Domestic and Feral Fluffys [By Larur]

Well, a few days ago I was thinking about an ArtistKun pic of a Domestic and a Feral Fluffy, plus a friend said a time ago something like “Feral Fluffys look so clean to be feral” (I don’t remember exactly how he said it, but it was something like that)

So I made this


You should have danced better. Then maybe someone would love you.


Ah, but five generations of feral life and you’ll have something respectable.


They both deserve to be paste at the bottom of my boots.


In my headcanon, a fluffy’s desire to be clean can overpower their instinctual fear of water if they’re dirty enough.

It can end with the fluffy managing to carefully bathe themselves in a stream, or the fluffy drowning. Depends on how deep and/or fast the stream is.


Has there ever been a story or comic where fluffy ponies treat ones whose coats aren’t in the best shape/very dirty as being lesser than themselves? As in, the point of the narrative is the psychological damage caused to those that come from harsher backgrounds? I know that the designated shit-eaters fall into the bottom rung of fluffy hierarchy (even if I’m not the biggest fan of this myself), as well as more muted or natural colors being seen as bad in some head canon, but I imagine that ones escaping from captivity might try to place themselves above ferals in social situations if they “feel pretty” more than many of their peers. Pretty easy way to start developing smarty syndrome, I think.

Seems like it could be a fun read, at any rate.


Writers that bother dealing with the differences between ferals and domestics always have the Stupid Neutral domestic just suffer from the Chaotic Evil feral using and abusing them, often that being the end or the setup for the human owner who is a Hugboxer taking the drill to some sexual organs.

I think I read one where the domestic was such an entitled asshole that they out-entitled the feral Smarty and became the new one. I recall thinking that it would be funny if they invaded their own yard by mistake, but I think the story just ended with the more spoiled fuck getting their way.


A whiny little shit who becomes the smarty of a herd only to get wrecked once they come back to reclaim their own yard sounds like a great time.




I was thinking more emasculation.

Back to being the cute doted on pet, embarrassed in front of the herd who accept being cherished pets.

Domestic is no longer called Smarty by anyone, and is pissed that his super badass feral horde all abandoned their desire to rape and consume flesh for chasing butterflies and chaste nose rubbing.


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That feral is perfect for some psychological experiments


You raise a good point; how long does it take a fluffy pony population to begin producing outside-ready fluffs, a la Maroon & his gang?


If ferals grew up in city area expect that, i think in the wild they get a chance to be better conditioned with grass and wild berries.

Yet both sides of survival depends on them.

Awesome and cute design


completely emotionally devastated, without hope to live

I don’t know why that phrasing is so funny to me.


Depends absolutely on the canon because so many people want Fluffies to be both ever-present in unlimited numbers literally everywhere and yet 100% guaranteed to die and take any offspring with them before there can ever be another generation.

I figure Fluffies were developed poorly in a manner similar to something like World Of Warcraft where teams were let loose with resources and half the time they wound up doing the same thing different ways while nobody was working on other parts at all. Different physical designs. Different programming builds. All mixed, becoming different breeds.
Factor in natural selection, intentional breeding done by humans, and knockoffs plus attempts to alter them, and you get the modern Fluffy which is alike sometimes only in their ability to create offspring together with varying degrees of survival at birth and defects.

Some breeds are prized in spite, or because of, their ability to snap their own neck on a sneeze, puke while swallowing and rupture their throat, or giggle themselves to death. Others are just basically badgers that look a bit like fat short horses and can actually outcompete all local species.

I set my canon anout 70 or whatever years after they were released, so the initial breeding separated out survivalist ferals from urban ferals from weak domestics and weaker fancy domestics. Lets say it took maybe ten generations of ferals to select out their most handicapping traits like inability to approach water and desire to cull most of their own offspring.

So ultimately its just a matter of how much ancestry they have that has Gold Plastic Syndrome and otherwise how smart the individual is. With some that have vastly unfair advantages like actual hooves or efficient-ish digestion.

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There’s two kinds of ferals in my head cannon. Urban and Country.

Country Ferals look a lot like domesticated fluffies, save several key distinct differences. There are no costum colors, no colors brighter than a olive green and none are overweight. Tuffy members are skilled in close quarters combat and they work together with a beta leader in terms of hunting. Alphas have to give discipline to the herd, wean out Smarties, and set up rules and roles within the herd. Nursing mares are mostly every mare; the Elder mares are teaching the newly grown up in how to take care of the children and help feed the herd. Beta leaders are those who work within the herd, giving out the tasks that the alpha have given to the herd. Everyone takes bathes in the flowing river that feeds the herd with water for drinking and uses it to help with food and crop growth.


domestic are always overweight
they have a good life and do nothing all day xD