Disgusting Feral by CardboardCuddler


Behold my first, awful Fluffy. To illustrate how bad it is, I was aiming for something cute. It became this, disgusting looking thing. Makes me sick.

Please tell me how to be better at art!

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That’s a pretty good first picture. Congratulations on getting started! :blush:
For improvements, I’d make the muzzle, the eyes and the ears bigger. Less empty space on the face makes it cuter. I’d also make the legs thicker, just enough to make it look more pudgy and clumsy. :smile:

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Good advice, thanks!


Your description of trying to be cute but ended up disgusting sums up this fandom

Def not bad for a first! I kinda dig the “drowned rat” look (though I agree it ain’t cute).

If you’re shooting for cute I’d do this:

  • Bigger Snout
  • Don’t show teeth unless it’s a huge grin or a ear-splitting screech
  • Big big pupils. Like 50% of the eye space.
  • Less random lines to show fluff. Makes him look scraggly (which may be usefull when you wanna draw an abused or neglected fluffy)
  • Fluffy outline should be smoother with less jutting “shoot off” lines. Makes the fluffy look spiky like or porcupine or really really dirty. Long elegant curving lines make a fluffy look well kempt and clean, especially on the mane and tail.

Seriously good for a first OC :smiley:

But honestly, considering this is a babbeh thanking a human for milkies (makes me think it’s been abandoned by it’s mummah for being a poopie babbeh), I think the scraggy, drown-rat look is VERY appropriate for this little guy. Big doe-eyes and a giganto “thank you” smile would def be enough to make him cute in this scenario.

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