911 so…Don’t try to make a fluffy smart trust me!


also dont put ur dick in a electrical socket


Electrical cock and ball torture




What’s a fluffy’s brian?

The thing that stores Hasbio’s programming


Thanks for noticing!!

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The More You Know

This is the fantasy of slow people, that there is a simple magical trick to make them geniuses. It is cartoon logic, and when you wake up from the dream (or sober up from whatever narcotic you’re on) reality bitch slaps you hourly.
It gets tiresome having to bitch slap so many people.

Mhm I bet