Depression - By Hornlarry (Booru ID 40937)

Am green fluffy
Fluffy have name
Name am “Awaskan Funder Fuck”
Awaska for short.
Life with daddah in old housie
Daddah likes to smoke bong, all day long.
Daddah smokes green stinky stuff
Daddah gets giggles after, tickles Awaska
Sometimes Awaska think about strange thingies
Num lots of nummies
Like num nummies with daddah after smokies

One day, good thing happen
Daddah meet nyu mummah!
Mummah name Elsie
Elsie come visit Daddah and Awaska
Elsie smoke stinky green
Elsie giggle lots
Elsie sleep in daddah beddy
Daddah nu let Awaksa sleep in beddy
Have to sleep in fluffy bed, underneath daddah bed
Nu fair!

Awaska wake up in middle of night
Sound like daddah and Elsie have owwies!
Awaska look
It nu owwies, Daddah and Elsie have special huggies!
Awaska am su happy!
Awaska watch an give special huggies to daddahs slippers!
Daddah nu happy when find out :frowning:

Elsie live with daddah and Awaska now
Awaska am su happy!
Keep asking Elsie-mummah, when tummeh babbehs comin?
Elsie-mummah jus laugh and stroke Awaska

Elsie mummah makes nice cakies
Awaska WUV cakies, but daddah say nu for fluffies :frowning:
Mummah an daddah num cakies, with other hoomin friendies
Hoomins all laughing, then fall asleep
Awaska find cakie and eat one too
Fluffy feel like float on ceiling
Cakie expand fluffy mind outside time and space
Fluffy realise all thought merely function in universal matrix
Fluffy sleep for whole bright tiem

Elsie an daddah and fluffy go on holiday, to Fwowida!
Sit on beachies
Hav picnics
Dwink cocktails, with little umbrellas
Take photos
Fluffy allowed to eat in fancy restaurant
Mummah and daddah giv Sketties!
Awaska WUV sketties!
Awaksa wuv mummah an daddah sooo much!
When tummeh babbehs comin mummah?

Famiwy back home from holiday
Daddah get “job”
Awaska nu like daddah have job
Daddah am away lots and lots, working at job
Mummah am at home, play with Awaska
Miss daddah though
Daddah am work at job all the time
When daddah get home, only want sleepies
Daddah stroke Awaska, smoke bong, go to bed

Next bright time, Daddah go to work
Bad thing happen
Man come over
Awaska ask, “am nyu friend?”
Mummah Elsie locks Awaska in sorry box!
Why mummah? Why put fluffy in box?
Mummah make owwie noises
Nu is owwies
Mummah is have special huggies with other man!
“Nuuuuu! Nuuuu mummah! Dat am nu special fwiend!”
Man open sorry box and giv wowstest owwies
Huu huu… Awaska really hurty

Daddah gets home
Snuggles Awaska
Daddah and mummah-Elsie have worstest shouties
Elsie and daddah hit each other with not hoofies!
Elsie run away
Daddah am crying
Awaska am crying
“Am sowwy daddah,”
“Awaska shud pwotect daddah speciaw fwiend fwom meanie man”
Daddah give strokies
Smoke bong, go to bed
Awaska feel guilty

Daddah nu go to work next day
Stay in bed all day
Awaska give huggies
Huggies make heart hurties go away
Daddah just cry and stay in bed
Daddah nu have nummies or water
“Pwease daddah, num some nummies,”
“Dwink some wawa,”
Daddah say “NU!”
Push fluffy off bed
Pull blankie over head
Daddah sleep all day
Wake up at dark time and smoke cigarettes

Next day, daddah nu go to work
Phone ringing, daddah ignore
“Pwease daddah, smoke a bongy?”
Daddah sleep all day again

Dark time
Daddah smoke cigarettes
Daddah break glassie
Daddah cut arm with sharp glassies!
Daddah cry again
Awaska giv huggies
Daddah kick fluffy!
Say am bad fluffy!
Huu huu… am bad fluffy, giv daddah saddies…
Daddah cry
Give Awaska huggies
Daddah say am sorry
Daddah cry, but let fluffy sleep in daddah beddy
Awaska giv bestest huggies for daddah

Awaska wake up
Daddah am gone
Awaska am scared!
“Whewe daddah? Whewe daddah?”
Awaska see front door am open
Awaska go outside
“Daddah! Daddah!”
Daddah have worstest owwies!
Blood all down arms
“Daddah! Daddah!”
Daddah have hurt wrist with glassie owwies
So much blood

Awaska run to neighbour house
Old man that sometimes smoke stinky green
Old man angry that fluffy wake him up
“What you want fluffy?”

Vroom munstah come
Flashy blue lighties
Lots of hoomins
Take daddah to place for hoomin owwies

Awaska live with old man neighbour
Name am Clive
Clive say daddah in “Hospitaw”
Awaska miss daddah

One day, daddah will come home
Fluffy will give bestest huggies
Make heart owwies go away
Awaska love daddah

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A bitter sweet tale to round off tonights fluffy perspective stories


alaska is such a good boy :’)


This is excellent. I root for Alaska, a fluffy good boy.