Decisions Part:1 (By: Kersploosh)

It was a somber winter morning as Frank got up and began his morning routine. It was his first day off in weeks, being responsible for removing dead fluffies frozen to the side of the road, as well as other roadkill, was a bit of a chore. If fluffies didn’t rot so fast, then it wouldn’t require daily removals around his route. Good thing he had today off too, as a bout of freezing rain had frozen everything solid.

As he made his way down stairs, he noticed bloody mud encrusted hoof prints on his patio door. Normally he didn’t have to worry about strays as the only feral herd nearby made sure to let every other fluffy know that Frank’s land was a death zone. He legally only had to deal with them if they were on his property, so by staying out of his yard, they avoided a quick death. After getting to the door, he noticed the culprits for his messy glass door. The same herd that knew he would kill them were piled up on his deck, frozen in a clump of furry ice.

Fortunately, his deck had an awning over his deck so there was no ice aside from the fluffies. Frank let out a small disappointed sigh at the situation and grabbed the red biowaste bags he kept for killing the occasional stray and the deer skinning knife his grandfather had left him. Letting them freeze or suffocate was just too cruel in his eyes. After slowly sliding the door open, he stepped out into the freezing cold to get started. Near, the edge of the pile laid the smarty, barely breathing and frozen to the deck.

“P-p-pwease n-nice mistah. P-p-pwease sabe mummahs an b-b-babbehs.” Hypothermia was clearly close to claiming his life.

“You know, if you stayed away from my land, you guys would have probably lived.”

“N-nu choice. Cowd wawas get in nestie. Nu couwd s-s-stay.”

Clearly no giving a crap about the smarty’s excuses, Frank said one thing that would haunt the smarty until he died, “just remember, you did this to yourselves.” One by one, Frank lifted up the members of the fluffpile, and if they were dead, they went in a bag. The fifth one started to gasp for air as Frank pulled him free. That didn’t last long as Frank slit his throat and threw him in the bag. The smarty wanted to scram, but didn’t have the energy.

With the top layer gone, Frank found what they were protecting. Two very pregnant dams, about a dozen foals, and three nursing mares. They were still encircled by about fifteen frozen fluffies, probably the toughies and nummie finders. Frank grabbed a dark green earthie mare with a cream colored mane and the smarty started to loose it. This was obviously his special friend. “Pwease mistah, wet mummahs an babbehs gu. We weabe an nevah come back.” She started to struggle as Frank lifted the knife to her throat, “SPECIAW FWEN! SABE MUMMAH! PWEA- hrk.” She fell silent as her blood spilled over the frozen corpses. In an act of malice towards the smarty, Frank tossed the mare’s slowly dying body over to him. She landed just far enough away that he couldn’t reach her to give one final hug with his one free leg. The smarty died soon after she did, not seeing what happened to his children.

The mares were too exhausted to move, let alone resist. The soon mummahs were at the stage where they were immobile, so no way they could get away. The foals were a mix of chirpies and walkie-talkie babies. None of them were weaned yet. He felt bad for them, but the law was the law. Plus the nearest shelter was a 30 minute drive on good roads, and he wasn’t about to wreck his car for feral fluffies. This meant he would be stuck with the survivors for a few hours until the roads got cleared. Even then, shelters never took adults, and the foals would have a few months before being chucked into the incinerator.

Next up was a brown pegasus. She begged the same as the smarty’s mate, and met the same fate. The Pink unicorn mare started to flail wildly as Frank picked her up. “NU! BESTEST BABBEH SABE MUMMAH!” A small fat pink unicorn foal shakily stood up and chirped defiantly at Frank. This infuriated Frank. Any mother who picked a favorite child was trash in his eyes, so this mare just earned a slow and painful death. With four quick jerks, all of her legs were broken. “SCREEEE!” Her pained screams caused the pink foal to cower with its little hooves covering its eyes in a vain attempt to hide. It would be cute if it wasn’t pathetic.

Frank dropped the mare and snatched up the foal, causing it to chirp violently. “Well little guy, your mom is a shit parent, so you get a shitty death.” With a small smile on his face, Frank shoved the tiny foal up its mothers ass.

“SREEEeeEEeEEEE! POOPIE PWACE HUWTIES!!! WHY BABBEH HUWT MUMMAH!” The dumb mare continued to cry as the foal chirped in panic as it slowly suffocated in its mother’s ass. Her screams turned to crying as she realized her favorite child was dead.

