Decisions Ch. 1 (by fluffysomething)

AN: Based off of @BFM101’s idea in my comments! Enjoy!

You are Dr. Harriet Roseman, and you are at the release party for-

“Bestest Antibody Friends! Meant to reverse the effects of Bestest Sickie Friend-induced psuedo-pregnancies! Meet A-64, everyone!” You say, showing the crowd a y-shaped, moving object walking onto the stage.

“Hewwo! Namesie am Ay-Sikstee-Fouw! Am speshewwy designed tu hewp fwuffies nu hab bad viwus babees!” It says, waving at the large crowd and walking around the stage.

“That’s right! Now, go back to your daddy!” You smile, pointing at another person in the crowd.

You are FV-0446, and you are playing outside with your special-friend when you see something come up to the fence! What is it? Is it a monster?

“Hewwo? Am nyu fwiend?” You ask, slowly coming up to the fence while your special-friend continues playing.

“Yeh, if wan’ be nyu fwen. Namesie am Ay-Sikstee-Fouw.” It says, tossing a ball over the fence as you catch it.

“Wha’ am 'ou?” You question, trying to ask in the least offensive way possible.

“Am a Bestesh An-Tee-Bod-Ee Fwen! 'Ou am a Bestesh Sickie Fwen, wight?” How’d they know? They’re so smart! You like them so much that you have a funny inside-feeling!

“Yeh, am a sickie-fwiend. 'Ou wan pway game? Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks ask mom-mee if 'ou can pway ova hewe.” You mutter, smiling shyly as you call your mommy over to see your new friend.

“Okay, I guess they can play with us. I’ll ask their mommy or daddy if they can come over here first, though.” Your mommy says, calling someone over to the fence and talking to them, nodding as they bring your new friend over to your side of the fence.

“Hewwo, nyu fwi- Feew sickies… Wai feew sickies aww of a sudden?” Your new friend asks, holding their not-head and sighing as they accidentally attach thenselves to you.

“WOWSTEST OWWIES! GIT OFF! Am hab huwties! Pwease, fwiend! Git off!” You scream, running around your backyard in an attempt to get them off.

“Am su sowwy! That jus’ happen, nu knyo wai! Stiww am sickies, though…” Your friend explains, finally taking themselves off of you an

You like your new friend, but you can’t seem to be around them without hurting them, and they’re going through the exact same thing! What will you do?


Good start, definitely a rough start to a romance.

And like every good romance, it’s toxic as fuck