Frank turned back to the frozen fluff pile and began to decide who would be next. The dams were not capable of running away, and the foals were would starve if they didn’t freeze to death first. After a mental coin toss, Frank opted to to finish the foals off first. One by one, he lifted them up and snapped their necks before throwing them in a bag. During the orphan slaughter, both of the dam’s went into labor. All this meant for frank was that he had a few more necks to snap.

The black earthie mare started to was still giving birth as Frank reached for her. “Nu! Pwease! Mummah nevah come back.” Her last foal fell out of her as he grabbed the scruff of her neck. The squirming mass of foals, still covered in amniotic fluid, chirped and cried for food and love. Their mother was getting more and more desparate. In the end, all she got out was a final “pwease” before Frank slit her throat. Having looked down at the foals, he was glad he was wearing gloves. Not wanting the foals to suffer, he decided to finish them off before moving on to the other mare, who was having some difficulties with giving birth.

In total there were five new lives that needed ending. Just like the older foals he lifted them up one by one and snapped their necks. The dark purple mare who had just pushed out her last foal was scrambling to clean and feed hers so they would at least know a little bit of love in their short lives. As Frank grabbed the last one, instead of struggling as he placed his thumb up to its neck, it hugged his thumb and tried to suckle. It was… heartwarming and sad. Frank looked to the mare who was coddling her children with tears in her eyes. “Hey you over there.”

She froze and could barely contain here fear. “W-what m-mistah wan’?”

He approached her and handed her the snow-white foal. “Clean and feed this one too.”

“M-mistah nu gib babbeh fowebah sweepies?”

“Just clean and feed it and you and your foals might make it out of here alive.” Frank watched as she took the chirpie and meticulously cleaned it. After watching all of her friends and their children die to him, even a slight chance at survival was worth doing whatever he said. Fortunately for the foal, this mare was already used to alicorns, as Frank had failed to notice the horn and wings that the little chirpie was sporting. The mare set the foal down to feed and began to sing to it. Once the foal was full, and detached with a satisfied burp, Frank picked it up to get a better look at it. It turned out to be a little colt, and Frank finally noticed it was an alicorn. Not that it mattered much to him, his decision to spare this foal was not based on rarity. Mostly it was guilt. He felt bad about having to kill them, but he couldn’t afford the fines if he was caught letting them go. There was one way the mother could leave with her foals, but it seemed more cruel than just killing them. “Okay, mummah you have a choice to make.”

“W-w-wha’ mistah mean by choosies?”

“Either you and your babies go forever sleepies, or I make it so none of you can ever have babies again.”

“Bu’ dat nu faiw!” She looked down at her foals, “babbehs nee’ tu hab famiwy when gwow up!”

“Look, my hands are tied. It isn’t that I want to do this but I have to do this.” He tried to think of a way so that she would understand. “Human smarties decided these rules a long time ago. If I let you go, I will get into a lot of trouble.”

“B-b-buh huuHUuhUUhuU! Nu faiw! Why? Why? WHY?”


“Chirp cheep cheep!” The foal he was holding started to cry in fear at the yelling.

“Shhshhshh, sorry little one. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He gently stroked the newborn until it calmed down. “There there, nothing bad will happen to you.”

The mother hugged her foals tightly. Everything he said was true. Food was scarce and a number of foals had already died due to starvation and were eaten in order to make milk for the still living ones. Many of the nummie finders had worked themselves to death and weaned foals were forced to work along side them, which caused them to die of exposure. Every day in the old nestie was a living hell of watching as all but the smarties children went hungry.

Ever since the old smarty died from a birdie munstah numming him, everything went down hill. If the old smarty hadn’t died, then none of this would have happened. He knew to stay away from humans, to not have babbehs during cold times, and how to stockpile food. However, his idiot son, who had taken over, messed all of that up. He couldn’t keep it in his non-existent pants or discourage others from doing the same. The food that would be stored was gobbled down by him and his mate and the toughies, while everyone else had to work like hell just to survive. Now her mate was dead, her children’s futures stolen, and all she could do was cry.

“Mistah…” Her throat was a little horse from crying.

“What is it?”

“Fwuffy wan die.”


Man its sad but to think the smarty and his mate deserved to die, as they are are reason the herd is in this shit. :triumph:

Every mare and their babies now have to suffer for their stupidity.


Capitalism in a nutshell.

Juche, but less delusional, I should say.